Breast implants are the best choice for breast cancer patients

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Breast implants are the best choice for breast cancer patients
  • last update date : 2019-08-05

Breast implants are the best choice for breast cancer patients

Breast restoration for women and restructuring and breast implants 

Breast cancer in women has been prevalent in the world recently, unfortunately . due to air microbes and climate change also the use of some chemical products harmful to breast cells and tissues the doctors have to remove the breast with cancer of cells and tissues and remove the breast completely , which leads to deformity of the body, which leads to a psychological state is not satisfactory for women and find it not beautiful and different and become undesirable with no self-confidence leading to psychological disorders, depression and other psychological problems . In the case of infection with this organic disease accompanied by mental illness and must intervene medicine to search for solutions and the solution was the breast implants to restructure the breast, and cultivate the tissue in order to restore the appearance of the female and its attractiveness and self-confidence .

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy :

In the beginning, we should know that when you remove the cancerous tissue, the disease has been completely eradicated so that it does not return to the body. This is after the approved tests to find that the cancer cells no longer in the body . for that we do not recommend breast repair at the time of the procedure .
We should wait a month or two after the procedure to make sure that the cancer cells have been completely removed and then begins the first stage, which is the restoration of the breast .

The types of breast restoration procedures :

1- Dermatoplasty procedure : In this surgery the doctor will use skin from any part of the woman's body Preferably from the thigh or buttocks used when the doctor has completely removed the breast and there is no remaining skin to be used to reshape the breast and It will be formed in a suitable way for the breast and a similar structure is formed for the old breast but it should remain for two or three months until it expands and becomes similar in normal breast size .

2- Reproductive restoration procedure : In this case, tissue is not removed as in the previous procedure, but it is transferred microscopically under the skin from its original location to the location of the missing breast these tissues from the buttocks, back, abdomen or chest area will be subcutaneous and are automatically formed under the skin to grow and become a new breast.
These tissues are alive and have been transported only from place to place and doctors have left them to grow according to the human’s body management .
This process takes longer than the previous one It may take about 12 to 18 months and in this process the patient should stay in the hospital to treat scars that appear in tissue transfer areas . The new breast begins to appear and grow during the first months of surgery.

And in both processes once the breast is completed, the doctor will form the nipple by taking a piece of the other nipple and gluing it to the new breast to be a nipple that is completely identical to the natural without harming the nipple in the healthy breast.
The first phase of the operation is completed, which is the restructuring of the shape of the breast and its restoration to move to the second phase which is the cultivation and enlargement of the breast . As we said that after mastectomy, it is preferable to perform the restoration process only after a few months to ensure the disappearance of cancer cells from the body completely , and for full healing then the implant and enlarge the breast to get a normal breast and perfectly symmetrical .

Breast implants and breast augmentation : 

We move to the second and final stage of the operations, which begin after the healing process of the restoration and be a cosmetic surgery for breast implants and there are types of breast implants:

Saline implants : 

used for breast implants were first manufactured in France and in 1964 they were first introduced as prosthetic prostheses some of it will be filled before the operation and others will be filled during the cultivation process , 
and saline is a salty water pumped into a strong membrane of silicon to be implanted inside the breast it is available in round forms so that the process can be adapted to the patient's specific body environment.
We recommend the implants of saline for the patients that their breast been removed because it is normal and also does not have any risk ratio and adapt to the body directly .

Silicone gel implants :

The technique was first performed by American surgeons Thomas Cronin and Frank Jiro in 1961. The first breast augmentation surgery was performed by silicon gel. Silicone is a gel material placed inside a silicon membrane. Also, silicone implants look more like natural breast in density and texture .
The implant will implanted under the breast muscles to be very normal and even for the texture and sensation it is 100% natural and does not damage the tissue and gives the natural shape of the breast

Fear of changing the shape of the breasts :

It should be noted that the shape of the breasts will not differ from each other. It is the doctor's experience that when implanting and enlarging the excised breast to be similar to the other breast  and modify the shape of the healthy non-infected breast to become the same size and that the enlargement and tightening of the breast also in the case of slouching to be consistent With each other , of course we must note that the type of implants is very important must be implants of excellent quality and guaranteed by the American world health for life .

One of the best implants is the MENTOR brand, which we use exclusively in the Mira Clinic because it has a digital warranty for life and is consistent with the quality of various bodies .
We also note that the process of breast augmentation by fat injection in this case is not included because it does not give satisfactory results and we never recommend it.
in Mira Clinic We hope that all cancer patients be healed and in good healthy .