Overview About the life of Asmahan

Asmahan is a very famous Algerian content creator on social media, especially on the YouTube platform. She has a large fan base that has made her very popular with amateur and professional cooking lovers.

Asmahan specializes in the manufacture of old and modern sweets and saltines of all kinds. She also gives some tips for beginners in the field of modern and traditional cooking and shares them with followers on social networking sites.

She also shares some daily routines and family outings on YouTube, where she gets a great interaction among fans of her character and the content she presents on her channel.

Details about the visit of Asmahan at Mira Clinic

After Asmahan discovered the cosmetic and therapeutic services offered by Mira Clinic through the official pages of social networking sites, she wanted to treat some of the dental problems she suffers from through the Hollywood smile procedure, and it was her first experience in medical tourism.

Asmahan contacted the clinic’s medical advisors, and a preliminary assessment of her dental condition was conducted, and an appointment was arranged to come to Istanbul to complete the rest of the procedures related to Hollywood Smile

When Asmahan arrived in Turkey, she was received at the airport by the clinic's assistants and drivers, and she was taken on a private car to the hotel, where she rested a little from the hassle of traveling and visited some tourist areas in Istanbul.

The next day, the medical consultant of Mira Clinic took Asmahan to the clinic to conduct the necessary preliminary examinations and x-rays. She also spoke with the chief physician, Dr. Yahya, who provided her with important information before and after the operation.

After that, Asmaan met with a group of clients in the clinic who performed the same operation, and I talked to them about the level of the clinic's services, and the result was very reassuring.

The next day, the operation was performed by Dr. Yahya and everything went fine and at the end of the operation the result was satisfactory and Asmahan got the result that she had dreamed of, and all the defects in her teeth were fixed and she returned to her country, Algeria, and she is very satisfied with the level of services she received in The clinic was very happy with the end result


Mira Clinic is very thankful, as well as the medical staff equipped with the latest technologies. I advise everyone who suffers from dental problems to contact the clinic to get rid of all problems
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