About the algerian singer amine ghouti 

Amine Ghouti is a singer of Algerian origin residing in France. He is currently known in the artistic community as Amin 31. He started singing at the age of 15 and held many concerts and evening parties at an early age, which gave him the opportunity to interact with famous people and reach greater fame, especially when he moved to France and started performing artistic evenings for the community. Algerian and Arab who like to listen to Algerian Rai songs

After that, the artist Amin Ghouti moved to a new stage in his artistic career after he moved from giving concerts to signing official contracts with artistic production companies.

One of the most important successful songs of Amin is the song “Datli Galbi” and other emotional songs of a modern youthful nature

The artist Amine carries out a wide range of charitable activities inside and outside Algeria, and sometimes he holds free parties for the benefit of groups with special needs, which made him more popular and the public's love for him for his kind and cheerful personality

Details about the visit of the artist Amin Ghouti to the Mira Clinic

Through social media, singer Amine Ghouti got to know the clinic’s official website, so he contacted the clinic’s customer service and coordinated with the clinic’s administrators to schedule an official visit to the Mira Clinic clinic in order to conduct hair-strengthening sessions, where he sent the clinic all the pictures and basic information about the type of hair he owns And the problems that it means

Upon his arrival in Turkey, the artist, Amin Ghouti, was received at Istanbul Airport by a private tourist car for the clinic.

The next day, the singer, accompanied by the driver and the medical advisor, went to the clinic’s headquarters, and this was for the future of the medical team, who would carry out the hair-strengthening process, as well as in order to conduct the necessary medical analyzes for this type of cosmetic procedure.

Amin also spoke with the main doctor about the instructions and instructions to be taken into account before and after the operation

The hair-strengthening process for the artist, Amin, was carried out safely, and she was not exposed to any kind of pain or fear of narcotic needles, thanks to the sufficient experience of the integrated medical staff of the Mira Clinic

Before leaving the clinic permanently, the doctor presented a treatment bag to Amin and provided him with all the necessary instructions after the operation

Amin Ghouti left the clinic. He is very happy with the level offered by the clinic. He advised all his fans to come to Mira Clinic, as he did not find any difficulty from the beginning to the end.

My advice to all Arabs who have hair problems and others is to visit the Mira Clinic, it is the perfect solution

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