Hair transplantation in turkey 2024

Hair transplantation in turkey

last update date : 2022-11-16

Baldness might not be a matter for some people, but it might be a big deal for others since they can't take losing significant locks every day for granted.

So they tend to resort to an effective solution that can ensure regrowing their hair and giving them a youthful appearance. Hair transplant definitely can be that powerful and permanent treatment!

A hair transplant can be done for both men and women who suffer from hair loss or experience hair thinning over the scalp. Furthermore, hair transplant is not limited to the hair scalp, men can grow their beards while women can have thicker eyebrows. Thanks to the latest hair transplant technologies that are specially developed to treat these areas with high accuracy. If you want to know more about a beard transplant, click on the following link: 

If you are interested in learning more detailed information about an eyebrow transplant, then click on this link:  

Hair transplant is a surgery in which hair follicles are extracted from the back of the hair scalp (the donor area) and implanted in the bald areas (the recipient area). Have a look at hair transplant techniques adopted by Mira Clinic:

Hair transplantation in turkey 2023

FUE Technique

A common technique is based on extracting hair follicles one by one from the donor area through a device called Micro Motor and transplanting them into the baldness areas by opening very tiny channels in the recipient areas using fine medical blades. At Mira Clinic, we use three types of FUE techniques. For more information, click on the link:

DHI Technique 

DHI Technique is one of the latest hair transplant techniques which are used popularly in Turkey. DHI basically depends on an implanter called “Choi Pen” which can create tiny channels and implant the grafts at the same time with just one click. For more information, click on the link:

Mira Clinic and Hair Transplant

Mira clinic is one of the best medical clinics in Turkey with over 10 years of experience in hair transplantation. It performs hair transplant operations professionally through an expert medical team who ensures the best results for you. 

Mira Clinic cooperates with the best Turkish hospitals that use cutting-edge hair transplant technologies and has a professional team of interpreters who speak six languages to assist you inside the hospital.

Before & After Hair transplantation

Before & After Hair transplantation
Before & After Hair transplantation

  • How much does a hair transplant cost in turkey?

    The cost of hair transplantation is based on several issues; the required hair transplant technique, the number of follicles needed to cover the baldness area, and the number of required sessions. The patient’s condition is diagnosed by our private medical consultant who requests images of the patient's scalp to decide on the ideal technique and other details, including the prices.

  • Should the patient shave his head hair before a hair transplant in turkey?

    If the FUE technique is selected, the patient must shave the entire hair to enable hair transplantation to be performed with high accuracy. However, in the case of hair transplantation for women, the DHI technique is always adopted. With DHI, it doesn’t have to shave a woman's hair completely, only a small area in the back of the scalp is enough.

  • What are the techniques available to you in hair transplantation in turkey ?

    Mira Clinic uses the latest hair transplant techniques, which are as follows: Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Direct hair implantation technique (DHI) The appropriate technique for the patient is determined according to specific criteria, such as the condition of both donor area and baldness area, as well as the number of follicles that are required to cover the scalp to ensure the best result.

  • Does the transplanted hair look natural?

    Yes, of course. Hair transplantation depends on the principle of picking the follicles from the donor area in the back of the scalp and transplanting them in the baldness area. Therefore, the transplanted hair is natural hair with the same characteristics as the person's hair.

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