Gastric Sleeve Surgery in turkey 2024

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in turkey

last update date : 2023-05-28

Is Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey the right choice for you?

Do you have severe obesity that makes your life very hard? Do you try a diet or exercise which does not respond efficiently to your high weight problem?   

Gastric sleeve surgery is an effective weight-loss treatment that can end your suffering with high weight and make your life completely different!

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What is sleeve gastrectomy?

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery is performed under general anesthesia to reduce patient weight significantly. It removes a large part of the stomach, leaving a small part that barely allows the patient to eat a small amount of food, so he feels full sooner. 

Gastric sleeve surgery is not just limited to weight loss, but it helps the patient avoid several diseases, such as diabetes, asthma, blood pressure, and heart diseases. 

Why a gastric sleeve in Turkey?

Many people choose to have a gastric sleeve in Turkey due to:

  • Lower cost of surgery and aftercare compared to other countries

  • Shorter waiting times for surgery compared to other countries

  • High quality of care and medical expertise

  • Experienced and qualified surgeons who specialize in bariatric surgery

  • Availability of the latest technology and equipment for surgery

  • High safety standards to ensure patient safety

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Gastric sleeve surgery requirements

You are the right candidate for sleeve gastrectomy:

  • If you have good public health and don't suffer from any disease that may carry a risk of complications.

  • If your body mass index (BMI) is equal to 40 or more.

  • If your BMI is within (35-40) and your obesity-related condition may get improved.

  • If you change your lifestyle by following a balanced diet and exercise, but could not lose significant weight.

Pre-instructions for gastric sleeve surgery

Before gastric sleeve operation, some tips are necessary to be followed by the patient.

  • The patient should stop taking medicines that contain aspirin, ibuprofen combinations, anti-inflammatory, or Vitamin E that lead to blood thinning. 

  • The patient should avoid smoking for at least two weeks before the operation. Nicotine products may affect the results of your surgery and hamper the healing process.

  • The patient should stop drinking alcohol or coffee for a week prior to the operation because it might  cause some complications after the anesthesia.

  • The patient should stop eating or drinking the night before the surgery.

Le pontage gastrique en turquie 2023

How does sleeve gastrectomy work?

Let us have a close look at how gastric sleeve surgery is performed:

  • The surgery is done under general anesthesia, which ensures the patient falls into a deep sleep during the operation.

  • The surgeon will make several small incisions around your abdomen.

  • Then, a laparoscope is inserted into your abdominal area through these small incisions. The laparoscope is a very thin tube with a tiny camera.

  • The surgeon will cut and remove around 80% of the stomach using this tube and surgical instruments.

  • The remaining part of the stomach will be sutured together, creating a banana-shaped stomach.

  • Finally, the surgeon will close the abdominal incisions with dissolved sutures.

Gastric sleeve surgery recovery time

Recovery time for gastric sleeve surgery typically takes two to four weeks. It is important to follow your doctor's instructions for proper post-operative care such as getting plenty of rest, avoiding strenuous activity, and following a nutritional plan. 

Post-instructions for gastric sleeve surgery

Usually, you can leave the hospital (1-3) days after the operation. But you need to follow some important long-term instructions to ensure good results.

  • For the first few days after surgery, you should stick to a specific diet consisting mostly of water and fluids. Then the first four weeks, you can start to eat runny food such as yogurt. Between (4-6) weeks, you can eat soft food, such as pureed food. Finally, you go back gradually to a normal balanced diet.

  • You should eat and chew food slowly for the first days after the operation. 

  • You should take your medicines, such as pain medications and antibiotics prescribed by your doctor.

  • You should avoid certain foods that can block your stomach.

  • It is very important to take vitamins and mineral supplements.

  • You should exercise regularly to help you get the best result of the operation.

  • You should not smoke for 5 weeks after the operation.

Gastric sleeve surgery side effects

sleeve gastrectomy may be associated with some side effects:

  • Infection

  • Bleeding 

  • Clots in the blood

  • Anesthesia-related side effects

  • Breathing or lung difficulties

  • Leaks from the stomach's sliced edge

sleeve gastric turkey 2023

How long does gastric sleeve last?

A gastric sleeve is a permanent procedure, and its effects are expected to last for a lifetime. 

What are the disadvantages of a gastric sleeve?

The major disadvantages of the gastric sleeve include the risk of complications, such as stomach ulcers or a leak in the sleeve, as well as the inability to reverse the procedure if desired. In addition, the procedure may also lead to long-term vitamin and mineral deficiencies, due to the reduced stomach capacity.

How serious is gastric sleeve surgery?

Gastric sleeve surgery is a major operation and carries the risk of complications, such as bleeding, infection, or organ damage. Therefore, it is important to carefully weigh the risks and benefits before opting for the surgery. 

What foods are forbidden after gastric sleeve?

After a gastric sleeve procedure, it is important to avoid certain foods that are difficult to digest, such as fried or fatty foods, processed foods, and sugary drinks. It is also important to eat smaller meals and to chew food thoroughly.

 Is gastric sleeve weight loss permanent?

Yes, gastric sleeve weight loss is generally considered to be permanent. The procedure removes up to 85% of the stomach, leading to reduced hunger and fullness and an overall reduction in food intake. The reduced stomach size also limits the amount of food that can be eaten at one time, and can lead to long-term weight loss.

What are the pros and cons of gastric sleeve surgery?

The pros of gastric sleeve surgery include long-term weight loss, reduced hunger and fullness, and improved overall health. Possible cons include risks associated with any surgery, such as bleeding, infection, and complications from anesthesia. Additionally, there is a risk of nutritional deficiencies due to the reduced stomach size, and it is important to follow a strict dietary plan to ensure adequate nutrition.

gqstric sleev turkey 2023

How painful is a gastric sleeve?

 Gastric sleeve surgery is minimally invasive and is typically done using laparoscopic techniques, meaning there is less post-operative pain and a quicker recovery time. Most people report only mild to moderate discomfort after the procedure, although some individuals may experience more pain than others. 

What is the difference between gastric sleeve vs bypass?

Gastric sleeve surgery removes up to 85% of the stomach, while gastric bypass surgery involves rerouting the digestive system and creating a small stomach pouch. Both procedures lead to reduced hunger and fullness, as well as an overall reduction in food intake and long-term weight loss. Gastric bypass is a more complex procedure and requires more recovery time than the gastric sleeve.

 How much weight do you lose after sleeve gastrectomy?

The amount of weight loss after sleeve gastrectomy can vary from person to person. Generally, it is estimated that individuals can expect to lose up to 50-70% of their excess body weight in the 12-18 months following the surgery.

Can I have a normal life after gastric sleeve?

Yes, many people who have had a gastric sleeve procedure find that their lives improve significantly. It is important to remember that a gastric sleeve does not guarantee weight loss, but it can help you to make healthy lifestyle changes that will lead to long-term weight management. With proper diet and exercise, you can enjoy a normal life after gastric sleeve surgery. 

Can you gain weight back after gastric sleeve?

While it is possible to regain some of the weight that is lost after gastric sleeve surgery, this is often due to lifestyle changes, such as not following a healthy diet or not exercising regularly. By following the doctor's instructions and making healthy lifestyle changes, it is possible to maintain long-term weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery.

 Is gastric sleeve safe in Turkey?

Gastric sleeve surgery is generally safe, regardless of where it is performed. The success of the procedure depends largely on the skill and experience of the surgeon and the quality of the medical facility. When seeking gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, it is important to research the surgeon and facility to ensure that they meet all safety standards and have a good reputation. 

How much does sleeve gastrectomy cost in Turkey?

Sleeve gastrectomy cost varies from case to case, but generally, the cost of sleeve gastrectomy in Turkey is between $3500 and $4000.

Gastric sleeve before and after


Before & After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Before & After Gastric Sleeve Surgery
Before & After Gastric Sleeve Surgery

  • Is it possible to work after liposuction?

    As we mentioned above, Vaser liposuction is not considered a surgical procedure, but the patient can practice his normal life upon his return to his place of residence - that is, after one week - this is if the administrative nature of the work does not require physical exertion .. If the work is related to physical exertion, the patient is advised to take a break. A period of 45 days to conduct business.

  • What are the instructions after liposuction?

    The patient is advised to adhere to the basic medications provided to him after the operation and to wear compression garments during the first period to speed up the recovery period and maintain the new body contour. The patient is advised to avoid stress and extreme sports for two months

  • What is Vaser liposuction?

    Vaser liposuction process depends in principle on breaking down the stubborn / hardened / accumulated fats in most areas of the body through ultrasound waves to be drawn out of the body either for destruction or for filtering and re-injection in a different place in the body.

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