Nadira Islamoğlu

Dr. Nadira Islamoğlu was born in Turkey, Istanbul. She grew up in Istanbul and attended International Saudi Arabian College. She obtained her dental degree from Biruni University.   She tra

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Dr. Furkan küçük

Dr. Furkan was born in Şanlıurfa, Turkey. He graduated from Biruni University, which is one of Turkey's few health-related universities in Turkey. It is named after El Biruni, a prominent figure i

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Dr. Salih Coşkun

Dr. Salih was born in Gaziantep, Turkey. He graduated from Istanbul Biruni University, which specialized only in the field of medicine.   After completing his university education, he atte

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Dr. Muhammed Nur

Dr. Muhammed Nur was born in Aleppo. He attended RETÜ University, where he studied his pre-med studies.   He received his medical degree from RECEP TAYYP ERDOAN University and complet

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Dr. Yahya Almazel

Dr. Yahya Almazel was born in Damascus, Syria. He received his dental degree from Damascus University.   In 2015, he finished his residency in oral and maxillofacial surgery at Selçu

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Dr. Waseem Sheikh Dibs

Dr. Waseem Sheikh Dibs was born in Syria. He graduated from Aleppo University's Dentistry College in 2010. In 2015, he received his master's degree in cosmetic and dental implantation. &nbs

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Dr. Duha Alahmar

Dr. Duha Alahmar gained her premed degree from Al Arab University in Bengazi and graduated from Yuzuncuyil University in Turkey.    Dr. Duha finished two years of residency in the gene

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Dr. Ayşe Demirel

Dr. Ayşe was born in Adana in the spring of 1996. She completed her primary and secondary education in Adana and graduated from Ceyhan Science High School.    She completed her five-ye

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