Hollywood Smile 2022 in turkey

last update date : 2022-01-18

Hollywood smile makeover has become a popular dental procedure over the recent years. A Hollywood smile can change your entire teeth appearance, giving you a charming smile that you always desire.

With the Hollywood smile procedure, you don't have to worry about how your teeth look, as it can hide all your teeth' imperfections, such as broken, cracked, stained, or decayed teeth.

So, if you are unpleasant with your teeth appearance and would like to get a beautiful smile, our clinic can pave your way to have such a healthy and attractive smile with a Hollywood smile procedure!

What do you know about the Hollywood smile?

Hollywood smile is called by such a name as Hollywood smile was firstly performed for Hollywood stars to look more attractive in front of their audiences, but, today, it is available for everyone.

Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dental procedure performed under local anesthesia to improve the smile's appearance by bounding bright and stunning veneers to the front teeth. The veneers are made from Zircon or Lumineers.

Are you the right candidate for a Hollywood smile?

Are you the right candidate for a Hollywood smile?

In order to be the right candidate for Hollywood smile makeover, you should meet the following criteria:

  • If the patient wants to bound veneers to your teeth, he should be over 21 years old.

  • It is an appropriate procedure for people who suffer from stained teeth.

  • People with broken or cracked teeth can improve their teeth appearance by the Hollywood smile procedure.

  • A Hollywood smile is a good treatment for those with misaligned teeth.

  • For anyone who suffers from spaces between the teeth, a Hollywood smile can hide his dental imprecation.  

  • A Hollywood smile is an ideal solution for people who suffer from a gummy smile. 

What are the pre-operative instructions for a Hollywood smile?

Some tips should be followed by the patient once he decides to undergo a Hollywood smile. 

  • The patient should avoid drinking alcohol for a week at least before the procedure, as it leads to increase bleeding during the treatment.

  • The patient should stop smoking for a week before the procedure.

  • The patient should stop taking stimulants, such as Arabic coffee and alcohol for 24 hours before the procedure, which may weaken the impact of anesthesia. 

  • The patient should stop taking aspirin, vitamin E, and supplements, which may increase bleeding while the dentist performs the procedure.

  • The patient should follow oral hygiene for a few days before the procedure.


How a Hollywood smile is done?

Hollywood smile is done simply through the following steps:

  1. Consultation: the procedure will begin with a full teeth examination by the dentist to choose the most appropriate veneers for you. Also, your dentist will discuss the desired shape and color of your new front teeth, deciding on the smile appearance.

  2. In this step, your cosmetic dentist will remove a very thin layer of your front teeth under local anesthesia, preparing them to fit the temporary veneers.

  3. Once your teeth are reshaped, your dentist will take a mold of your teeth, then sent it to the laboratory in which your custom veneers will be created.

  4. Temporary veneers application: your dentist will install the temporary veneers which are based on your impression of your teeth.

  5. In order to install the permanent veneers, your teeth are firstly cleaned and polished. Then, dental cement is applied to each veneer and placed onto your teeth, using a special light.

  6. Finally, once your permanent veneers are installed, your dentist will remove any excess cement and assess your bite to make sure you have a perfect Hollywood smile. 

How a Hollywood smile is done?

What are the post-operative instructions for a Hollywood smile?

When you complete your procedure, you should follow some important instructions which ensure better results.

  • You should avoid very hot foods or drinks for a week after the procedure.

  • You should avoid eating sticky or crunchy food.

  • You should keep brushing your teeth regularly.

  • It is recommended to use mouthwash and dental floss carefully. 

  • You should try to avoid or reduce stain-causing foods and drinks.

  • It is recommended to reduce smoking and alcohol.


What are the most important techniques used in Hollywood Smile in Turkey?

Some may think that it is the same way to be used with all patients to get a perfect smile, but the fact is there are variant techniques, the most important of which are:

  1. Zircon Crowns: Zircon crowns are the most famous technique used in the Hollywood Smile procedure, because of the high rigidity that makes them withstand the pressure on the teeth in addition to their medium cost.
  2. E-max crowns: eMax is one of the latest technologies used that provides a high aesthetic level by giving similar appearance and properties to the natural teeth more than zircon. But they are, on the other hand, less rigid and more expensive.
  3. Ceramic Veneers: are the best option if the teeth are normal in terms of shape, color, or order and do not require prior treatment. This is because it preserves the highest percentage of normal tooth tissue compared to other techniques.

Hollywood Smile's crowning procedure is based on the preparation of all the surfaces of the tooth and then fitting crowns over them, but in the case of the veneers, it only requires a slight preparation of the outer surfaces of the teeth.

The number of teeth and technology used in Hollywood Smile may vary depending on several factors, the most important of which are:

  • Pre-procedure dental condition: If there is internal pigmentation or a defect in the shape or order of the teeth, crowns are the best option.
  • Patient priority: If the patient's aesthetic standard is the top priority, then eMax crowns are more suitable.
  • The rate of teeth appearance while talking or smiling: This percentage varies from person to person, and usually the number of teeth included by Hollywood Smile ranges from 16 teeth in the upper and lower jaws, which includes the front teeth, to 28 teeth, including all active teeth in the mouth.
  • The Cost: The patient's budget also plays a role in determining the appropriate technique.

How much does the Hollywood Smile cost in Turkey?

It is important to realize that Hollywood smile is a cosmetic procedure that requires high accuracy and attention to all details as well as the use of the finest materials that ensure a satisfactory result for the patient. At the Mira Clinic in Istanbul, the cost starts at €2,000, including a 16- teeth Hollywood Smile procedure if the teeth are healthy and do not require any further treatment.

If some teeth are lost, you need to implant the missing teeth first and then fix the crown for the implant to suit the color and shape of the rest of the teeth crowns. 

The cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is very convenient while ensuring high quality, especially compared to European and American countries.


Before & After Hollywood Smile 2022

Before & After Hollywood Smile 2022
Before & After Hollywood Smile 2022

  • How much does a Hollywood smile cost in turkey? Whether with dental implants or without implants?

    The cost is determined according to the number of teeth that need to be applied according to the number of implants required in case there is a loss. Therefore, diagnostic images are requested by the medical consultant to review the case and determine the medical diagnosis for each patient in terms of the number of implants, the number of crowns and the cost estimate for the patient with a detailed explanation of the services provided Before clinic.

  • Is surgery performed while doing Hollywood Smile in turkey?

    The Hollywood Smile, of course, is a non-surgical medical procedure that is done through local anesthesia with the dentist, but in the event that dental implants are needed to compensate for the patient’s loss of teeth, then surgery should be performed at the gum level to make dental implants.

  • How many days does a Hollywood smile take?

    In the event that the patient does not require dental implants, the patient's presence for one week is sufficient to complete the entire treatment.

  • How is the Hollywood Smile performed in turkey?

    The Hollywood Smile procedure is based in principle on coating the outer teeth with medical crowns made of various medical materials, the most important and best of which are zircon and IMAX. So that a special layer is cooled / sculpted from the surface of the tooth and the crown is dressed according to the sizes and standards set for the patient by the doctor, so that we ensure a healthy smile in terms of aligning the teeth according to the golden standards and the correct dimensions for each tooth, taking into account the degree of natural whiteness.

  • Are teeth carved in Hollywood Smile?

    Yes, it requires carving the teeth, reducing the size of the tooth, even when cover it with zircon material, it returns to its size and natural shape and of course to the real color

  • How to get a Hollywood smile in turkey?

    The Mira clinic relies on the best Swiss and German dental materials recommended by doctors around the world, and it provides veneer scales, a fixture, zircon and porcelain, and the most suitable type is determined according to the condition of the teeth of the next person on a Hollywood smil procedure, where a dentist specialist in the Mira clinic will help you choose the most suitable type for your condition And in all stages to ensure that the desired results are completely obtained.