Plastic surgeries in turkey 2024

  • last update date 2023-01-10
Plastic surgeries

Reshaping your body to get charming results is no longer an impossible job. With plastic surgeries provided by Mira clinic, your dream can easily come true! 

Our plastic surgeries can target any part of your body including, the abdomen, back, arms, breasts, butts, and legs, which are done under general anesthesia using different types of modern techniques.

We can treat your complete body and give you a slim and beautiful appearance.

Here are our plastic surgeries which are available in our clinic:

Here are our plastic surgeries which are available in our clinic:

Breast lift in Turkey

  • One of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for women seeking firm, attractive breasts is breast lift surgery.

  • The breast is elevated, tightened, and balanced during the procedure. The patient doesn't experience any pain because the treatment is carried out under general anesthesia.

  • During a breast lift, the nipples are also put back in their appropriate place and size.

  • How are breast lifts carried out? Depending on the state of the breast, the surgeon makes a surgical incision that takes on a variety of shapes.

  • In order to remove the sagging skin and give the breasts the correct appearance, it may be necessary to make an inverted (T) or crescent-shaped incision around the area of the areola.

  • The incision is finally stitched shut using specialized medical sutures that fall out naturally after a few days.

Breast lift in Turkey2023

Breast implants in Turkey

  • For women with petite breasts who want to increase their size and appearance, breast augmentation is a fantastic treatment.

  • Under general anesthesia, the procedure is performed surgically. To give the breasts a fuller and firmer profile, it requires a surgical incision large enough to put silicone or saline implants.

  • Breast augmentation can make the breasts seem better in addition to increasing their size. Additionally, it can shape and raise the nipples to restore them to their original posture, giving them a lovely appearance.

  • A surgical incision is made at the beginning of the process to allow the implants to be implanted either in front of or behind the pectoral muscle. The type of implant is often selected by the doctor based on the patient's preferences and the situation of the breast.

Breast implants in Turkey2023

Liposuction in Turkey

  • Liposuction is a minimally invasive body-sculpting technique. It can restore the balance and natural appearance of the body by targeting a specific location of excess fat.

  • The Vaser technique, which is one of the most recent liposuction techniques, is used during the procedure, which is performed under general anesthesia.

  • It melts and eliminates extra fat from the body without harming adjacent tissues.

  • Vaser technology uses ultrasonic waves to remove fat from beneath the skin.

  • First, minor incisions surrounding the desired area are made. To dissolve the accumulated fat, a tiny tube called a cannula is passed into these incisions.

  • The liquefied fat is then removed from the body by a cannula-attached electric suction device.

Liposuction in Turkey2023

Tummy tuck in Turkey

  • A tummy tuck is a surgical operation that makes the abdomen and waist areas tighter and smaller, improving their look.

  • In this procedure, the abdominal wall muscles are surgically tightened in addition to extra fat and drooping skin being removed.

  • Three methods can be used to carry out tummy tucks. Which one to use depends on how much excess skin has built up around the abdomen.

  • Through a U-shaped incision performed above the pubic area, a full abdominoplasty treats the lower and upper parts of the abdomen.

  • A mini tummy tuck, which only works on the lower portion of the abdomen, is thought to be less invasive than a full stomach tuck.

  • In order to remove more skin than a standard abdominoplasty, the Fleur-De-Lis procedure uses both horizontal and vertical incisions.

Tummy tuck in Turkey2023

Buttock lift in Turkey

  • A buttock lift is a surgical treatment carried out under general anesthesia to alter the buttocks' contour and give them a more attractive, natural look.

  • The goal of buttock lift surgery is to restore harmony between the buttocks and the rest of the body.

  • A surgical incision is made beneath the waist between the buttocks and the upper thigh to allow the physician to remove extra, sagging skin and reshape the buttocks for a more attractive look.

Buttock lift in Turkey2023

Buttock augmentation in Turkey

  • Buttock augmentation is a surgical technique that increases the buttocks in order to make them look more feminine and attractive.

  • Under general anesthesia, silicone implants are placed in the buttocks.

  • After making an incision, a suitable silicone implant is put into or over the gluteal muscle.

  • After the correct placement is achieved, the incision is closed with medical threads that disappear on their own once the region has recovered fully.

Gynecomastia surgery in Turkey

  • For men who have large breasts and feel ashamed to wear tight shirts in public, gynecomastia surgery is the most effective treatment.

  • By employing liposuction to remove accumulated fat, the surgery reduces breast size while flattening and firming the chest area.

  • Vaser liposuction, which uses ultrasonic energy to disintegrate, melt, and extract fat from the body, is carried out while the patient is under general anesthesia.

  • About 2 to 4 hours are needed for the process. Small incisions are first made around the areola or in the armpit region.

  • In order to break down the fat cells and remove them from the body using an electric suction device, a cannula is then entered into these tiny incisions and pushed back and forth.

Buttock reduction in Turkey

  • The goal of buttock reduction is to make the buttocks look smaller and more attractive. Under general anesthesia, it eliminates extra fat and saggy skin.

  • Both surgical intervention and liposuction are used to reduce the size of the buttocks.

  • One of the latest liposuction techniques, the Vaser procedure offers patients exceptional results with a short recovery time.

  • When it comes to surgery, a buttock incision is necessary to remove extra fat and saggy skin, giving the buttocks a natural and attractive form.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

  • Sleeve gastrectomy is a successful treatment for obesity. It drastically reduces weight by removing a large part of the stomach and leaving only a small fraction enough to hold a limited amount of food.

  • Consequently, the patient will immediately become full and unable to consume additional meals.

  • Small abdominal incisions are made to perform the procedure while the patient is under general anesthesia.

  •  An endoscope is placed into the abdomen through these incisions. 80% of the stomach is removed with advanced surgical tools.

  • The remainder of the stomach is stitched together to create a tiny pocket approximately the size of a banana.

gqstric sleeve turkey 2023

Mira clinic is one of the best medical clinics in Turkey with over 10 years of experience in plastic surgeries and treatments. It performs plastic surgeries professionally through an expert medical team who ensures the best results for you. 

Mira Clinic cooperates with the best Turkish hospitals that use cutting-edge medical technologies and has a professional team of interpreters who speak six languages to assist you inside the hospital.

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Plastic surgeries
Plastic surgeries