Texas Jawline Lift in turkey 2024

  • last update date 2022-11-01
Texas Jawline Lift

What do you know about a Texas jawline filler in Turkey? Are you looking for a powerful cosmetic way to reshape and define your jawline? Do you want a minimally invasive procedure that can enhance the lower part of your face, giving you a firmer and refreshed profile?

Texas Jawline lift can be a good option to support your weak jawline and achieve a defined and sharp jawline! 

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What is a Texas jawline filler injection?

Texas jawline lift is a cosmetic procedure that is based on injecting fillers into the jawline area to create a tight and well-defined jawline appearance. The procedure is performed simply under local anesthesia and requires 30 minutes.

Fillers can be synthetic, such as collagen or natural fillers which are known as autologous fat areas taken by liposuction from different parts of the patient's body. Filler injection is an effective method to lift the jawline and get rid of neck creases.

Who is a good candidate for Texas jawline lift?

The right candidate for Texas jawline lift should meet the following criteria:

  • Enjoy good health.

  • Have elastic skin.

  • Have an allergy to fillers.

  • You should not be pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Non-smoker. 

  • If you have a weak and undefined jawline.

  • If you are not happy with the lower part of your face and want to reshape it.

The right candidate for Texas jawline lift should meet the following criteria.

Pre-operative instructions for a Texas jawline lift

To ensure a safe and successful operation, you should follow these instructions:

  • Avoid blood-thinning medications or supplements, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, Aleve, Motrin, and Vitamin E, which can increase the risk of bleeding during the injections for two weeks before the procedure.

  • Stop smoking for at least a month before the injection.

  • Stop drinking alcoholic beverages for 24 hours before the injection.

  • You should wait for a week before doing a Texas jawline lift if you have treated your skin by any active dermal response procedure such as laser, chemical peel.

  • Avoid waxing, bleaching, or tweezing two days before the injection.

  • Stop using Retin-A for two days before the treatment.

  • Don’t wear makeup on your appointment day.

How a Texas jawline lift is done?

Texas jawline lift is a simple procedure, going through the following stages:

  1. In the beginning, the doctor will assess and determine the jawline area required for filler injection. Then the jaw area skin is cleansed to be ready for the injection.

  2. Since the Texas jawline lift is done without incisions, the patient is numbed by local anesthesia which is well enough to make him feel no pain.

  3. Finally, the doctor injects fillers into the target locations strategically. The type of filler is chosen concerning the patient's desire and other factors.

How is Texas jawline lift?

Post-operative instructions for a Texas jawline filler injection

when you carry out the Texas jawline lift you should consider the following instructions:

  • Prop your head in a vertical position for two hours directly after the treatment.

  • Avoid touching or massaging the treated area after the treatment.

  • Avoid direct sun or high heat for three days after the injection.

  • Avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours after the procedure.

  • Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol for a while after the injection.

  • Take your medications prescribed by your doctor. Usually, the medicines include some antibiotics and painkillers.   

  • You are recommended to use an ice pack if you experience swelling to reduce it and feel more comfortable. 

Texas jawline lift side effects

Texas jawline filler lift is associated with some side effects:

  • Swelling 

  • Redness and itching 

  • Possible pain 

  • Infection

  • Skin inflammation

  • Scarring 

  • Asymmetric appearance

Before & After Texas Jawline Lift

Texas Jawline Lift
Texas Jawline Lift