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Mira clinic was established in 2013 Istanbul-Turkey, and it strongly famous in Hair Transplant, Plastic Surgery and Cosmetic Dentistry. We attract our patients from all around the world, especially from Europe ,North Africa and the Middle East, and provide them an accurate and reliable health services where we focus on patient’s comfort and wishes. Mira clinic Turkey, besides our high quality hair transplantation service,we provide a perfect service in terms of accommodation in the most luxurious hotels and all airport-city transfers for our patients coming from abroad for their comfort.

Our vision is to develop individualised care plans, including management of chronic diseases. We are committed to being the region’s premier healthcare network providing patient centered care that makes his life better because We Do Care.

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  • How long does hair transplantation take, and does it need more than one visit in turkey?

    Hair transplantation is a simple non-surgical procedure that requires three days only. On the first day, the clinical examination and the necessary tests are performed. Then, the operation is carried out. In order to complete all the previous procedures, it will take a maximum of 8 hours. On the second day, the patient will take rest in the hotel for the whole time. The third day is the only medical review day. The patient’s hair is washed in a special way at the clinic, then the patient will be taught how to wash his hair rightly during the first period after the operation.

  • Are teeth carved in Hollywood Smile?

    Yes, it requires carving the teeth, reducing the size of the tooth, even when cover it with zircon material, it returns to its size and natural shape and of course to the real color

  • Are the results of hair transplantation permanent?

    Yes, the patient is given a certificate of guarantee for the hair transplant results as well. The hair is permanent because the hair follicles, which are extracted from the donor area, have the same original hair’s properties. Therefore when they are implanted in the baldness area, they maintain the same properties.

  • Do dental implants need full or local anesthesia?

    Of course, dental implants are performed under the influence of local anesthesia in the dental clinic, and it is considered a shallow, shallow periodontal surgery

  • Can eyelid surgery be performed with local anesthesia?

    It is true that the eyelid lift operation, whether upper or lower, is a simple superficial surgery during which the surgeon removes the skin appendices by a simple surgical method and withdraws the fat under the eye at the lower eyelid also by local surgical methods.

  • What are the Sunni brands you use for dental implants and crowns?

    In Mira Clinic, the original German dental implants from the Biotec brand are used, which are distinguished by high quality in terms of stability in the jaw bone in addition to the possible connection between the implant and its attachments and the tooth crown, whose medical guarantee is recognized in all branches and agencies of the Biotec brand in the world. As for the dental crowns brand, there are two main types used for crowns, namely: Zircon, from the German IVOCLAR brand, which is characterized by a high-level treatment of natural zircon metal to be suitable for dental medical uses in terms of strength, pressure and vitality with respect to the degree of whiteness. And the second type of crowns is for the E Max brand, which is characterized by high vitality to the degree of whiteness of the teeth and very close to the natural vitality of teeth.

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