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All you need to know about cosmetic dentistry in Turkey
last update date : 2020-12-30

Dental health is an integral part of an individual's general health, as it is not just a matter of having beautiful teeth and an attractive smile, but your teeth must be healthy and healthy to be able to play their main role in cutting and chewing food in a way that is easy to digest and absorb inside the body.

There are 32-year-old human teeth, and their functions and functions differ according to their different shapes, sizes and location. There are incisors that work to cut and cut food and canines that play a major role in cutting food thanks to their pointed and sharp surfaces. While the premolars that are located between the molars and canines, their main function is to tear and crush food, and finally the molars (molars) that chew and grind the food.

Healthy teeth also help to speak correctly and speak clearly, as losing one of the front teeth or having a deviation in some of them may constitute a clear problem in speech, which generates a feeling of embarrassment while speaking in front of other people. Therefore, from here comes the importance of taking good care of the teeth and maintaining their safety by adhering to routine habits related to dental care and making sure to visit the dentist regularly to ensure the safety of the teeth and mouth.

Also, with regard to oral health and its impact on the general health of the body, there are many studies that have shown the association of some serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, with poor oral health resulting from poor dental hygiene. So healthy teeth help you maintain a healthy and healthy body.

Types of oral and dental diseases

There are many diseases or dental problems that may be encountered if you fail to take care of the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth or as a result of an accident that led to damage to your teeth, the most important and most common of these diseases:

tooth decay

Dental caries is a cavity in the teeth that is associated with some pain. Sometimes it occurs as a result of food residues, acids, or bacteria covering the surface of the teeth and forming deposits that stick to it. Then the enamel of the tooth begins to erode and the decay reaches the dentin of the tooth, and then it leads to the formation of permanent pits in which the food remains are stuck, causing some infections over time.

Usually, decay occurs as a result of consuming foods and drinks that contain large amounts of free sugars, in addition to not paying attention to regular dental hygiene.

Periodontal disease

Due to the accumulation of tartar on the teeth and gums as a result of not caring for good and regular dental hygiene, the gums are usually exposed to some infections that lead to swelling and bleeding while brushing or flossing the teeth, not to mention the bad smell that emanates from it.

If these infections develop without being treated by the dentist, this may lead to tooth loss. The most important cause of gingivitis is poor dental hygiene, along with a lot of smoking.

Teeth lost or cracked

Gum infections and tooth decay usually cause teeth to weaken and lose them over time. Also, chewing food hard and pressing on the teeth at night while sleeping, all of this has negative effects on the attachment of the tooth to the gums, which may lead to its weakness and loss as well.

To avoid this, you must first take good care of your teeth, chew food moderately, avoid smoking, and not eat more foods rich in sugars.

Dental cosmetic treatments and procedures

There are many procedures and procedures related to dental repair and cosmetology that can treat all dental problems such as decay, tooth loss or deviation, in addition to facelift of the front teeth, here are the most important:

● Dental implants
Dental implants aim to replace lost teeth to give the patient a natural and attractive appearance, whose results remain for a long-term period. Dental implants are performed in two different ways to suit the condition of each patient who wishes to restore his teeth and have a healthy and attractive smile.

Immediate dental implantation is one of the most popular and newest methods of dental implantation, which works to install dental implants on the same day they are removed. This technique saves time and the number of sessions required to be attended by the dentist. As for the complete loss of teeth, the (All-on-4) technique is the appropriate solution for this, as only four implants are installed that include all teeth, two take the place of the back teeth in the jaws, and two in the anterior region of the jaws, according to professionally defined angles. Ensures a perfect match of teeth to jaws.

After the implants are installed, special supports are attached, which then work to connect the implant to the tooth crown that is temporarily installed. When it is ensured that the implants have sufficiently healed and integrated into the jawbone, permanent crowns are fitted that are customized to fit the rest of the teeth and match the appearance of your mouth.

Hollywood smile

Hollywood smile is one of the most popular and popular dental procedures in the recent period for everyone who wants to have a charming smile. The procedure aims to improve the appearance of the front teeth after repairing and treating them, by covering them with bright white scales made of porcelain, zircon, or lumineers.

A Hollywood smile is done by removing a thin layer of the surface of the front teeth to become ready, and then a mold is taken, to be sent to the laboratory where it is made. In the first period, the teeth are temporarily coated with veneers. Then, when the permanent veneers are ready, the teeth are cleaned and polished and a dental adhesive is applied to hold the veneers tightly.

● Orthodontics
Orthodontics is a set of small metal tools that are attached to the teeth with the aim of re-straightening them and correcting their deviation to restore their natural appearance and obtain an attractive smile. Orthodontics re-align the teeth and improve the normal fit of the upper and lower jaws to each other.


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