Hollywood smile cost in Turkey
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A Hollywood smile in Turkey has become a popular cosmetic procedure in the recent decade. Despite the fact that there are various causes behind this popularity, the affordable Hollywood smile cost in Turkey is one of the most prominent factors. In this article, we will talk about it in detail. 

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How much does a Hollywood smile cost Turkey?

What is a Hollywood smile price in Turkey? It is really affordable. This is a quick answer to a common question asked by millions of people around the world who want to transform their smile in Turkey.

Foreign tourists usually prefer Turkey over their countries for several reasons, including, the low cost and the high-quality service, not to mention being one of the best world destinations for tourism. 

One of the crucial determinants that affect the price of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is the dental materials used in the clinic. This actually explains the price differences among dental clinics. 

Furthermore, the tooth condition varies from patient to patient. Some may have a good dental condition, so veneers can be a perfect solution for them, while others who suffer from severely damaged teeth need crowns or even implants to get a healthy, pleasant smile. 

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Why does Hollywood smile design in Turkey?

Have you ever asked yourself why a lot of people choose Turkey for cosmetic dental treatments? Here you will find your answer.

Modern equipment and the latest dental techniques
Turkey has changed dramatically in recent years, particularly in the healthcare sector, which has undergone significant transformations in terms of massive medical infrastructure, medical equipment, and technologies.

 Speaking of dental treatments, today, most Turkish dental clinics adopt the latest dental techniques and use high-quality dental equipment to provide the patient with the best dental service possible.

Professional cosmetic dentists 

The recent healthcare development in Turkey also involves health human resources. Turkish dentists are not just graduated from reputable universities, but they are trained very well in the best hospitals in Turkey.  

High-quality services 

The Turkish government makes sure to provide the best environment for the health sector, enabling medical clinics to offer high-quality healthcare services. Furthermore, in Turkey, most clinics provide an all-inclusive service package that involves hotel accommodation, VIP transfers, and translating services.

Affordable dental treatment cost 

In comparison to countries such as the USA, the UK, and European countries, Turkey is one of the best countries to perform a Hollywood smile makeover when it comes to costs. However, the low cost of dental treatments does not imply poor quality. The low cost of living in Turkey explains the low prices of dental services.

Hollywood smile cost in Turkey 2023

What are the main factors that affect a Hollywood smile price?

In general, a Hollywood smile cost is determined by three important factors.

The type of material 

The type of veneers or crowns used to create your Hollywood smile can significantly affect the cost of the procedure. For example, the cost of a Hollywood smile with zirconium veneers is obviously different from its cost with porcelain veneers.

The brand of material 

You have various brands to choose from when performing a Hollywood smile makeover. The price of your Hollywood smile will be determined by the quality of the brand you select. The more reputable the brand, the more expensive the Hollywood smile makeover will be.

Additional dental treatments 

Not everyone is ready for a Hollywood smile makeover, you may have to perform some necessary dental procedures depending on your dental condition. For example, if you have a missing tooth, you must first do a dental implant, to cover it with a crown. 

Hollywood smile veneers 

Dental veneers, which are an excellent solution for patients with minor dental concerns, are widely used to create a Hollywood smile. A veneer is a very thin cover that is applied on the frontal tooth's surface to hide damage and give an attractive appearance.

How much do veneers cost in Turkey?

Veneer costs in Turkey can vary from type to type according to several properties, such as materials, durability, longevity, and more. Here we talk about the average cost of dental veneers types in detail: 

Porcelain veneers cost in Turkey 

Porcelain veneers are commonly used for patients who want durable teeth and a long-lasting Hollywood smile. When it comes to cost, porcelain veneers are more expensive than other veneers. The average price of porcelain veneer in Turkey is around $200.

hollywood smile cost 2023

Zirconium veneers cost in Turkey 

Zirconium veneers are extremely long-lasting, unlikely to fracture or chip, stain-resistant, and composed of a biocompatible substance that does not induce allergies. On average, a Zirconia veneer price in Turkey is $200.

Composite resin veneers cost in Turkey

Composite resin veneers are applied directly to the teeth, requiring little enamel preparation. Compared to other types of veneers, a Hollywood smile makeover can be done with composite resin veneers at reasonable prices. The price of composite resin veneers in Turkey can cost around $150. 

E-max veneers cost in Turkey

E-max veneers are fine layers made of high-strength material, offer high esthetic standards, and ensure ideal shade match. They are considered more expensive than any other type of veneer. The average price of an E-max veneer in Turkey is around $250.

Lumineer cost in Turkey

Lumineers are thin, transparent layers similar to veneers that can cure minor discoloration and simple tooth form issues with minimal dental preparation. Generally, Lumineer is an affordable dental treatment. The average price of a lumineer in Turkey is around $150.

Here is a table of dental veneers Turkey cost: 

Types of veneers

Average price of veneers in Turkey (per veneer)

Zirconia veneers


E-max veneers


Porcelain veneers


Composite resin veneers




Hollywood smile vs crowns 

For severely damaged teeth, veneers are no longer a good solution. In this case, a Hollywood smile is created with dental crowns. Unlike veneer that is placed on the surface of the tooth, the dental crown can cover the entire damaged tooth.

How much does a dental crown cost Turkey?

The average cost of dental crown in Turkey varies based on various factors such as material, strength, lifespan, and so on. In this section, we go over the average cost of several types of dental crowns in detail:

Porcelain crown cost in Turkey

Porcelain crown is a popular form of dental crown that matches the natural color of the original teeth better than any other crown and provides longevity and durability to the teeth. On Average, the price of a porcelain in Turkey crown is around $175.

Zirconium crown cost in Turkey

Zirconium crowns are more durable than porcelain and metals, and can efficiently treat broken or fractured teeth. When it comes to cost, a zirconia crown is also more expensive than a porcelain crown.  On average, a zirconia crown price in Turkey is around $190.

Composite resin crown cost in Turkey

Composite resin crowns have a natural appearance, but they are more likely to wear out, chip, or break off over years. Composite resin crowns are low-cost dental crowns.  The average price of composite resin crowns in Turkey is around $175.

Here is a table of dental crowns cost turkey: 

Types of dental crowns and cost

Average crowns prices in Turkey (per crown)

Zirconium crowns


E-max crowns


Porcelain crowns


Hollywood smile vs implants

When having no teeth or suffering from extremely damaged teeth that need replacement, a Hollywood smile cannot be created without dental implants. First, you must have a strong foundation that dental implants can provide for a perfect crown attachment. 
You have two choices, either placing a dental implant into each missing tooth location or considering the All-on-4 dental technique that can replace your whole teeth with a prosthesis (full set of crowns) based on only four dental implants positioned at accurate angles.

How much does a dental implant cost in Turkey? 

A dental implant is made up of three parts: a metal screw, an abutment (the connector that connects the screw to the crown), and a dental crown. Each of these is priced separately. A dental implant price in Turkey ranges between $250 and $900.

Hollywood smile turkey before and after

Hollywood smile cost in Turkey 2023


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