About the life of Algerian influencer Ines Beauty

Ines beauty is a young Algerian girl born in the 90s who has been doing social media content for some time, where she publishes a wide range of cosmetics and shares with her fans the ideal way to use these products to get more beauty. Efficiency.

Ines is very interested in the field of cosmetics and makeup, and she keeps up to date with the latest developments in the field of fashion and beauty, which prompted her to open an online store on the Internet and sell body care products and Para pharmaceutical items as well

Thanks to her spontaneous and cheerful personality, ines was able to get a large number of followers on social media platforms, especially on YouTube and Instagram.

Details of Ines' visit to the Mira clinic

Through social media, Ines became familiar with Mira Clinic and the cosmetic services it offers, so she directly contacted the clinic's customer service department to find out more about the concerns she would like to know more about.

The clinic's team of assistants gave complete answers and concerns, and an official date was set to come to Istanbul for the teeth whitening and cleaning process.

 Immediately after her arrival in Turkey, Ines was received by a private driver from the clinic in a luxury car, and she was transferred to the 5-star hotel where she will stay during the period of the operation, which is located in one of the most prestigious areas of European Istanbul

After Ines rested from travel fatigue, on the second day of the visit, the clinic driver took her to the Mira clinic headquarters, and she met with Dr. Yahya, the chief physician of the clinic, and the operation went well and coordinated, because the doctor suggested some medical recommendations to him before undergoing the operation in order to obtain a satisfactory and more effective result

Then the medical staff carried out the X-rays and analyzes necessary for this type of procedure, and after obtaining the results and ensuring the safety of the jaws, the cleaning and whitening process was carried out with all professionalism and the final result of the process was very wonderful and added a lot of aesthetics to Ines' smile

After leaving the operating room and after making sure that everything was fine, a set of medications was prescribed to the client and the doctor also gave a set of postoperative instructions and recommendations specifically regarding the food pattern and the types of beverages avoided in order to maintain the quality of the new whiteness and give more efficiency to the procedure

Ines left the clinic very happy with the final result she obtained, she thanked all the medical staff who took good care of her and greatly contributed to removing the fear and tension that preceded the operation.

The doctor’s hand was very light and I advise anyone who wants to take care of their teeth to come to Mira Clinic to obtain a very satisfactory result

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