Body lift in Turkey 2024
last update date : 2021-02-22

In this article, we will discuss body lift surgery in Turkey. We would like to explain this operation in more detail, mentioning its types, candidates, benefits, instructions, and body lift cost in Turkey.

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What is body lift surgery?

Body lift is a plastic surgery that is performed to improve body contour. It sculpts the entire body by eliminating the sagging skin and excess fat surgically under general anesthesia. A body lift can ensure a slim, refreshed, youthful body appearance.  

The operation tightens different areas of the body, which include:

  • Abdomen 

  • Breasts

  • Arms 

  • Buttocks

  • Thigh

  • Face 

  • Neck 

Who is a good candidate for a body lift? 

The candidate for body lift should be over 21 years old and enjoy good health. However, the person who has the following serious diseases cannot be qualified for the operation: 

  • People who have heart diseases. 

  • People who suffer from blood pressure problems

  • People who suffer from Diabetes

  • People who have Immunity system diseases

  • People who have HIV diseases, such as AIDS. 

Body lift procedures

Body lift involves several operations that target specifically each part of the body alone. Here are the most common surgical procedures: 

Tummy tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical operation that treats and improves the abdomen area. It removes the excess skin and fat from the abdomen and lifts the underlying muscles. There are three types of abdominoplasty:

  • A mini-tummy tuck is performed with a horizontal incision to treat the lower part of the abdomen.

  •  Full tummy tuck targets the lower and upper part of the abdomen and is done through a horizontal or U-shaped incision which is made right above the pubic mound area.

  • Fleur-De-Lis abdominoplasty is a surgery that is done through horizontal and vertical incisions. It has more access to the abdomen area, removing a larger amount of skin than other types. 

Breast lift

Breast lift is plastic surgery that is carried out to tighten and reshape the breast through an incision which may take different shapes according to the breast situation. A breast lift can restore a firmer contour with a central position. Furthermore, with this procedure, nipples can be resized to take a normal appearance. 

Arm lift

An arm lift is also called a Brachioplasty, which targets the lower part of the upper arm, extending from the underarm to the elbow. The excess skin is cut through either a minimal incision in the axilla area or by an incision along the back of the arm. It reshapes the arm contour and gives it a firmer and smoother appearance. 

Buttock lift 

A buttock lift is a plastic surgery that is performed to improve buttock contour. It removes the sagging skin and excess fat surgically under general anesthesia. A buttock lift can achieve a smoother, firmer, more natural butt appearance.

Thigh lift 

A thigh lift is a surgical procedure that sculpts thighs by cutting the sagging skin and removing the excess fat. The incision required for the operation starts from the groin area and extends downward around the back of the thigh or may be limited to the groin area only. A thigh lift can ensure a smoother, firmer, balanced-proportioned contour.


A facelift is a popular operation that tightens facial skin, eliminates the signs of aging, and enhances the face contour. It is performed through an incision that begins at the temples, goes around the ear. In some cases, the incision may continue to the lower part of the scalp. A facelift can remove the deep wrinkles and lines in the lower face and neck, ensuring a youthful appearance. 

Eyelid lift 

 An eyelid lift is a surgical procedure that improves the upper and lower eyelids by making an incision in the natural creases.

It eliminates the wrinkles and fine lines around the eyelids, removes fat bags under the eyes, and reshapes eyelid contour, rejuvenating the eyes and enhancing the vision.

Brow lift 

A brow lift is a surgical procedure that reduces the frown lines, wrinkles, and vertical creases between the eyebrows. It also raises the sagging brows and restores them to the natural position. The operation requires small incisions made within the hairline or a long incision that is made from ear to ear along the hairline.

The benefits of body lift

Several advantages you can get by performing body lift:

  1. You get a firmer, smoother, more youthful body contour.

  2. You get rid of a significant amount of weight.

  3. You remove unwanted hanging skin that affects your self-confidence. 

  4. You eliminate the excess skin that restricts your physical movements and activities.

  5. You feel free to wear tight clothes, lingerie, or swimwear confidently.

Per-operative body lift instructions 

  1. Avoid smoking for at least two weeks before body lift operation. Smoking delays the recovery process.

  2. Stop using blood-thinning medicines, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and anti-inflammatory drugs. This type of medication can increase the risk of bleeding. 

  3. Avoid alcohol or coffee for a week before the surgery because it hampers the anesthesia process.

  4. Do not eat or drink on the day before the operation.

Post-operative body lift instructions 

  1. Avoid strenuous activities for 6 weeks after a body lift.

  2. Take a walk for a short time to promote your healing.

  3. Keep avoiding smoking for another 5 weeks after the operation.

  4. Stay away from sunlight and bad weather conditions.

  5. Follow a balanced diet and practice exercise after your operation to maintain your results.

The body lift cost in Turkey 2022

Here are the most common operations' prices:

  • The cost of a tummy tuck is about 3000 €. While the full tummy tuck may cost about 3500 €.

  • The average price of a breast lift is around 2500 €.

  • The cost of a buttock lift is around 3000 €.

  • The thigh lift cost is about 3000 €.

  • The facelift cost is around 3000 €. If the operation includes both face and neck, the price may reach 3500 €. 

  • The neck lift cost is about 3000 €.

  • The eyelid lift cost is around 2500 €.

  • The brow lift cost is around 2000 €.

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