Buttock augmentation in Turkey

Buttock augmentation in Turkey

Although performing buttock augmentation has become a safe and easy plastic procedure nowadays, you still need to choose the right country and medical clinic which can offer it. Turkey has emerged as one of those ideal options in which you ensure a successful buttock augmentation with good results.

Buttock augmentation overview

Buttock augmentation has become very popular in recent years, as it proves its efficiency in changing the buttock appearance beautifully. Butt augmentation operation can improve the butt contour, size, and features surgically or non-surgically. Choosing the buttock augmentation type is based on several factors, including the size and shape of the butt, the amount of fat you have in your body, and the elasticity of your skin.

The benefits of buttock augmentation

Buttock augmentation in Turkey

Let’s have a look at the advantages which you get after buttock augmentation:

  1. You can increase the volume of the buttock to look more feminine.
  2. You can get a fuller and rounder shape of the butt.
  3. You can restore the balance of the butt features.
  4. Buttock augmentation encourages you to wear swimwear that fits your body properly.
  5. It will promote your body appearance and self-esteem.

Preparation for buttock augmentation

To make sure you perform a successful operation, there are some preparations which the doctor usually does before the operation:

1. Medical history reviewing

Your doctor will ask you about your current and previous medications and if you have performed any surgery recently. Also, he will discuss with you your past or current medical conditions. Reviewing your medical history can help your doctor find out if you are the right candidate for buttock augmentation. 

2. Medical examinations

You will be subjected to a group of medical tests, such as blood and skin tests, as well as, your doctor will examine and take some professional pictures of your buttocks to define your treatment choices.

3. Pre-operative instructions

Before your procedure, your doctor will recommend you consider the following instructions:

  • You should stop smoking, as smoking may slow the healing process and lead to some complications.
  • You should avoid blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory.

The types of buttock augmentation

For buttock augmentation, there are two types popularly performed in Turkey:

1. Butt augmentation by silicone implant

This procedure is performed by inserting silicone implants into buttock areas strategically through an incision is made in hidden areas. Butt augmentation by silicone implant can shape and customize your buttock contour according to your desires, providing long-term results.

2. Butt augmentation by fat grafting

This type of butt augmentation is also called Brazilian butt lift, based on fat liposuction by which autologous fat is harvested from certain areas of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, and flanks then injected into the buttock area, adding volume to the butt and giving a natural look.

After the buttock augmentation procedure

The result of the operation can last for a long term. Your butt will change over time as you get older, however, if you take care of your lifestyle and follow a healthy diet and regular exercises, you can maintain your results as long as possible.

Here you have some important instructions you should follow after the operation:

  1. You are encouraged to have a short walk every day after your operation directly, it can help you stimulate your blood circulation, preventing any blood clots possible.
  2.  You should take your medications which are prescribed by your doctor. You may receive antibiotics and painkillers which help release your pain and ensure a quick recovery.
  3. You should avoid strenuous activities for 6 weeks after the operation to avoid any possible risk.
  4. You are recommended to stop smoking at least for 5 weeks, avoiding smoking can ensure quick healing.
  5. Don’t expose your buttock area to direct sunlight, it may affect your final results.

The cost of buttock augmentation in Turkey

The butt augmentation cost differs from one medical clinic to another, as several factors may affect the price of this plastic surgery.

  • The type of the operation plays an effective role in the variation of prices; for example, while fat injection for butt augmentation involves multiple procedures; liposuction and autologous fat injection, butt augmentation by silicone implants is based on inserting silicone implants into the buttock area surgically, each type of buttock augmentation has own cost and price.
  • Generally, the price of the operation involves surgeon fees, surgical facility fees, medical examinations fees, anesthesia fees, garments fees, and other fees. However, some of those fees such as surgeon fees may vary from one hospital to another.
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