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DHI hair transplant in Turkey2022
  • last update date : 2021-09-02

DHI hair transplant in Turkey2022

With the DHI technique, which is the latest technology in the hair transplant field, getting thick and healthy hair has been easy and guaranteed at the same time. In this article, let‘s learn together how the DHI procedure is done, its features, recovery, DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey, and more

Why is DHI hair transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is a favorable place to perform DHI hair transplants for the following reasons: 

  • In comparison to other countries, such as the United States, Europe, and the Gulf region, hair transplantation prices in Turkey are very affordable.

  • In Turkey, the leading medical clinics give comprehensive offers including luxury accommodations, VIP transportation, and translators who help the patient interact with the specialists in the hospital.

  • Turkey is one of the best countries at performing a hair transplant with the DHI technique, thanks to the highly qualified hair transplant doctors.

What is a DHI hair transplant?

DHI hair transplant technique is an innovative tool known as the Choi pen, which is loaded with hair follicles. The Choi pen is used to implant the collected hair grafts into the baldness area which is called the recipient area. Once the doctor presses down on the button of the pen, it creates a precise channel and implants the hair graft at the same time.

How does DHI hair transplant work? 

DHI hair transplant is performed as other hair transplant operations in terms of the stages, but the only difference is the working mechanism of the DHI technique:

  • DHI hair transplant starts with local anesthesia which will be given to the patient to alleviate any pain or discomfort that he may encounter during the harvesting process.

  • The hair grafts will be harvested from the donor area on the back of the scalp using a device called a Micro Motor with a fine tip.

  • The hair follicles will be implanted through the Choi pen. The graft implantation will be done concurrently with incision making by the Choi pen implanter into the balding areas directly. 

  • The patient's donor area will be covered with bandages for 48 hours to protect him from infection.

Is DHI hair transplant good?

DHi hair transplant is based on a high-technological technique that can provide natural and healthy hair. Also, with the Choi pen, the transit time between harvesting and implantation will be reduced, enabling a faster process, and therefore, a higher chance of graft survival than other hair transplant techniques. 

What is the difference between FUE and DHI hair transplants?

DHI hair transplant vs FUE hair transplant:

  • DHI technique can provide a speedier recovery than the FUE technique.

  • The Choi pen allows for a higher density of hair in the DHI procedure than the FUE technique.

  • Due to a shorter interval between extraction and implantation, the DHI procedure has a greater survival percentage of the transplanted hair follicles.

  • In contrast to FUE, the DHI procedure does not involve complete hair shaving; only the donor area must be trimmed or shaved.

  • Using DHI, less bleeding occurs during implantation thanks to the Choi pen device. On the other hand, an FUE technique may cause greater bleeding due to its sharp blades that are utilized to create incisions for hair grafts. 

Is DHI hair transplant painful?

DHI hair transplant surgery is painless because the patient is given local anesthesia, which prevents him from feeling pain during the extraction and implantation. The patient might feel some discomfort after the operation, but the prescribed medications will help him relieve it. 

Can a DHI transplant be done without shaving the head?

Unlike other procedures, a DHI hair transplant can be done without shaving all of the hair on the scalp. The back of the hair scalp is trimmed only to facilitate hair transplant harvesting. For this reason, the DHI technique is favorable for women who want to perform a hair transplant.

Is DHI hair transplant permanent?

The DHI hair transplant results that you receive are long-lasting. But, if you want to strengthen your transplanted hair grafts, you are highly recommended to have PRP sessions. Don't worry if you experience hair loss in the first 2 to 3 weeks after your operation, it is normal. During this period your scalp hair will get a shock loss, in which your new implanted hair grafts fall temporarily, then it will grow again. 

How much does a DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey 2022?

Globally, Turkey is one of the most popular countries in the hair transplant field. Thanks to the low hair transplant cost, it's no secret that people from all over the world consider Turkey a wonderful place to have a hair transplant. Typically, DHI hair transplant prices in Turkey are higher than other techniques such as FUE. However, the cost of a DHI hair transplant is still affordable. The average DHI hair transplant price in Turkey is around 1025 USD.