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last update date : 2021-01-27

The importance of regular dental care comes from its primary role in chopping food and chewing it well to facilitate the digestion and absorption process that occurs in the stomach, in addition to its other pivotal functions represented by speaking, correct pronunciation, and the aesthetic and bright appearance that it reflects on our attractive smile. Teeth really deserve some time from us to take care of them daily and regularly by cleaning them with brush and paste and learning the correct way to clean them by flossing and mouthwash that maintains the health and safety of the mouth as well, in addition to avoiding bad habits that harm the teeth and trying to get rid of them by resorting to the dentist if necessary Command.

In this article, the correct methods of dental care will be shed in detail, maintaining dental health and ensuring an attractive smile.
The importance of brushing your teeth
Regular brushing of the teeth helps to avoid many of the problems that people who do not take care of their teeth often suffer from, such as the accumulation of a layer of plaque on the teeth, which is a thin and sticky layer of food residues that causes tooth decay and some gum infections. Also, regular dental care contributes to saving money and time by reducing your visits to the dentist to treat your teeth, get rid of bad breath and give you a fresh breath. But when you brush your teeth with toothpaste, you should take these things into consideration:

Dental care
Choose the right brush

When choosing a brush, you must take into account the size and shape of the brush that fits your mouth and enables you to pass to all surfaces of the teeth, in addition to making sure that it has soft bristles to avoid any scratching of the stump during its use. You should also change your toothbrush when you feel its effectiveness in cleaning your teeth is weak, and it is usually changed every three or four months, to ensure the safety of your teeth.
Changing the brush also contributes to maintaining your general health, as some of them may not wear out quickly thanks to its high quality, but you still have to change it regularly, as using it for a long time increases the likelihood of a high level of bacteria and germs stuck in it that may cause infection.

Choosing toothpaste

Types of toothpaste differ from each other, but they share some components that are essential to every toothpaste, represented by fluoride, which protects the teeth from decay. There are also some special pastes such as whitening toothpaste, sensitive teeth paste, and more. As for children under the age of six years, a special toothpaste containing a small amount of fluoride should be used for sensitive teeth and gums of children at this age.
The correct way to brush your teeth
Teeth should be brushed twice a day for a period of at least two minutes each time, and the correct method of cleaning teeth should be followed to ensure good protection. Here are the following steps to clean your teeth properly:
Brushing teeth at a 45-degree angle to ensure adequate contact with the bristles of the teeth.
Cleaning every 3 teeth together by moving the brush in a circular motion back and forth, starting from the side of the gum to the end of the tooth.
Clean the back teeth well in a circular motion and make sure to pass over all their surfaces.
Make sure to clean the inner side of the teeth vertically from top to bottom.
Finally, brush your tongue well with your toothbrush.
Dental care using dental floss and mouthwash
Despite the importance of brushing and toothpaste, it is not sufficient to ensure complete cleanliness of the teeth and mouth, as it is necessary to use dental floss to clean between the teeth in addition to protecting the gums from the occurrence of any specific infections. Mouthwash also plays an important role in sterilizing the mouth, maintaining the integrity of the gums, and eliminating bad breath.

Regular medical check-ups at the dentist

Commitment to daily dental hygiene does not completely prevent all problems that may affect the teeth, as periodic examinations should be performed every six months to ensure the safety and health of the teeth. There is a layer of tartar that forms over time on the surfaces of the teeth, and daily cleaning of teeth cannot remove or get rid of them, so it is necessary to visit the dentist in order to deal with it, as he has special tools through which teeth can be cleaned and lime removed professionally. Also, there are some areas that are difficult to deliver the toothbrush to and therefore you may not receive adequate care, which leads to the occurrence of decay in them.

Teeth gnawing problem

Some people clench their teeth, that is, pressure on the teeth involuntarily during sleep or during the day, as a result of tension or stress, which leads to erosion of the upper layer of tooth enamel, as well as the possibility of damage to the nerves of the teeth subjected to excessive pressure. To get rid of them, it is necessary to visit the dentist, who usually prescribes to the patient a dental protector or a special brace for the front teeth to protect them and absorb pressure on them while the grinding of the teeth is treated through certain exercises or avoiding the sources of stress and tension that cause this behavior.

The effect of some foods and drinks on dental health

The effect of some foods and drinks on dental health

There are some foods and drinks that a lot of them lead to weak and damage the teeth, such as citrus fruits that cause erosion of tooth enamel, and foods or drinks rich in sugars that lead to tooth decay or those that lead to staining of teeth such as tea and coffee, in addition to sticky or crunchy foods that lead to Damaged and broken teeth.
Therefore, to maintain the health of the teeth and mouth, it is necessary to reduce the consumption of these types of foods and drinks and rinse the mouth well with water after consuming acidic drinks or those that cause stains in the teeth.
Some bad habits that affect dental integrity
There are many people who do some harmful habits, some of them voluntarily and others involuntarily that lead to tooth damage and bad health.

Mouth ache. Smoking is one of those bad habits that lead to tooth discoloration and gingivitis, in addition to mouth ulcers and bad breath. Also, biting nails and chewing a pen are habits that some people do without awareness that lead to tooth breakage and infection.
Violent brushing of the teeth causes tooth enamel erosion, in addition to gum recession and inflammation.

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