Dental Cleaning
last update date : 2021-10-11

Dental cleaning is the key step to maintaining oral and dental health, yet many are questioning the right way and the appropriate tools to clean. In our next article from Mira Clinic, we give you the most important information about dental cleaning. 

Why do we need to brush our teeth? 

Some may think that brushing is a secondary step in the body health care process and is not important to do every day, but in fact, this is not the case. As we know, teeth are hard tissues that are mainly cut food and are the entrance to the body that contains many types of microbes, not all of which are necessarily harmful.

However, as food comes into contact with the surface of the tooth and some residues accumulate, bacteria activate to feed on these residues, resulting in one of the most common diseases affecting the teeth, which is decay, or the residues may accumulate and harden as a result of the mineral components resulting from the salivary glands, resulting in layers of calculus on the surfaces of the tooth that affect the health of the gums. Continuous cleaning thus prevents you from the risk of tooth diseases from caries, gingivitis, or otherwise.

What are the methods of cleaning teeth? 

  • There is daily routine cleaning that does not require a doctor's visit to do by using a toothbrush at least twice a day and trying to clean all the surfaces of the teeth. The daily cleaning process includes the use of appropriate mouthwash and dental floss.

  • Cleaning inside the dental clinic: This type of cleaning cannot be done at home where it depends on tools dedicated to comprehensive cleaning, maybe manual tools used by the doctor to cut the layers of calculus accumulated on the teeth, or through the ultrasonic device, which is the most famous today. 

This ultrasonic device breaks up any deposits or residues around the teeth and also helps remove the outer pigmentation layer. 

Is it necessary to clean teeth in the dental clinic? 

Although daily cleaning is important, it is not enough, as not all dental surfaces can be accessed and cleaned using toothbrushes or other tools, so a thorough cleaning procedure in the dental clinic is essential for those who want to maintain oral and dental health, and doctors are advised to do it at least twice a year.

Are there downsides to teeth cleaning? 

We cannot say that cleaning has drawbacks to oral or dental health, but improper cleaning or the use of inappropriate tools can cause significant damage to the teeth and tissues around it. When choosing a toothbrush, be aware that its bristles are not so harsh that gum tissue becomes injured. The use of tools such as non-medical floss or toothpicks also negatively affects oral and dental health. 

Dental cleaning downsides

Are there side effects of cleaning teeth? 

Dental cleaning may be associated with some unwanted symptoms, such as: 

  • Brushing may be associated with bleeding in the gums and this gives clear evidence of inflammation so the patient needs to treat the gums while continuing to clean.

  • Also after the thorough cleaning of the teeth at the clinic pain and sensitivity may occur, especially in cases of a large accumulation of calculus. After cleaning, the tooth is directly exposed to external effects, leading to pain, but while maintaining the correct cleaning methods, this pain decreases. 

Is there a difference between men and women in the dental cleaning process? 

There is no difference between men and women in dental cleaning steps or tools used, but studies show that women generally use toothbrushes more, and therefore they have a higher oral and dental health level. However, this does not prevent the possibility of calculus accumulation or pigmentation on the teeth, but such problems are more prevalent among men, especially smokers. 

Is dental cleaning expensive? 

For cleaning at the dental clinic, cleaning is the least expensive dental treatment procedure and is available in all dental clinics. In general, the tools used in daily cleaning are also not expensive and are available in different types

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