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Details about the gastric botox injection procedure
last update date : 2022-05-26

Reaching the ideal weight is one of the things that disturb the lives of some people and occupy their minds. The problem is that many of us lack sufficient will to spend many months trying to adhere to harsh diets that prevent them from all the food their souls desire.

While others suffer from severe problems with the return of the weight that they struggled to lose and sometimes their weight return to increase after continuing on one of these diets for a longer period than it was, which leads to a vicious cycle in their lives of distress, depression and struggle to get the perfect body.

When thinking about the practical suggestions made by medicine to obtain the appropriate weight, gastric sleeve operations remained at the first place in that list for long periods, as the most successful practical surgical solution that gave amazing results in losing weight, reducing the rate of eating, feeling full and improving the diet of many. A new solution appeared on the scene a short period of time ago that gave new hope to those wishing to get rid of excess weight from their bodies and not gain more weight in any way. This solution was injecting Botox into the stomach, which constituted a new revolution in this world and will create a new and different future to eliminate Totally overweight without problems or worries.


Gastric Botox injections

When looking at the nature of Botox, we will find that it is a natural substance that has been used in the cosmetic world primarily and mainly to remove and hide wrinkles of the face, neck and hands.

Botox relied in wrinkles on the places where the cause of wrinkles is the contraction or spasm of small muscles and not because of sagging skin or loss of elasticity, so the injection of Botox leads to paralyzing and stretching that muscle and preventing it from contracting, so the skin wrinkles above it disappear.

Botox injections for the stomach are not very different from the idea of ​​removing wrinkles in the way Botox works. Our stomach, by its nature, carries out the digestive process, like all other parts of the digestive system, with the contraction of the muscles of its walls and its sphincter movement that leads to the digestion of food and pushing it from the stomach to the intestines. Once the stomach becomes empty of food, we begin Feeling hungry again.

Botox injections in the stomach injure its walls with temporary incomplete paralysis, all it does is that it reduces the force of stomach contractions and pushes food into the intestines, its digestive process becomes slower than usual and its driving force is less, pushing smaller quantities out of it, so the food remains inside the stomach for the largest period possible, which It means reducing the amount of food that a person will eat on the one hand, and on the other hand increasing the feeling of satiety and a decrease in craving for food.

Candidates for Gastric Botox Injections

The biggest candidates for gastric Botox injections are those who have a problem with losing weight, some people, whether with known reasons or without an apparent logical reason, suffer from the phenomenon of weight stability with the ability to increase, but they cannot lose weight no matter what they do.

After trying to follow the traditional methods of losing weight and failing to move their fixed weight, they become one of the first candidates, and Botox injections in the stomach often help them get rid of weight and excess weight and get the perfect body they dreamed of.

On the other hand, experts said that those who want to lose specific kilograms of their weight are stronger candidates for Botox injections into the stomach than those who want to lose a large amount of weight at once, and that the results of the first category are stronger, more prominent, and better than the results of the obese.

Other candidates are those who suffer from binge eating or loss of feeling of satiety or problems that cause them to eat a lot without stopping and to eat more and more quantities than their real body needs. Gastric Botox injections were able to put a radical and definitive end to the owners of this problem and help them eat only what they need from food It makes them feel full after adequate amounts, which completely eliminates one of the biggest reasons for their weight gain.

Choosing the right doctor

Despite the simplicity of the gastric botox operation and what appears to be a simple injection that does not require a surgical incision or a major operation, gastric botox injections are a delicate procedure that needs to be found by a trusted doctor to perform it. Public non-medical places and perhaps some without medical certificates or degrees may add prepared Botox to their list of services.

Do not allow anyone but doctors to inject your stomach or even your face, and if you search for a doctor, look for the one with experience and previous successful operations, communicate with others who had experience with him and ask them about their opinion and the results they obtained after that.

Talk to your doctor and tell him about your problem, history, previous attempts to lose weight, and why you're considering gastric botox, and discuss your other available options and best solution for you. Sometimes Botox isn't the only or best solution for you.

Of course, you will have a lot of inquiries and questions that you want to know the answers to about this process, and you can know most of that information from others and by searching on the Internet, but after all that you must ask those questions again to your doctor and know the answers from him and ask him accurately about the results and give him a perception About your expectations and fantasies for it, an experienced doctor knows exactly what the result will be with him?

Before injecting Botox into the stomach

After discussing with your doctor the expectations that you want to have before the gastric Botox injection, you should tell him if you are allergic to anything, any medications, or any type of anesthesia.
Also tell your doctor if you are taking any type of medication chronically or temporarily
A few days before the operation, stop taking blood thinners such as aspirin and ibuprofen in order to avoid any bleeding during the injection.
If you suffer from any health problem, whether in the digestive system, heart, or any general problem, tell your doctor
If you have undergone any operation in the stomach or esophagus before, tell the doctor
Stop eating about 12 hours before the operation, it is of course best to perform it on an empty stomach and to avoid vomiting and nausea
Do not take medicines related to stomach juices and acids, which increase or decrease their secretion on the day you undergo the operation
If you wear some jewelry around the neck or on the chest, it is better to remove them to feel comfortable only during the operation

How is stomach botox injected?

Gastric Botox injections are generally done using a medical endoscope, which is inserted from the mouth to the stomach, so it is not a surgical procedure and no medical incisions or wounds are made in order to reach the stomach. The endoscope allows the doctor to see his way from the mouth to reach the place It is suitable for injection into the stomach, and the needle that performs the injection is located at the end of the endoscope, and once the doctor reaches his goal, he performs the injection process.

The doctor may spray anesthetic spray on your throat in an attempt to reduce the vomiting reaction that affects a person when anything touches his throat, which will make it easier for the person to enter the view safely from his mouth to his stomach, and at the same time the doctor cannot subject you to local or complete anesthesia because he needs you to You do the act of swallowing, which helps the endoscope to get into its place.

There are two types of injections or places that the doctor targets to inject Botox, the first type is that it targets the muscles in the stomach wall and injects them in measured and appropriate quantities that reduce its movement and contraction by approximately 50%, thus reducing the digestion of the stomach and the rate of emptying food and pushing it into the intestines.

At other times, the doctor may target the nerve that connects to the stomach, which is the link between the central nervous system and the human stomach. This nerve is responsible for giving the order to the stomach to exercise the digestive movement and emptying and pushing food, so if it is affected, it reduces the movement of the stomach and sends signals of satiety and fullness to the brain, so it does not A person feels hungry for a while.

After gastric injection with botox

The operation usually takes between 45 minutes and up to an hour, and the time varies according to the doctor’s speed, experience, competence, and the complications he may face during the insertion of the endoscope and the injection.
After you finish, you may feel that your throat is still numb, so be careful not to eat or drink anything until you feel the effect of the drug is completely gone and the throat reaction is back to normal again.
For many, the medical endoscopy process is cumbersome and tiring, and it exhausts the body and prevents it from concentrating and carrying out a normal life, such as driving and other activities for several hours. However, when your body begins to recover its activity again, you will feel that you are able to return to all activities without problems.
The effect of Botox in the stomach does not appear directly, and you will not find a significant effect within one week of the injection, but for those who showed medical results, it was four or six months after the injection.
Gastric Botox is not permanent and its effect is not always present, but it disappears after several months, some people if they do not reach the desired effect after they repeat the injection process again after 6 months after the first injection
The effect appears clear and tangible after injecting stomach botox in the feeling of fullness and satiety that the person notices immediately, so the amount of food he usually eats decreases and he feels full for a longer period
The results showed that injecting Botox into the stomach alone without modifying the diet and exercising does not give any results

Risks and Side Effects of Gastric Botox Injections

Compared to other procedures that people perform to lose weight, such as liposuction or gastric sleeve, the risks resulting from Botox injections are less and simpler.
It should be noted that Botox injections do not affect weight loss directly, which means that it will not lead to an increase in the burning rate or make the body burn fat on its own, but rather it reduces the possibility of gaining new weight, but what will actually lose weight is exercising and continuing on a diet Healthy and with the help of Botox, the person will reach the weight he wants
But Botox can still cause some serious problems, especially for those who are allergic to it, so it must be ensured that the person is not allergic before entering into more complex problems when he shows an allergic reaction after the injection.
Another problem is the possibility of Botox transfer from the injection site to nearby places, causing an unwanted muscle relaxant in those places.
If a large amount of Botox is injected or not calculated accurately, it may lead to weakness or complete paralysis of that muscle, affecting the digestion process negatively.
Paralyzing muscles or injecting the wrong muscles may mean indigestion and many digestive and nutritional problems over a period of several months until the effect of Botox begins to disappear and the muscles return to work
There are other problems that may be related to the medical endoscopy, although they are rare, but they are possible, such as infection or a hole in the stomach because of it
The endoscope may also cause a wound to any tissue that passes through it in the digestive system, from the throat to the stomach, and this part may bleed or become infected and inflamed.
The good thing is that Botox will not cause a big and sudden drop in weight in a short time, which will contribute to avoiding sagging tummy.

stomach botox cost

The cost of Botox injections to the stomach varies a lot from one country to another and from one doctor to another, and the cost is not fixed according to the amount of Botox used by the doctor in the injection.

The cost is divided between the amount of Botox that will be used and the cost of using a medical endoscope in the injection process. The Botox is placed in small packages, each of which costs 20 dollars, but during the injection you may consume about 50 packages to reach the desired result, and the medical endoscope starts from 1200 dollars And up to $2200.

Before you decide to inject Botox into the stomach

There are several ways that may help you lose weight before you turn to medical and surgical solutions and Botox injections, such as changing your lifestyle, getting rid of laziness, exercising, and avoiding harmful foods and excessive sugars.

In most cases, a person does not turn to medical solutions before he goes to a nutritionist and asks him to put a healthy and effective diet for him, but he did not give him the desired result with him. Medical solutions are not magic, especially since Botox injections with a wrong lifestyle and without exercise will not return you positively in any way. And you won't lose weight, you have to improve your life first.

There are other effective solutions, such as taking medications that help lose weight, but most of these medications should not be taken without the doctor’s advice and advice, and his monitoring of your body’s response to the medication, whether positive or negative. For a botox injection.

Injecting Botox into the stomach is not only for weight loss, but also has several other medical and therapeutic uses, such as injecting the second valve into the stomach. It helps those who suffer from indigestion or delays in digestion to facilitate the process of the stomach and the transfer of food from it to the intestines, and Botox has developed solutions to many other digestive problems.

What is a gastric injection?

Gastric injection is a non-surgical procedure that provides a solution to the problem of obesity by injecting Botox into the stomach wall from the inside through an endoscope.

What is a gastric needle??

The gastric needle is a substance called Botox that paralyzes the muscles involved in moving food, which reduces the individual’s sense of hunger and thus reduces the amount of food eaten by the patient, knowing that the gastric needle has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) so far, but doctors feel that the demand It will be very important for this procedure in the future and it will be an effective method in treating obesity.

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