Hollywood Smile in Turkey 2024
last update date : 2021-11-16

Hollywood Smile is one of the most famous dental procedures due to its high aesthetic results and growing demand for it, especially for those whose work requires a perfect smile and a distinctive appearance such as broadcasters and actors. But lately, it's no longer just what celebrities and media professionals demand, but the Hollywood Smile has become one of the most sought-after actions of anyone who cares about the health and appearance of their teeth.

What's a Hollywood smile? 

It is a cosmetic dental procedure that includes a wide range of steps and different techniques, but in general, it is a procedure that works to reach the perfect shape, color, and size of the teeth either using external veneers or complete prosthesis according to each case, so that we get an attractive and bright natural smile. 

What's the importance of a Hollywood Smile? 

The importance of the Hollywood Smile procedure is displayed specifically in problems with the form or color of the front teeth, and here are the highlights of the Hollywood smile procedure:

  • Solve the problem of internal dental pigmentation that cannot be addressed through cleaning or external bleaching. 

  • Treatment of congenital malformations in the form or size of teeth through prosthetics identical to the ideal shape of the teeth. 

  • Solve the problem of spaces between teeth. 

  • Improve overall appearance and increase consistency between facial features leading to increased self-confidence. 

  • With the great development of Hollywood smile techniques, this smile gives a natural appearance. 


What techniques are used in Hollywood Smile in Turkey? 

Some may think that there is one way to be used with all patients in order to get a perfect smile, but the fact is that these techniques vary from patient to patient, the most important of which are: 

  • Zirconium crowns: Zirconia crowns are the most famous of the techniques used in the Hollywood Smile procedure, because of the high rigidity that makes them withstand the pressure on the teeth in addition to their medium cost. 

  • E-max crowns: eMax is one of the latest technologies used to provide a high dental aesthetic that gives a more similar appearance and characteristics to the normal tooth than zircon. But they are, on the other hand, less rigid and more expensive. 

  • Ceramic Veneers: Ceramic Veneers are the best option if teeth are normal in terms of shape, color, or order and do not require prior treatment. This is because it maintains the highest percentage of normal tooth tissue compared to other techniques.

Hollywood Smile in Turkey 2023

What are the steps to conduct Hollywood Smile in Turkey? 

Hollywood smile is often performed on several sessions where it requires high skill in assessing the situation and determining the right technique for it to get the best results and the steps of Hollywood Smile include:

  1. Case assessment: At this stage, your doctor will conduct a thorough examination of all teeth and know all the necessary treatment procedures before starting preparing teeth for Hollywood Smile. During this stage, your doctor discusses with the patient all possible options and the consequences of the procedure and explains any possible side effects.

  2. Teeth preparation: Depending on the technique chosen, whether preparing for all surfaces, such as in the case of a full prosthesis or the preparing of the outer surface only, as in the case of ceramic veneers. Also, the number of teeth is determined, and preparation starts through specific tools. 

  3. A full dental impression is taken to help the lab make dental prosthesis identical to the original age, and the doctor determines the appropriate color score according to the original dental color and the patient's desire. 

  4. After completing the production in the lab, your doctor will try the dental prosthesis to ensure consistency of shape, size, color, and proper occlusion. 

  5. The final prostheses are installed with a custom adhesive to ensure that they are fixed on the teeth, To get a shiny white smile.

What are the shortages of Hollywood Smile? 

Despite the many positives of this procedure, it is ultimately an industrial alternative that does not replace natural teeth, so there are several drawbacks that may accompany the Hollywood Smile procedure: 

  • As a result of the process of teeth preparation, which is a preparatory step in the Hollywood Smile procedure, the natural dental structure may weaken or become sensitive when exposed to high or low heat. 

  • The Hollywood Smile procedure is a long-term procedure so errors in the shape, size, or color of dental prostheses affect the long term. 

  • There is a possibility that prosthesis or veneers will be cracked or broken as a result of eating rigid things or some negative habits such as biting nails, opening cans, etc. 

  • Hollywood Smile is expensive compared to other dental treatments. 


Cost of Hollywood Smile in Turkey

The cost varies depending on the number of teeth that need dental prostheses and depends on the necessary procedural treatments that precede the Hollywood smile. Also, the type of used technology, and in order to determine the proper technique we must consider  several factors such as: 

  • Pre-procedure dental condition: If there is internal pigmentation, a defect in the shape or order of the teeth, crowns are the best option. 

  • Patient priority: If the patient's aesthetic standard is the main priority, then eMax crowns are more appropriate. 

  • The rate of appearance of teeth when talking or smiling: This ratio varies from person to person, and usually the number of teeth performed by Hollywood Smile ranges from 16 years in the upper and lower jaws, which includes the front teeth, and up to 28 years includes all active teeth in the mouth.

The average cost of a 20-year-old Hollywood smile is around €3500 if the teeth are healthy and no further treatment is needed. If some teeth are lost, you need to implant the missing teeth first and then install the right crown for the implant to suit the color and shape of the rest of the teeth crowns.  

It is a very convenient cost despite the high skill and accuracy it needs in addition to the quality of the materials used, especially compared to European and American countries that offer the same quality. 

Dental tips after making a Hollywood smile

The average lifespan of prosthetics or veneers used to make a Hollywood smile is estimated to be 5-10 years, but this depends heavily on the level of daily oral and dental hygiene as well as a regular visit to the dentist to examine and treat any problems early. Maintaining the bright white color of a Hollywood smile may require reducing food stains.

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