Mommy makeover in Turkey
last update date : 2023-09-19

What do you know about Mommy makeover in Turkey? Because the mother's body is subject to change after childbirth. Mothers after childbirth aspire to have a perfect body and for this reason, they resort to the process of Mommy makeover. However, the cost of a Mommy makeover is often high. In our article, we will show you all the information that interests you about the Mommy makeover package price in Turkey, In addition to others, we will give you information about this process.

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What is a mommy makeover?

Mommy makeover is one of the most important surgeries of recent times. This operation is conducted to solve the problems of the mothers' body after they have been exposed to the experience of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

 This surgery became famous as it became the preferred surgical procedure for Hollywood stars. "Mommy makeover" This phrase refers to a group of body sculpting procedures that address the changes that affect the mother's body after childbirth, in a way that suits the nature of each body.

Why is mommy makeover in turkey?

Mommy makeover in Turkey gives postpartum mothers the opportunity to restore their pre-pregnancy bodies and boost their self-confidence. Due to the presence of many skilled surgeons and advanced medical devices, in addition to the many successful experiences of mommy makeover in Turkey. This is why Turkey is the best choice for mothers who want to have a beautiful change. It should be noted that the Mommy makeover package price in Turkey is decent.

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What is the best age for mommy makeover?

In fact, doctors recommend Mommy makeover between the ages of 30 and 50. However, in general, there is no specific age for performing this operation, but it is determined by the health status and goals of the mother.

Mommy makeover in Turkey

Does mommy makeover include bbl?

Mommy makeover is a plastic surgery that involves many areas of a woman's body, including breast enlargement and tightening, as well as a tummy tuck. Doctors determine what a woman's body needs for tension and change. It should be noted that the bodies of some women do not require breast augmentation and tightening because the breast area is not affected by birth conditions.

How painful is recovery from mommy makeover?

Pain from Mommy makeover surgery is common for the first four days after the surgery. As some patients tell us that the first four days after the operation are the most difficult because of the pain that accompanies them. But with taking painkillers, the pain was tolerable. And they got rid of the pain after the first week of the operation.

Mommy makeover recovery

Mommy makeover takes about 6 weeks to several months to fully heal. The recovery period from mommy makeover is made according to the number of cosmetic procedures on the body and the care and attention after the operation. The recovery period goes through several stages that include:

  • The stage of discharge from the hospital (the first day of the operation): Doctors usually agree to discharge the patient on the same day after performing the tummy tuck and to continue the care of the patient at home. While adhering to the medications and instructions given by the doctor to the patient's companion, who must remain next to him in the first 24 hours after surgery.

  • The stage of discomfort and pain (the first week after the operation): This is the most difficult stage of recovery from a tummy tuck, in which the patient suffers from pain and distress. At this stage, the patient should be provided with adequate comfort, prescribed medications, and the necessary attention and care for the wound.

  • The stage of feeling comfortable (the second week after the operation): At this stage, the patient feels comfortable and is gradually able to move slowly. In addition to the ability to do light homework and reduce painkillers.

  • The stage of regaining the ability to move (the third, fourth, and fifth weeks after the operation): At this stage, the patient feels more able to move and perform more duties, with some mild swelling, tingling, and other normal sensations.

  • The stage of recovery from mommy makeover and return to normal life (the sixth week after the operation): Although most patients take 6 to 12 months to recover from the tummy tuck operation, in the sixth week after the operation, the patient can return to his normal life.

Mommy makeover in Turkey

Mommy makeover risks

Mommy makeover, like other surgeries, has side effects. 

The side effects of a tummy tuck include the following:

  • Risks of anesthesia: in the form of an allergic reaction to anesthetics.

  • Bleeding: Bleeding may occur if the patient does not receive proper wound care. You must consult a doctor in this case.

  • Infection: Irritation of large areas of the skin occurs with fever. These are unusual signs and you should see your doctor immediately

  • Accumulation of fluid in the body: fluid drains are often placed at the incision site after the operation. It is removed 5 days after the operation. An accumulation of fluids may occur after removing them under the skin, and other drains must be introduced to get rid of them.

  • Numbness of sensation in the skin: After the operation, the patient may notice a loss of sensation in the skin and temporary numbness, but it disappears with time.

  • Poor wound healing: for smokers. Therefore, it is advised to avoid smoking three weeks before the surgery

  • Nerve damage: Some patients may suffer from nerve damage after the operation. The possibility of nerve damage should be discussed with the doctor before the operation.

  • Blood clots and pulmonary complications: It is a rare but worrisome complication of plastic surgeries that can be fatal.

Mommy makeover package price in Turkey

The cost of Mommy makeover varies according to the surgical procedures performed on each patient.

Mommy makeover before and after

Many women like to see the results of mommy 's makeover with before and after photos. 

At the end of our article, we will have known all the information about mommy makeover in Turkey, its cost, and satisfactory results for several patients.


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