My experience with breast implant surgery in Turkey 2021

My experience with breast implant surgery in Turkey 2021

I think most women who want to prepare for their breast implant procedure would love to read about other women’s experiences with breast augmentation, as they can get expectations throughout the operation. Here in this blog, I would like to share with you my experience with breast augmentation with silicone implants in Turkey. I hope my personal story will be extremely helpful for you.

Why breast implants in Turkey?

  • The first question you might think about is why I chose to perform breast augmentation in Turkey. Indeed, my story started when I was talking with a relative of mine who lives in Istanbul. 

  • During our deep conversation, she knew that I was not satisfied with my breast size and wanted to change it, but afraid of performing a breast implant procedure at any place where I cannot ensure my favorite results. 

  • Without any hesitation, she immediately suggested I visit Turkey and have my operation there. She has performed her breast augmentation without implants in Turkey recently and got great results.

  •  As a result, I listened to her advice and began my own research to ensure that I found the proper clinic in Turkey for my condition. To be honest, I did not have an idea to what extent Turkey is good in the field of plastic surgery. However, after my search, I found Turkey is one of the best destinations for two reasons: 

  1. Turkey offers high-quality medical services since it has an advanced and huge medical health infrastructure. 

  2. Turkey provides medical services at very competitive prices. The breast implant surgery cost is very affordable in comparison to other countries, including the USA, Gulf countries, and European countries.  

Which breast implant is right for me?

  • I did not need a breast implant with lift surgery as my problem was limited to the small size of the breast. Firstly, I was thinking of a saline implant as a possible option for me. However, the doctor recommended silicone implants since I was looking for breast implants that can look and feel like natural breast tissue. 

  • Moreover, I was confused about the different breast implant brands, but the doctor helped me choose the implant type that fitted my desires perfectly. 

Which breast implant size is right for me?

  • A lot of women think that bigger is better when it comes to breast augmentation. However, here in the clinic, they care about creating a well-proportioned breast that fits your body properly. 

  • My doctor offered me three options of sizes that can be ideal for my body through professional images, and it was all up to me to choose the one I like more, but indeed it was such a tough decision.  In the end, my choice was a 400 cc that fitted my body ideally, giving a natural-looking appearance.

Which breast implant size is right for me?

How is my breast implant done?

  • When I decided on the implant type and size, I was ready to enter the surgery room after performing all the necessary examinations for my breast augmentation surgery. Typically, the surgery is undergone by inserting the implants into the breasts through incisions made in different ways.

            Where is my breast silicone implant incision?

  • There are three common different types of incisions; including inframammary incision, periareolar incision, and trans-axillary incision. 

  • I was more comfortable with the inframammary incision because it was short and made under the breast at the crease area. As a result, there will be no scars visible.

  • My operation was performed under general anesthesia, so once I received the anesthesia, I fell into a deep sleep, then I walked up to find myself done with the operation.

Is a breast silicone implant worth it?

  • Given my experience with a breast implant procedure, I was really surprised with my results, as I got a full, firm, attractive breast contour. Also, I was satisfied with the new breast volume that matches the natural proportions of my body, enabling me to wear my fitted shirts with full self-esteem.

  • So, if you want to know if a breast augmentation is worth it or not, indeed yes, it is a really worthy experience. I highly recommend it, but you should be careful choosing the right place which can ensure a successful operation.   


Here are some common questions that may come to your mind if you want to perform breast augmentation.

Can breast augmentation with silicone implants be done with local anesthesia?

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed using a local anesthetic, meaning the patient is awake but simply numbs the breast to block the pain. On the other hand, most women are put under general anesthesia for this procedure, since medications are used to put them to sleep. 

Is breast implant surgery dangerous?

Generally, breast augmentation with an implant is a common procedure that is done simply nowadays. However, like other plastic surgery, breast implant procedure is associated with certain risks, including infection, pain, scars, or implant position changing. Most of those complications can be avoided if you choose the right plastic clinic, so, make your own research and consider others’ experiences. 

Breast augmentation with silicone implant and breastfeeding: Will breast augmentation affect breastfeeding?

 A breast augmentation operation may cause you to question how it may influence your ability to breastfeed. Here are some answers. Since the procedure usually does not include the ducts or milk-producing parts of your breast, most women can continue to breastfeed normally.

How much do breast implants cost in Turkey 2021?

Every implant has its own price, so the breast augmentation prices vary according to the type of implant used. Furthermore, the breast augmentation cost can also be affected by the quality of the medical materials and the expertise of plastic surgeons.

Generally, the average breast implant surgery cost in Turkey is around 3500$.

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