My liposuction journey in Turkey

My liposuction journey in Turkey

Hi, I am Mervet, since I know that telling others your experience with plastic surgery can be very helpful and enlightening, I would love to talk about my experience with liposuction at Mira clinic in detail, trying to answer most of the questions which one might think about when it comes to liposuction! Let’s start!

How was I before doing my liposuction?

  • I always felt embarrassed about my body, I was not fat, but I suffered from stubborn fat in my abdomen, waists, and back. I tried to exercise regularly to improve my body as much as I can, however, I could not get what I wanted since I was so busy that I didn't find enough time for exercising.
  • I love going to the beach or swimming pool, but my body didn't help me enjoy my time as it should be. So, I started to think about a procedure that can reshape my body and let me do my activities with full self-esteem.
  • Since It was within 30% of my ideal weight, liposuction was appropriate plastic surgery for me, so I decided to start my journey and search for a good clinic in which I could do a successful operation in safe hands.

Why did I choose Turkey to perform liposuction?

Why did I choose Turkey to perform liposuction?

  • Turkey was my ideal option to perform my plastic surgery, not because I live there, but Turkey is very famous for plastic surgery, offering high-quality medical services at very competitive prices. Making such a decision was not easy at all, so I started my research to find the right clinic for me.
  • After a couple of weeks of searching, I was advised to visit Mira clinic which is a reputable clinic located in Istanbul. Before going there, I applied for an online medical consultation which is offered for free, and I discussed with the medical specialist my ideal options for liposuction after sending my photos. 

How was I welcomed to perform liposuction in Mira clinic?

  •  The medical consultation I received was very good, which encouraged me to take one more step forward and visit their clinic. Once I entered the clinic, I certainly was touched by the very warm welcome I got. They were very kind to me.
  • To be honest, I had been worried a little bit before I had a good conversation with one of their professional medical staff, explaining to me how simple the procedure is with the advanced technology they adopt in their clinic.
  • Also, we discussed several approaches for my liposuction in detail, to end up deciding on VASER liposuction which is one of the latest and powerful techniques used in liposuction.
  • Finally, the doctor provided me with some important recommendations which helped me to prepare myself perfectly for the operation, like stop taking aspirin or any anti-inflammatory drugs for 3 weeks, avoiding caffeinated drinks a day before my operation, and eating and drinking on the day of the operation.

How was my liposuction done?

  • As I mentioned, I was advised to perform liposuction using the VASER technique which can powerfully remove my fat deposit from my abdomen, waists, and back. Firstly, my medical history was reviewed and I was exposed to a couple of medical tests for making me ready for the operation.
  • Once general anesthesia was administered to me, I fell into a deep sleep. Meanwhile, of course, I couldn't feel anything, however, I would love to talk about the steps of my liposuction that I was going through in my simple way.
  • My operation started with injecting a special solution into my areas of treatment which are the abdomen, waists, and back. This solution protects the body from severe bleeding and swelling during the fat dissolving process. 
  • Then, small incisions were made around my target areas, allowing smooth access of a cannula into the deep fat layers in order to break up the fat cells and suction them out of the body. Finally, they stitched my incisions and surrounded the area with compression.


Did I follow any instructions after my liposuction?

  • You might ask me if I followed any instructions after my operation, actually, yes, I did indeed. It is very important to consider your doctor’s recommendations to make sure you maximize your results.
  •  For me, I took an entire week off from work and avoided strenuous activity for 6 weeks after my operation. Also, I was advised to drink plenty of water which supports fast recovery.
  • Furthermore, I did my best to stay away from direct sunlight and I followed a healthy diet to maintain my results.

How do I feel about my results?

Once I finished my operation, I could clearly notice the change happening to my body, however, I got the final results after around 6 months. Honestly, I am really happy with my results, the team did such a great job.

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