Techniques used in hair transplantation

Techniques used in hair transplantation

Many treatments used to eliminate baldness or hair loss have appeared, but most of them have not yet been proven effective, until doctors and plastic experts arrive at the transplant process. hair, and there are many techniques used in hair transplantation, those that have emerged as a quick and effective solution for treating baldness. And get the density of hair you want, like FUE technology, DHI technology, in addition to ROBOT technology.

Techniques used in hair transplantation
The doctor who specializes in hair transplant determines the most suitable transplant technique, depending on the condition of the next person to perform the hair transplant process, the degree of baldness from which he suffers, and here are the most important techniques used in hair transplant:

FUE technology
FUE is one of the most popular techniques for hair transplantation, as it depends on the transfer of follicles from the donor area, located at the back of the scalp and cultivated in the receiving area, those who suffer from baldness or hair loss to be treated, depending on the opening of the channels Specify in the bald areas, then extract the follicles extracted in these channels, using very fine medical forceps.
FUE technology is the most suitable technique in the case where a person suffers from a large degree of baldness, where a greater quantity of hair follicles can reach up to 5000 hair follicles, according to the FUE technique, and about 7000 follicles hair can be transplanted into two sessions of FUE technology, which is called Mega FUE.

DHI technology
DHI technology is based on what is called the Choi Pen implanter in hair transplant, which is a pen-like device through which the doctor opens the canals and hair transplants with a single press and at the same time. time in areas with baldness or hair loss to be treated, as this can grow up to 3000 hair follicles, or 5000 hair follicles based on Mega DHI, which is two sessions of DHI technology.
DHI is the most suitable technique for hair transplant in women, as well as beard and eyebrow hair transplant. Choi pens are characterized by the precision with which the angle and direction of the transplanted hair can be determined, in addition to giving a high density, due to the transplantation of hair closely to each other, according to the Choi pens.
DHI technology gives more natural results, in a period of six months to about a year, because the doctor determines the special path for the bulb, so that it grows naturally, depending on the pen, and the success rate of hair transplant with DHI technology is very high.

ROBOT Technology
This robot is considered a doctor's assistant, through which the doctor examines the donor area and selects the most suitable bulbs for transplantation, as well as the determination of baldness areas, in addition to that, it provides proactive 3D images transplant results.

Hair transplant candidates
Applicants for hair transplant must have some of the qualities that qualify them for hair transplant, since not all those who want a hair transplant can perform a transplant, but candidates for hair transplant fall into the following list :
People with a large donor area and hair follicles allow harvesting.
People suffering from normal baldness, hereditary alopecia or suffering from hair loss.
Healthy people who do not suffer from diseases that will hinder

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