The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021

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The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021
  • last update date : 2021-02-09

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey 2021


Generally, people who suffer from hair loss and want to perform hair transplantation in Turkey, always seek to find a cosmetic clinic that offers quality medical service at a low price. However, when they have a look at the hair transplant prices, they feel confused about the price difference and the reasons behind it. For this reason, here, in this article, we will shed light on the factors that play a vital role in determining the cost of hair transplant in Turkey.

What are the reasons behind the price difference for hair transplant in Turkey?

hair transplant cost

Several reasons contribute significantly to the cost difference for hair transplant in Turkey. That is why you may find prices vary from one hospital to another. Let's have a look:

  • The techniques of hair transplant

The type of hair transplant technique is the most crucial reason which is reflected directly in the price. Hair transplants can be performed in several techniques, and each technique depends on a certain technology with different costs. Here you have the most common modern hair transplant techniques, let's discover the difference between those techniques: 

  1. DHI Technique 

Direct Hair Transplant is the most advanced technology which is used popularly in Turkey.

  • DHI technique utilizes a high technology called Choi pen which creates very tinny channels and implants the grafts inside those channels at the same time accurately.

  • DHI is a minimally invasive procedure that ensures fast recovery.

  •  With the DHI technique, a hair transplant is performed without damage or scars.

  • Thanks to the DHI hair transplant technique, you don't have to shave your entire scalp, only the donor area, where the grafts will be picked, is shaved or trimmed. 

  • DHI technique ensures wonderful results as it depends on Choi pen which is a cutting edge technology. So, it may cost you more than other techniques.


  1. FUE Technique

Follicles Unties Extractions is a powerful technique that has been used commonly in Turkey.

  • With the FUE technique, the hair follicles are easily picked by a device which is called a micro motor.

  • Micromotor devices can pick the hair grafts from the donor area accurately, causing no damage to the surrounding tissues.

  • Very tiny and accurate channels can be done professionally by fine medical blades.

  • FUE ensures faster recovery than the traditional hair transplant techniques.

  • With the FUE technique, you can maximize the number if the implanted hair follicles and get thicker hair than any other technique.


  1. Sapphire FUE Technique 

Sapphire technique is also a popular technology used in Turkey. It is based on the same mechanism as the FUE technique, but the adopted medical blades with needles are made of sapphire stone.

  •  The nature of sapphire stone can ensure more accurate channels.

  • With the sapphire technique, you can avoid any damage to the scalp during the incisions making process.

  • It causes no scars mentioned after the implantation.

  • Sapphire technique is safe and ensures good results.


  1. Berkutan Technique

Berkutan technique is an effective procedure based on a microneedle that is made of titanium.

  • Thanks to the titanium microneedle, Berkutan technique can create very tiny channels without any damage to the scalp.

  • With Berkutan technique, hair transplant can be performed safely, ensuring the direction and depth of the natural hair.


  1. OSL Technique

Oblique Simi-Lateral technique is a special FUE technique that is developed by the physician Yetkin Bayer. 

  • The medical blades, which are used in this technique, developed especially to make professional tiny incisions in the recipient areas.

  • It requires a highly qualified doctor who is trained to deal with it.


  • The medical equipment

The medical equipment which is adopted in the hospital can also affect the final cost of the hair transplant. The reputable hospitals, which use advanced medical equipment and devices, are more likely to set higher prices than what other hospitals may price their medical services. In Mira clinic, we take care of our patients by equipping our clinics with the best devices and cutting edge technologies in the world. 

  • The hair transplant doctors 

The qualifications and experience of the hair transplant doctor can also be an important determinant of the price difference. Generally, the highly qualified and skilled doctors ask for higher prices than others. In Mira clinic, we work with a professional medical team who have long years of experience, however, our prices are still very competitive and reasonable.

  • The additional services

Some cosmetic clinics offer additional services that have to do with hotel reservations, transportation, translation service, and tours around Istanbul. These services are considered as an additional cost to the final operation price. 

 Our clinic always seeks to provide its patients with the best service, so it offers special packages at competitive prices, which include all the related services, such as hotel accommodation, VIP transportation, and translation service inside the hospital to help the patients contact the Turkish doctors.

OSL Technique

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey in US Dollar

Turkey is one of the popular countries in the hair transplant field in the world. People around the world consider Turkey as a good destination for hair transplant due to the low cost of living and the high quality of medical services there.  

  • The average hair transplant price with the FUE technique is about 900$.

  • The average price of a hair transplant with the DHI technique is about 1025$

  • The average price of eyebrow transplants by DHI technique is around 900$.

  • The average price of beard transplants by DHI technique is about 1025$.

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey in Euro 

Turkey has an advantage over European countries in terms of hair transplant prices. In Turkey, the patient can find high-quality medical service, but at lower prices than those in Europe.

  • The average price of hair transplant using FUE in Turkey in Euro is about 750€

  • The average price of hair transplants using DHI in Turkey in the Euro is around 850€.

  • The average price of eyebrow transplants by DHI technique is around 750€.

  • The average price of beard transplants by the DHI technique is about 850€.

The cost of hair transplant in Turkey in Saudi Riyal

Turkey is considered an ideal destination for people from the Gulf area. It offers hair transplant operations at very competitive prices in comparison with the Gulf area, especially  Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, and Qatar. Generally, the cost of hair transplant in Turkey in Saudi Riyal:

  • For FUE technique: 3400 SAR

  • For DHI technique: 3850 SAR