What is a Hollywood smile 2021?

What is a Hollywood smile 2021?
  • last update date : 2021-01-26

What is a Hollywood smile 2021?

Have you ever thought about getting bright teeth that restore your charming smile in the cosmetic dentistry center? With the development in cosmetic dentistry, everything becomes possible; a Hollywood smile has been a common procedure that proves its ability to change your teeth appearance completely and give you an attractive smile that captures the hearts.


In this article, we will highlight the Hollywood smile definition, its positives, and its candidates. Then, we will explain how the Hollywood smile procedure is done and the instructions which the person should follow after the procedure. Finally, we will mention the cost and prices of the Hollywood smile procedure in Turkey. 


Hollywood smile definition

A Hollywood smile is a cosmetic dental procedure that targets the frontal teeth in order to improve its main functions and restore a charming smile. Hollywood smile is done under local anesthesia through bounding dental veneers made of different materials, such as Zircon and lumineers to the frontal teeth.

 It restores the natural appearance of the teeth which are aligned with the facial features.

A Hollywood smile is a powerful solution to hide decay, cracked, or broken teeth, giving healthy and beautiful teeth. 

What is a Hollywood smile

The benefits of Hollywood smile

When you perform Hollywood smile, you will receive several advantages, which are:

  1. Once the bright veneers are installed, you will get immediate charming results.

  2.  It ensures long-term results. With oral health, it can last several years.

  3. It gives you an attractive smile.

  4. With the Hollywood smile, you can get rid of decay, pigmentations, and hide your cracked or broken teeth.

  5. The veneers are discoloration-resistant, which ensures wight teeth for several years.

  6. A Hollywood smile is done simply without any pain.

  7. A Hollywood smile enhances your beauty and promotes your self-confidence.


The candidates for Hollywood smile

The right candidate for Hollywood smile should be:

  1. The candidate should be over 21 years old, making sure that his body growth is complete.

  2. It is an appropriate procedure for people who suffer from severe tooth decay.

  3. It is a powerful solution for people who lost teeth or suffer from cracked or broken teeth.

  4. People who would like to have a charming smile.

  5. With the Hollywood smile, people who suffer from spaces between teeth, can hide those spaces and give a natural appearance.


The types of dental veneers for Hollywood smile

Two basic types of veneers are used commonly in Hollywood smile:

  • Ceramic or porcelain veneers: it prevents teeth from chipping, staining and pigmentation, and improves the main functions of teeth. The procedure is done by removing a thin layer of teeth to install the veneer easily, taking about two weeks in two sessions or more.

  • Lumineers: lumineers are thinner than the ceramic porcelain, so it does not require removing a thin layer of the tooth. Furthermore, it ensures accurate results and does not need any temporary veneers as in the Hollywood smile with ceramic veneers.


The stages of the Hollywood smile procedure

Hollywood smile is a non-surgical procedure, goes through the following steps:

  1. Preparation: during the first visit, the dentist will examine your teeth to know their current medical condition. In some cases,  the patient might need a teeth treatment before performing the procedure.

  2. Next stage, the cosmetic dentist will remove a thin layer of the external part of the teeth under local anesthesia, so the veneers can fit the teeth correctly. Then, temporary veneers are bound to the teeth.

  3. A mold will be taken and sent to the laboratory where custom veneers are made to fit the patient’s frontal teeth.

  4. Once the veneers are ready, the teeth are cleaned and polished. Then, the veneers are fixed onto the teeth with dental cement using a special light.


The postoperative tips for Hollywood smile 

In order to maintain the best results, you should follow a set of important tips as follow:

  1. Avoid hot food or drinks for a week after the procedure, heat weak the effectiveness of the dental cement.

  2. Don’t consume sticky or crunchy food, which might discolor or damage the teeth.

  3. Avoid or reduce food or drinks which cause teeth discoloration.

  4. Stop or reduce smoking or consuming alcoholic drinks, as they might lead to teeth pigmentation.

  5. Practice good oral health, including brushing and cleaning by mouthwash regularly.

What is a Hollywood smile

The cost of Hollywood smile in Turkey

In Turkey, cosmetic dentistry centers offer quality Hollywood smile procedures at competitive prices, compared with the rest counties of the world. However, the cost of a Hollywood smile differs from center to center according to the following factors:

  • The types of veneers:  the prices vary according to the types and materials of veneers; for example, lumineers are more expensive than ceramic veneers.

  • The brand of veneers: the veneer brand also plays a crucial role in pricing policy.

  • The number of target teeth.

  • The medical condition of teeth:  additional cost may be added to the Hollywood smile procedure cost, as some patients may need to treat their teeth before taking a step toward a Hollywood smile. 

  • Generally, the cost of the Hollywood smile procedure ranges from $ 3650 to $ 4,850.