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Why do celebrities do cosmetic surgery?
last update date : 2022-03-02

In summary:

• Stars and cosmetic surgery

• The difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery

• The advantages and disadvantages



• Intervention price

• Why do stars do surgery?

Stars and cosmetic surgery

Many young women are tempted by cosmetic surgery. They want to have the big buttocks of Kim Kardashian. For this, these young people resort to operations with a really expensive price. If you want to know a little more about cosmetic surgery, this article is for you.

The difference between cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery

We often confuse cosmetic surgery with plastic surgery. However, these are two different terms.

Cosmetic surgery is the improvement of a person's appearance. The operation is often centered on the aspect of aesthetics. The procedures that are most often requested are operations to improve the breasts, operations to contour the face, operations to rejuvenate the skin and the face.

cosmetic surgery and plastic surgery

Plastic surgery, on the other hand, consists of repairing the defects that a person has had since birth. It also consists of treating illnesses and burns. The most frequent interventions are those to repair skin burns, to reconstruct the breast or lower limbs, plastic surgery of the hand and operations for the revision of scars.

Cosmetic surgery has become a trend among stars has many advantages, but it also has disadvantages.


As cosmetic surgery is centered on the aesthetic aspect, its main advantage is obviously the improvement of the appearance. If you are young and want to look good because you are unhappy with yours, be sensible while undergoing the cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic surgery changes your appearance forever, so think carefully before resorting to it.

Cosmetic surgery helps improve your physical health. In some cases, this operation is really beneficial for the physical health of the person undergoing it. This is the case of rhinoplasty which improves the nose and solves respiratory problems. Liposuction is an operation that gives patients the opportunity to be more physically active.

Cosmetic surgery improves patient confidence. A young person or a star who has cosmetic surgery gains confidence because the operation gives him/her the appearance that he/she wanted. A young person who has had cosmetic surgery gains confidence in his social life.

stars do surgery

The pain we think of the operation is overestimated. Of course, the surgery is not painless, but it is not as painful as we think. With the evolution of technology, it is increasingly easy to have the operation without suffering severe pain.

Cosmetic surgery gives permanent results. One of the most attractive advantages of surgery is that its results are permanent. But still, you have to take care of yourself after the operation to make these results more lasting.


Although cosmetic surgery has attractive advantages, it also has disadvantages that should not be ignored.

The price of the operation is expensive depending on the operation you want. Saving money just to have surgery is very difficult. This often leads young people to take out loans and get into debt.

Cosmetic surgery leads to a dependency effect, especially for a young person. Once the patients see the beautiful results, they become addicted, and they want to have the surgeries all the time. This is one of the worst effects of surgery and especially for young stars.

Having recourse to cosmetic surgery is not always a solution because it can lead patients to their deathbed although it is not often. The case that is often repeated is the reaction to the anesthesia or the medical history of the patients.

Recovering after the operation can take time. It can last up to 2 or 3 weeks depending on the procedure the patient has undergone. Patients' lives are interrupted when they decide to have surgery.

Intervention price

The surgery has a price that suits the operation that the patients want to undergo.

The price of the facelift ranges from 800 to 6950 euros depending on the part you want to improve.

Nose correction costs between 3720 to 4950 euros depending on the type of nose correction that patients want, partial correction

Why do stars do surgery?

A star must give all the time to look beautiful for her fans and to post photos on social networks. A star does surgery because she's always in the spotlight and she has to look good. The life of a star is to maintain its beauty and show itself on its best days. In the celebrity world, aesthetics matter.

Cosmetic surgery is a way to have a beautiful appearance and shape. Many young people, especially women, dream of having big buttocks like the famous Kim Kardashian and they decide to undergo operations for it. Stars often resort to these operations. Before doing surgery, you should know the advantages, disadvantages, and the price of the interventions.

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