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Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey 2022

What do you know about cosmetic dentistry in Turkey? Dental health is an integral part of a person’s general health. It is not only about getting beautiful teeth and an attractive smile, but your teeth must be healthy and healthy to be able to play their main role in cutting and chewing food in a way that is easy to digest and absorb inside the body.
Healthy teeth also help with correct pronunciation and speaking clearly. Losing one of the front teeth or having a deviation in some of them may pose a clear problem in pronunciation, which creates a feeling of embarrassment while speaking in front of others.
Also, with regard to oral health and its reflection on the general health of the body, there are many studies that have shown the association of some serious diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, with poor oral health resulting from poor dental hygiene. Therefore, healthy teeth help you maintain a healthy and healthy body. In this article, we would like to talk about the most famous dental problems and how to treat them through cosmetic dentistry in Turkey in detail!

Types of oral and dental diseases

There are many dental diseases or problems that may be exposed to if you fail to take care of the cleanliness of your teeth and mouth, or as a result of an accident that damaged your teeth. The most important and most famous of these diseases are:
tooth decay
Tooth decay is cavities in the teeth that are accompanied by some pain, sometimes as a result of food residues, acid or bacteria covering the surface of the teeth and forming deposits that stick to them. Then the enamel of the tooth begins to erode and the decay reaches the dentin of the tooth, which then leads to the formation of permanent holes in which food residues are attached, causing some infections with the passage of time.
Caries usually occurs as a result of excessive consumption of foods and drinks that contain large amounts of free sugars, in addition to the lack of attention to periodic dental hygiene.
periodontal disease
The accumulation of tartar on the teeth and gums as a result of not taking care of dental hygiene periodically, the gums are usually exposed to some infections that lead to swelling and bleeding during brushing or flossing, not to mention the unpleasant smell they emit.
If these infections develop without being treated by the dentist, it may lead to tooth loss. The most important causes of gingivitis are poor dental hygiene and excessive smoking.

Tooth loss or cracking

Infections in the gums and tooth decay usually cause teeth to weaken and lose over time. Also, chewing food intensely and pressing the teeth at night during sleep leads to a weak connection of the tooth to the gums.
To avoid this, you must first take good care of your teeth, chew food moderately, stay away from smoking, and not eat a lot of foods rich in sugar.


What are the most important treatment procedures in dental clinics?  

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

There are many procedures and operations regarding dental repair and beautification through which all dental problems can be addressed such as cavities and tooth loss or deviation, in addition to cosmetic front teeth, the most important of which are:

Dental implants in Turkey

Dental implants aim to replace missing teeth to give the patient a natural and attractive appearance, with long-term results. Dental implants are performed in two different ways to suit the condition of each patient who wants to restore his teeth and get a healthy and attractive smile.
Immediate dental implants are one of the most popular and latest dental implant methods that install dental implants on the same day they are extracted. This technique is characterized by saving time and the number of sessions required to be attended by the dentist.
In the case of complete loss of teeth, the (All-on-4) technique is the appropriate solution for this, as it relies on only four implants that include all teeth, two take the place of the back teeth in the jaws, and two in the front area of ​​the jaws, according to professionally defined angles Ensures a perfect match of the teeth on the jaws.
After the implants are installed, special abutments are attached, which later connect the implant to the crown of the tooth that is being installed temporarily. After making sure that the implants are sufficiently healed and integrated into the jawbone, permanent crowns that are customized to fit the rest of the teeth and fit the appearance of your mouth are placed.

Hollywood smile in Turkey

Hollywood smile is one of the most popular and most common dental procedures in the recent period for everyone who wants to have a charming smile. The procedure aims to improve the appearance of the front teeth after repair and treatment, by covering them with bright white scales made of porcelain, zircon or luminizer.
A Hollywood smile is performed by removing a thin layer of the surface of the front teeth to make it ready, then a mold is taken from it and sent to the laboratory where it is made. In the first period, the teeth are worn with veneers or lenses for a temporary period. When the permanent veneers are ready, they are cleaned and polished, and then a special adhesive is placed to fix the scales on them tightly.


Orthodontics is a set of small metal tools that are installed on the teeth in order to realign them and correct their deviation to restore their natural appearance and obtain an attractive smile. Orthodontics work to realign the alignment of the teeth and improve the natural fit of the upper and lower jaws to each other. Orthodontics also aims to correct prominent teeth and return them to the back, in addition to expanding the jaws to take their natural shape.
Orthodontic braces consist of small metal pieces that are attached directly to the teeth, and then a metal wire is inserted into those metal pieces, to tighten and control them according to the requirements of each case. There are several types of dental braces, such as ceramic braces, whose small tools are made of porcelain, and there are transparent braces that should be changed every short period of time, or internal braces that depend on attaching campaigns or metal pieces to the inner side of the teeth.

dental fillings

Dental fillings are used to treat places of decay and repair cracked or broken teeth. They are special dental materials used to fill cavities that appear on the teeth as a result of decay, in addition to restoring teeth that have been broken. It is performed by numbing the area around the teeth locally.
 Before starting the dental filling, the cavity is first removed through a drill or using a laser, and then the place is properly cleaned and prepared for placing the cosmetic fillings. Cosmetic fillings are permanent fillings that maintain the aesthetic appearance of the teeth, in addition to preventing any other complications, such as infections or nerve injury.
To maintain the cosmetic fillings, it is necessary to keep cleaning the teeth properly and avoid a lot of crunchy or sticky foods, in addition to staying away from very hot or cold drinks or foods.

Dental crowns installation

A tooth crown is used to completely beautify a broken, cracked, or decayed tooth, as it maintains the normal function of the tooth, protects the rest of it, and restores it to its previous appearance. There are several types of crowns, such as crowns made of steel, porcelain, or porcelain. After cleaning the tooth and removing the layer of lime accumulated on its surface, the tooth’s dimensions and dimensions are taken to make a custom mold for it and then send it to the laboratory for its manufacture.
 The dentist first prepares the tooth by polishing and cleaning it to facilitate its dressing, and then installs the permanent crown on the tooth using a special adhesive. The dental crown is usually installed over a number of sessions, and maintaining it requires taking care of routine dental hygiene and reviewing the dentist in case of any malfunction in it while eating.

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments that aims to restore the natural color of the teeth by removing stains and yellowing using a laser light or heat device. The effect of the teeth whitening procedure lasts for a specific period, as it is not a permanent solution, that is, it is not enough to do it only once, but it needs to repeat the procedure from time to time.
Before starting teeth whitening, any tooth decay is first treated in addition to cleaning the teeth by removing the accumulated tartar on their surface. When the teeth are ready for the whitening procedure, the dentist applies the whitening product directly to the teeth and then exposes them to a laser device to activate the whitening materials on the teeth accurately. To keep its results for as long as possible, you should stay away from smoking and consuming foods or drinks that cause spots, otherwise it may start to disappear in a short period not exceeding a month.

Cleaning teeth

The dental cleaning procedure at the dentist aims to remove tartar and deposits stuck on the teeth. It is not limited to people who do not take care of the cleanliness of their teeth only, but also includes all people. There are some deposits that appear in everyone, as they cannot be removed or disposed of through the usual daily cleaning of the teeth.
The procedure first begins with removing the tartar that has accumulated on the surface of the teeth and around the gums, then the doctor will do a deep cleaning of the teeth using a special electric brush and toothpaste of coarse texture. Next, a flossing session begins to remove any plaque stuck around the gums. Finally, liquid fluoride is applied through a small brush to protect the teeth from decay.
It is usually recommended to clean the teeth at the doctor once every six months, but by taking care of dental hygiene on a daily basis, it is possible to avoid caries and infections and maintain the whiteness of the teeth for a longer period.
Tooth root canal treatment
This procedure aims to treat the infection of the root canal of the tooth and prevents the patient from having to completely extract the tooth. Infection occurs as a result of bacteria reaching the inner nerve of the tooth due to tooth decay, leakage of some cosmetic fillings into the blood, or damage to the tooth.
The treatment stops the infection from spreading by removing bacteria from within the root canal system, then filling the canal and covering the tooth with cosmetic fillings or a laboratory-made crown. The procedure usually requires about two or three visits to the dentist, and the patient is subjected to the effect of local anesthesia during the procedure to ensure that he does not feel any pain.

Tips and instructions to be taken into account to maintain the health and beauty of teeth

There are some tips and instructions that the patient should follow after performing a dental cosmetic procedure, in order to ensure the desired results and maintain them for as long as possible.
Instructions to be observed by the patient immediately after cosmetic dental treatments:
Avoid eating immediately after the procedure, as you should wait for a specified period of time until the anesthesia is completely removed.
Avoid smoking immediately after the teeth whitening procedure, and wait for 48 hours.
Also, foods or drinks that cause spots and pigmentation should be avoided for 24 hours after completing the procedure.
Biting or chewing hard foods should be avoided for 24 hours after the dental filling procedure.
It is recommended to use ice packs on the cheeks in case you suffer from some swelling, as it reduces pain and helps to reduce swelling.
If your doctor prescribed some medications such as anti-inflammatories or analgesics, stick with them to help you recover quickly.
Avoid flossing your teeth for a week after you have dental implants, to avoid damaging your implants.
Stay away from alcoholic drinks for a week after you have dental implants.
If you have braces installed, you should stay away from eating hard or sticky foods, to avoid any damage to the braces.

General dental care tips:

Brush and paste your teeth regularly, to keep them safe.
Sterilize your teeth and gums with regular mouthwash.
Avoid excessive consumption of drinks and foods that contain large amounts of sugars, to avoid tooth decay.
Minimize foods and drinks that cause dark spots on the teeth.
Avoid biting or chewing food hard.
You should stay away from consuming solid foods, which may lead to damage to the teeth.
It is advised to avoid or reduce smoking and alcoholic beverages, as they cause discoloration in the teeth.
You should visit the dentist regularly to ensure the safety and health of your teeth periodically.

The cost of cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most important destinations around the world for various cosmetic dental procedures. It is famous for the quality of its medical and cosmetic services and its competitive prices compared to the prices of dental cosmetic services in the rest of the world, due to the low cost of living there and the nature of the Turkish currency, which faces a frequent decline in its value against the dollar .


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