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last update date : 2021-12-06

Obesity is one of the most important health challenges facing individuals and communities today. This is due to the significant changes in the nature of the diet, changing working systems, and reliance on office work. All this doubled the prevalence of obesity rates between 1980 and 2014, according to the World Health Organization.  

The negative effects of obesity on health are more than counted from increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes, affect movement and mobility as well as the significant impact on the patient's psychology and self-confidence. It was, therefore, important to look for effective and safe solutions to get rid of accumulated fat in the body and one of the most important and safest of these solutions is liposuction.

What is liposuction in Turkey?

It is a cosmetic procedure that aims to withdraw fat from the body using different techniques, especially hard fats that cannot be dissolved through sports or diets. This results in better body consistency and weight loss. 

Liposuction is mostly concentrated in areas where fat accumulates, such as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, and arms.  

Reasons for liposuction in Turkey

Liposuction is mainly intended for overweight people due to fat accumulation with the inability to get rid of these fats using traditional methods of exercise or diets, making liposuction the best solution. 

This process is also the best way to solve the problem of fat accumulation in specific areas of the body, where some want to reduce fat in certain areas without affecting the rest of the body to maintain the consistency of shape and agility of the body. 

Turkey is considered the most important center of cosmetic surgery in general and obesity treatment in particular, where there are medical centers equipped with the latest tools and techniques in addition to the long experience of doctors and specialists in this field. 

Types of liposuction in Turkey

Types of liposuction in Turkey

Like other cosmetic procedures, liposuction has witnessed a development in the techniques and mechanisms used, and here are the most important forms of procedure in Turkey: 

  • Liposuction by blowing and pulling: 

In this technique, the area of the operation is inflated by injecting it with a saline solution containing a local anesthetic and vessel contracting substance to facilitate suction. A tube attached to the suction device is used to withdraw accumulated fat in the body.

  • Laser liposuction: 

In this way, lasers are used to dissolve accumulated fat and facilitate suction. 

  • Vaser liposuction technique: 

It is the most advanced and effective technique compared to traditional methods, where ultrasonic waves move at a rate of 22 thousand rpm inside the body are used to break up the fat and this means great speed and effectiveness in crumbling deep fat.

Advantages of Liposuction in Turkey: 

Turkey has the latest liposuction technology that provides high security and efficiency in accumulated fat loss that is difficult to melt in the body. 

Compared to other surgical procedures for the treatment of obesity, liposuction is simple and does not involve significant risks. 

Recovery from the process does not take long, and if a healthy lifestyle and balanced food are maintained, the results of the operation can be maintained in the long run.

The drawbacks of liposuction in Turkey

Although liposuction is not an invasive procedure, there are some side effects and negatives that may occur with the operation, the most important of which are: 

  1. Complications of anesthesia such as numbness or bleeding after the operation. 

  2. Inflammation of the place of operation or the appearance of bruises or swelling as a result of fluid pooling. 

  3. Sagging the skin if the fat is removed inconsistently. 

  4. Allergic reactions to any substances used during the process. 

Is liposuction safe?  

Any operation is safer if the patient complies with the conditions of success of the operation, and in the case of liposuction, the success rate of the operation of up to 50% increases significantly in the case of patients who do not suffer from chronic health diseases such as heart disease or problems that can affect the functioning of the process such as clotting problems or taking blood thinners. 

It is therefore a safe procedure but at the same time not suitable for all patients, the competent doctor must take the patient's full history and check his or her health through the tests required to ensure that there are no serious complications. 

The side effects that may occur with the operation are mild as mentioned and disappear shortly after the operation is over. 

Tips after liposuction in Turkey

To ensure the best result required, there are some instructions to consider, the most important of which are: 

  • following doctor's instructions after the operation such as using bandages to relieve swelling, taking medications such as antibiotics and appropriate analgesics, excess fluids intake, avoiding strenuous activities or tired work during the first two weeks of the operation, and quitting smoking. 

  • Adherence to a healthy and balanced diet: The body's ability to accumulate fat is not affected by suction, so returning to a diet containing unhealthy fat leads to accumulation again and weight gain. A balanced diet depends on the availability of non-fatty protein sources as well as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains while moving away from saturated fats and processed sugars. 

  • Regular exercise: from light walking after the operation to adhering to an integrated and continuous sports program to avoid the return of fat accumulation, maintain body health, and prevent blood clots.

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