About the Moroccan content creator Assia Beauty

Assia is a content maker on the YouTube platform, a young Moroccan lady , born in the nineties, married and mother of a child, who has recently become famous for providing content that takes care of all women's concerns, from makeup, modern cooking recipes,  old and modern women's clothes, she also shares with her channel followers some routine household arrangements.

Assia also shares the daily routine and the various activities it does during the weekend and has a significant number of followers because it is a spontaneous, light-hearted and honest personality in providing content

Influencer Assia was summoned to many artistic and cultural events in Morocco. She also participated in some social events for the benefit of charitable organizations, which increased her popularity through social media.

Details of Asia's visit to Mira Clinic for Hollywood Smile

Assia got to know  Mira Clinic through the clinic’s official pages on social media, where it contacted many clinics, but in the end decided to contact the Mira Clinic because she saw the results of the operations in the attached pictures on the clinic’s official website and was convinced of the proficiency, professionalism and experience of the medical staff

Assia was contacted through Instagram, where she sent a set of photos to medical consultants about the condition of her teeth so that a preliminary report on the steps of the operation could be submitted. Coordination was also made with the doctor on the date of the operation, and the clinic’s administrative team also sent an official invitation to Assia via personal email

On the day of her arrival at the airport, Assia was received by the medical consultant and the personal driver of the clinic in order to transfer her to the 5-star hotel where she will spend her tourist stay during the period of installing the new teeth.

After , assia rested from the fatigue of travel, I left the hotel with the tourist help to tour and shop in the most famous tourist places in the center of Istanbul

The next day, Assia moved to the clinic, accompanied by the private driver, and a field visit was made to all departments of the clinic and the cosmetic services provided by the Mira Clinic, after which she met the chief physician, Dr. Yahya, who will perform the Hollywood Smile operation and gave her all the details and stages of the procedure. He also gave her a set of advice that must be taken into account before and after the operation

Upon completion of the interview, Assia was transferred to the laboratory for analysis and radiology in order to conduct assessments and ensure the readiness of the candidate to enter the operating room

Assia was not subjected to any kind of psychological pressure or fear, on the contrary, she seemed very reassuring and in a calm psychological state, and this is due to the experience of the staff supervising the clinic, who made efforts to put Assia in the best psychological condition

The operation went smoothly, and everything was as planned by the doctor. At the end of the operation, Assia obtained a bright smile, full of confidence and beauty, and Assia felt a kind of self-confidence after obtaining the result that she wanted without any pain.

Dealing with the staff was very sophisticated and the services are very good. I recommend Mira Clinic because it has great credibility and the photos of customers before and after are the biggest evidence of professionalism

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