A Brief biography of the famous Algerian actress Bouchra okbi

Algerian actress, born in Algiers on April 21, 1985. She is one of the stars of Algerian drama who has shone in a short time both as an actress and a model. As for dramas, Bushra has recorded distinguished participations in both the series Black Spring in 2005, and before him the unknown in 2002, then she also participated in the Algerian Syrian series When Morals Revolt in 2008, and from 2008 to 2011, she distinguished herself by the role of Sarah in the hit sitcom Jami Family. On the cinema side, she participated in the film "Aqbeer" by Elias Salem in 2004, and in the film "Maqariat in Dowarna" in 2007. She won the Golden Fenak Award for best supporting female role thanks to her participation in the series Life Spiral

Bochra okbi is characterized by an attractive charisma and a very fun personality, which has made her quite a large fan base on social networking sites.

Details of Bochra Okbi's visit to Mira Clinic

Many celebrities have been talking about Mira Clinic recently via social media platforms, which prompted the actress to go to the clinic's official website on the internet and find all the cosmetic services for hair, body, and hair. teeth. She therefore wanted to know more about the details of these procedures.

Bochra Okbi reached out to special staff to address customer and customer service concerns and asked them a few questions related to hair and Botox injections. She expressed her admiration for the prices offered by the clinic. Coordination has been made to set a future date. The Istanbul clinic to do Botox injections and take care of your hair thanks to the injection of nourishing plasma

As soon as she arrived in Turkey, and exactly at Istanbul airport, the team in charge of the clinic sent a special driver to transport the actress from the international airport to the 5-star hotel in the most beautiful areas. Europeans from Istanbul, where Bochra will be staying during the period of her plastic surgery.

Upon arrival at the hotel, the actress rested from the troubles of the trip, then she was transferred to the headquarters of the clinic by a private driver, where she made an exploratory visit to all the branches of the clinic and was very pleased with the reception.

The actress also talked during her visit to the clinic with the plastic surgeon about the details of the operations she is going to perform, and the doctor explained to her many points regarding the operations and the instructions to follow before and after the procedure Intervention. The medical staff also carried out medical analyzes to ensure the safety of the operation

After completing the clinic tour and setting the official date for the operations, the artist moved to the center of Istanbul and visited a group of tourist areas and took many photos and souvenirs.

The next day, Bochra again came to the clinic in order to perform the agreed operations, and the actress was in a good psychological state, and this is of course thanks to the efforts made by the team of the Mira clinic in order to put the client in his best psychological and physical condition

The treating doctor carried out the operations in the best of circumstances, and everything went well, and finally, the artist said he was very satisfied with the services, in particular the professionalism of the medical staff who watch over the clinic.

The clinic is at the top of professionalism and the doctor is very respectful and I advise anyone who supports high level cosmetic operations to visit Mira Clinic

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