Biography of Cheb Faudel: 

Cheb Fadil Belloua, one of the most prominent artists in the western Arab countries and France, is a multinational artist who, in addition to his Algerian origins, was born and raised around the French capital Paris. Also, he holds Moroccan nationality.

Cheb Faudel began his career by focusing on presenting distinctive rai songs. The artist has released many successful albums that have been broadcast on French channels and radio. His songs have also been nominated for several important art awards. However, the artist did not stop at his success in the field of singing, as he turned to the art of acting and played many successful roles in both French and Arab dramas.

Details of Cheb Faudel 's visit to Mira Clinic: 

After communicating with many celebrities who chose Mira Clinic to perform the necessary cosmetic care, and seeing satisfactory results, Cheb Faudel took the courage to come to the clinic and have a hair transplant in Turkey. Upon arrival at the airport, Cheb Faudel was received, welcomed, and delivered to the hotel to take a break before starting the cosmetic procedures. 
Cheb Faudel did not deny his fear of doing hair transplantation in Turkey, but he was reassured after seeing the high professionalism of the staff of the Mira Clinic. After communicating with the specialists, all the steps of the procedure were clarified and the Cheb Faudel was prepared for the expected results. To better show the results, a special photo session was conducted for Cheb Faudel before and after the operation.

Cheb Faudel, who seemed worried before the start of the operation, showed signs of reassurance and confidence after seeing the initial results and communicating with the medical team with ease and professionalism. Cheb Faudel expressed satisfaction with the results and encouraged those who want to receive distinguished medical service to visit Mira Clinic. The artist confirmed that he did not regret the experience and that he would like to return to the clinic in the future to have various cosmetic procedures. 

After the satisfactory results obtained by Cheb Faudel, he decided to continue his journey at Mira Clinic, but this time in the Department of Cosmetic Dentistry. He performed a successful teeth whitening. At the end of his visit, Cheb Faudel thanked all the staff working at Mira Clinic for their high professionalism and good handling.

I would like to thank all the staff working at the Mira Clinic for their great professionalism and good care.

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