About the life of Moroccan singer Jamila El-Badawi

 Jamila El-Badawi, born October 15, 1988, is a Moroccan singer living in the United Arab Emirates. Her artistic debut began when she participated in the 2010 Star of the Gulf program, where she won an advanced rank, but did not win the title, to present a number of singles, the first of which was in June 2012 with a video clip called "Ya Woe Hali", followed by several participations in Gulf sessions, the most important of which is "Galasat Wa Nasa" During which she presented two songs, namely, the song "Muteem" by the artist Karama Mersal and the song "Tani Waror" from Iraqi folklore. The song - "Blash Blush" - which she performed in 2015 got the highest female viewership in the Middle East on YouTube, with more than 187 million views in October 2013 Jamila released a video clip - They Say They Say - and she also participated in the Seventh Camel Festival in Morocco in the same year, and in 2018, Jamila released her first album, titled An Iron Girl, produced by Platinum Records, which achieved wide success in the Middle East, the Gulf and the Maghreb, and in The month of 9th of the year 2019 Jamila announced on her accounts on her social media that she joined the MBC group in the “Happy Hour” program on MBC5 with Abdel Fattah Al-Jarini.

One of her most important works


• Dumdome

• dire qu'ils disent

• Akrimni beskoutak 

• Ya wil?

Details of the visit of the singer Jamila Al-Badawi to the Mira Clinic clinic

 There is no doubt that it has become very fashionable that plastic surgeries are of interest to the most famous segments because they need a decent and distinctive view in front of the eyes of fans.

Singer Jamila El-Badawy recently wanted to take care of her teeth and give her smile a new glow.

Jamila contacted the clinic via WhatsApp to the clinic’s advisory staff in order to answer some of the concerns that you want to inquire about, and indeed she was contacted and given a sufficient amount of information about the details of the teeth whitening and laser cleaning process

After that, the artist decided to take a medical tourism trip to one of the most prestigious cosmetic clinics in Turkey, Mira Clinic, and a deadline was set in coordination with the administrative assistants in charge of the clinic.

Immediately upon the arrival of the artist Jamila to Istanbul International Airport, she was received by the clinic's driver, and she was transferred in a luxurious and comfortable car to the hotel where she will spend her stay during the operation.

During her arrival at the hotel, Jamila took a rest from the fatigue of traveling, which lasted for about 3 hours, and then went out for a tour of the most beautiful and popular Istanbul tourist areas. She also took many photos and memories.

The next day, the artist moved to the clinic's headquarters, accompanied by her medical advisor and the clinic's driver, to conduct a preliminary examination and make the necessary rumors and analyzes before going into the operation

I also spoke at length with the specialist who will be in charge of performing the teeth whitening process, where he gave her a number of tips and instructions about the progress of the process, as well as telling her the tips and instructions to be followed after the completion of the process

After the x-rays and the results of the analysis were out, the doctor started the operation comfortably, and the actress was not exposed to any kind of pain or fear because the medical staff tried as much as possible to reassure her and put her in a good psychological condition before the operation

At the end of the procedure, the artist was surprised by the size of the difference in the whiteness and quality of the teeth compared to what it was before, and she expressed great admiration for the technical equipment and cadres.

The artist left the clinic, confident in herself, and proud of the result she obtained, and assured the medical staff that she had received services at the required level.

I had the great honor to get acquainted with Mira Clinic, especially the medical staff, who were very professional and provided me with a lot of information

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