A Brief Biography of Academy Star Artist Karima Gouit

Karima Ghaith, born March 1, 1992, is a Moroccan singer, model and actress. She was born in the city of Marrakech in southern Morocco. She started her career as a model and gained great fame during her participation in the eighth season. from Star Academy 2011 and released from the sixth prime. In addition to the sixth season of the Turkish version of The Voice (2016), where she was part of Murat Boz's team and left the stage of live shows.

She has also participated in numerous television and film works, including:

• Life Accessories Series

• Film The Gospel of John

• movie 30 million

The Moroccan singer Karima is very popular with the Moroccan people not only for her talent and her beauty, but also for her very respectful personality, her spontaneity and her humility with the public who follow her through social networks.

Details of Karima Gouit's visit to Mira Clinic

Like all models around the world, they all want to have permanent beauty, especially their teeth and hair.

What prompted the artist, Karima, to communicate with the Mira clinic through the official sites on social networks, in order to make Hollywood smile and take care of the teeth

Karima contacted the clinic's customer service to get more details about the operation, so the team of medical advisors coordinated and communicated with Karima and sent them photos of the current condition of his teeth so that the medical staff can determine the nature of the procedure and also in order to carry out an initial examination

Then, after agreeing to perform the operation, the official invitation was sent from the clinic to the artist, Karima, to come to Istanbul in an official visit

After about 3 hours of travel, Karima arrived at Istanbul International Airport, where the clinic driver was waiting for her.

After the break in the trip and the next day, the artist was transferred to the clinic in order to carry out the first examinations and to be able to talk closely with the doctor who will carry out the operation and important details that must be known by Karima

Subsequently, Karima underwent a panoramic X-ray to ensure the safety of the upper and lower jaws in order to properly place the new implants, as well as a blood sample for simple analyzes related to the intervention.

After confirming the safety of the jaws and the appearance of the x-ray results, the process of attaching dental implants to Hollywood Smile was started.

Karima suffered no pain during all phases of the operation, which made her psychologically comfortable, and she was not scared at all.

After the operation was completely completed, the artist, Karima, noticed that there had been a significant change in the quality of the teeth, as well as the degree of whiteness, and she seemed very pleased with the result 

Before leaving the clinic, the doctor who performed the operation presented a treatment program including all the post-operative requirements to better care for the new smile and achieve a permanent and satisfactory long-term result.


The professionalism of the medical staff is great, the technical equipment is very advanced, as well as the spontaneity enjoyed by the doctors and their mastery of several languages, which has greatly facilitated the communication process

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