About the talented Algerian artist and Star Academy star Kenza Morsli

Kenza, born on July 27, in Algeria, is a young woman full of talent, and her mother has done a lot to support her and develop her talent from a young age, but her passion for art has not helped her. prevented from continuing her studies and obtaining a degree in media and communication sciences, specializing in audiovisual at the University of Algiers, and she is still pursuing her university course.

The first appearance of the artist took place in the Algerian talent program "Al-Han" and Shabab, then she took part in the Algerian series "We lived and we saw", and in order to show her talent in national and nuanced art. stage, she participated in the tenth edition of the Star Academy program. The heart of the public around the world, because she was the first student to enter the global trend on Twitter, in addition to receiving the encouragement of the most important Arab artists with whom she sang on stage, such as Sherine Abdel Wahab, Carole Samaha, Haifa Wehbe and Nawal Al Zoghbi, and presented the most beautiful exhibition panels on The Kenza Theater stood out for its brilliance in the presentation of songs of the late art icon Warda Al-Jazaeryah and her desire to make people discover Algerian art and heritage by presenting many songs, whether in sessions on social networks or on TV shows.

One of his most important works

 "Semi-nostalgia" "Queen of Sheba" "She was Baina"

In addition to his participation in many dramas like those days. Status of people

Kenza has won numerous local and international awards during her career

2015 Prize for the best Arabic voice at the Buzz Land contest in France

2nd place at the Shorty Awards in America

Best Young Artist Award at Asrar magazine competition for two consecutive years 2014 and 2015 in Jordan

Best New Artist in Saudi Arabia's Rogue Magazine Contest

The best artistic personality in the poll of the show accused on the LBC channel in Lebanon

First place in the list of the most popular Arab artists on Twitter, according to Arab Nights in Lebanon

Honored at the Arab Tourism Festival in Egypt

The Shield of Excellence at the award-winning Constantine Film Festival, Capital of Arab Culture for 2015 in Algeria

Best New Artist in Lebanon Contest in Lebanon

Details of Kenza Morsli's visit to Mira Clinic

Watching the clinic's official announcements on social media pages, Kenza communicated with staff responsible for addressing customer concerns, and all of her questions regarding the teeth whitening and cleaning process were answered.

After that, coordination and planning was done to visit Kenza Turkey in order to perform the operation. She was received at Istanbul airport by the clinic driver, and she was taken to the hotel where she will be staying during the period of the operation, which is located in one of the most Istanbul's prestigious

After being relieved of the trouble of traveling the next day, Kenza went to the field at the clinic in order to speak with the doctor who will carry out the teeth whitening process, and it was agreed on all the steps by which the process would pass.

After completing this, the artist toured all the departments of the clinic and was very impressed with the human and technical capabilities of the clinic, and she seemed reassured and morally ready

The day after the visit, the X-rays and medical tests necessary for the operation were carried out, and in the end, Kenza entered the operating room and everything went well because she did not feel any pain. nor fear.

At the end of the operation, the artist was very satisfied with the final result of her dental condition and thanked all the medical staff of the Mira clinic, who showed great professionalism in their work, especially in terms of treatment as well as modern medical equipment.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Kanza prescribed a set of medications, along with instructions to follow after the whitening and cleansing process she underwent.

*** I did dental cleaning before, which was very painful, but at Mira clinic, I didn't feel any pain. The doctor was very gentle, and I advise everyone to come to this clinic because the medical staff is very respectful and professional. good

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