A Brief biography of the famous Algerian actress, Khadija Meziani

Khadija Meziani is considered one of the pillars of Algerian theatre, a creative and talented artist who has embodied many different personalities and roles in major dramatic and cinematographic works during her artistic career. Something that opened doors for him to go through other experiences and various roles in several works, the latest of which is the "Akbadouna" series, which was broadcast in the month of Ramadan.

The competent artist, Khadija Meziani, has a very strong personality and attractive charisma, and she is very popular among Algerian and Arab audiences. She loves theatrical arts, travel, new experiences and adventures. She also appreciates the spirit of humanity, as she has undertaken numerous initiatives for the benefit of national and international associations.

Actress Khadija Meziani has received numerous awards and distinctions at national and international events and festivals, thanks to her professional work and great talent in the field of comedy.

Details of actress Khadija Meziani's visit to MIRA CLINIC after performing Blepharoplasty

The artist, Khadija, came to know about the clinic through Mira Clinic advertisements on social media, where she was contacted by the clinic's sales staff, and any concerns she wanted to know about the operation have been answered.

The date of the operation was fixed in coordination with the medical staff and assistants, and the artist was received at Turkey-Istanbul International Airport in a private car belonging to the clinic and drove her to the hotel where she will be staying during the operation.

After arriving at the hotel, the artist relieved of the trouble of travelling, and the next day she was taken to the clinic to meet the doctor to provide him with more details of the eyelid lift operation and the most important stages of the operation. In addition, the deadline for the operation was agreed.

During the day of the operation, the artist, Khadija, was psychologically comfortable and did not feel any pressure or fear, thanks to the efforts of the medical staff, who tried as much as possible to put the artist in absolute comfort.

After undergoing the operation, which went well, she was escorted to the hotel until there were no more side effects from the anesthesia process.

The end result of the operation was very beautiful and added a nice glow to the artist's face and I was very impressed with her new look, especially since she hasn't been exposed to a lot of pain After about 24 hours, the artist came out of the post -operative period and went out with her friends to visit the most important tourist areas of Istanbul Before leaving, the doctor presented her with a prescription for all the medicines you need might need after the operation

The artist expressed great admiration for the level of medical services and modern equipment of the Mira clinic, especially the professionalism of all the medical staff who always strive to provide the best and best services to the clients of the clinic .

I didn't really expect to go shopping with friends after the operation, and I'm very happy with the end result and if I have to come back, I won't think much and I advise everyone to visit the clinic because it has all the cosmetic procedures

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