About the life of Moroccan comedian and singer Mehdi Chehab

Mehdi Chehab, born in 1990 in Morocco, is a talented young Moroccan man who enjoys great popularity and notoriety in Moroccan artistic circles, particularly in the field of singing and comedy. He was very close to the Moroccan comedian Djamel Debouz is considered a friend of Mehdi and he had great credit for discovering the many talents that Mehdi possesses

Mahdi is also considered as one of the significant content creators on the YouTube platform, and he shares many of his works and cultural activities with the followers of his official channel, and thanks to his friendly personality and talent for making laugh people, Mahdi was able to get a significant number of followers for his works

Comedian Mehdi has made several tours outside Morocco, as well as performing very successful monologues and concerts, adding a lot to his artistic career.

Details of Artist Mahdi's Visit to Mira Clinic

Recently, Mira Clinic has gained great fame in the Magreb region, especially in the field of dental implants and plastic surgery in general, and many celebrities have come to Turkey to perform cosmetic procedures on the one hand and visit the most important tourist attraction in Turkey.

Artist Mahdi contacted the official account of the clinic Mira Clinic, and this in order to inquire about the details of the cosmetic dental operations, and all his concerns were answered by the medical advisers of the clinic, and an official appointment was fixed for a whitening session and dental work as it meant problems with the structure of the lower molars

After ensuring that Mehdi is a suitable candidate to perform this type of operation, an official medical invitation was sent by the clinic to come in an official visit to Mira Clinic in Istanbul.

After preparing all travel conditions, and as soon as artist Mahdi arrived at Istanbul International Airport, the team supervising the clinic sent a special passenger car to receive and transfer him from the airport at the hotel in which he will be staying during the operating period.

Arriving at the hotel, located in the most prestigious areas of Istanbul, Mahdi got rid of the worries of the trip a little, then went on an exploratory and touristic tour of Istanbul, accompanied by the tourist agents of the clinic.

The next day, the artist was escorted out of the hotel, the headquarters of the clinic, in order to discover the most important health facilities and equipment available to the clinic, as well as to carry out a preliminary examination of the dental condition. of Mahdi.

A panoramic X-ray was taken for Mahdi to ensure the safety of the lower and upper jaws, as well as simple scans needed for the operation.

At the end of the operation, the artist Mahdi was very satisfied with the final result he obtained, especially that he did not feel any kind of pain that usually accompanies the dental cleaning procedure, and this is thanks to the efforts deployed by the clinic in order to satisfy customers as much as possible and put them in the best conditions

Before artist Mahdi left the clinic, he thanked all the vigilant medical staff at the clinic, and he seemed very proud of the visit and pleased with the bright smile he got.

Medical staff and equipment owned by the clinic are very professional and I am very satisfied with the end result and advise everyone to get their teeth treated at Mira Clinic

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