About the Moroccan composer and singer Mohamed Al-Rifai

The artist, Mohamed Al-Rifai, a young man of Moroccan origin in his thirties, has long mastered composition and singing, as he has worked with many famous Moroccan and Arab artistic faces of the artistic scene, such as the talented singer with a wonderful voice, Hind Sedassi, and thanks to her work with this singer, her fame grew and supported her artistic career. He has a huge fan base on social media

Composer Mohammed Al-Rifai shares a wide range of artistic achievements that he performs on various social networks, especially on Instagram and YouTube, which has enriched his artistic career and made it more professional.

And let's not forget that the composer and singer has undertaken many humanitarian initiatives for the benefit of charitable societies and is famous for his high morals and spontaneous treatment with fans who love his prestigious works.

Details of composer Mohamed Al-Rifai's visit to Mira Clinic

Artist Mohammed suffered from some minor problems with his hair and teeth, so he decided to come to Mira Clinic, which he got to know through the clinic's official website on the Internet.

Composer Muhammad contacted customer service to address customer concerns and to address any concerns, he sent photos of the current condition of his teeth and hair donor area to the team. As well as fill the capillary deficit by performing a transplant of certain follicles

Upon the artist's arrival in Turkey, exactly at Istanbul International Airport, the clinic sent a personal driver in a luxury passenger car to transfer him from the airport to the 5-star hotel, where he will rest from the troubles of travel and stay. during the period in which he will carry out the agreed operations

After the break in the trip, the artist wanted to take a tour of the most important tourist areas of Istanbul, where he was accompanied by one of the tourist agents affiliated with the Mira clinic, and the artist spent a great time and took many souvenir photos. In the city of Istanbul.

Then, on the second day of the visit, the artist Mohammed went to the headquarters of the Mira clinic to familiarize himself with the health facilities in which the clinic is located, as well as to talk to the doctor of cosmetic dentistry. And the doctor who will perform the hair transplant operation for him During this visit, a program for the start of the operations was established. Information and guidelines to be followed to obtain good and healthy results were also provided. durable

A blood sample was also taken to carry out the medical analyzes necessary for this type of cosmetic intervention.

On the day of the procedure, the artist returned to the clinic to begin the hair transplant process, then moved on to cleaning his teeth and taking care of the problems he previously suffered from, and everything went well and the artist had not felt any pain or fear before the operation, and this is due to the nature of his professionalism of the medical staff of the clinic on the one hand and the modern equipment belonging to the clinic on the other hand

In the end, when the artist saw the final result of the teeth and hair, he seemed very impressed with the new smile and the quality of health care he received at the clinic.

Mira Clinic is one of the best clinics in Istanbul and has great experience and professionalism in the field of plastic surgery of all kinds, especially hair and teeth, and I recommend it to everyone

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