Monia Hilali

Monia Hilali

Who is Monia Hilali: 

Monia Hilali is one of the most prominent influencers on social media, especially on YouTube and Instagram. Monia is an Algerian lady currently living in Sweden.

She is married and a mother in addition to her public activism and appearance on social media. Monia creates attractive content through spontaneous encounters on the Swedish street that she posts on her YouTube channel. She also publishes excerpts from her personal life and issues of interest to women, especially in the fields of fashion and marketing. Monia Hilali is one of the most famous Arab YouTubers who provide meaningful content and share with her audience her beneficial life experiences.

Details of Monia Hilali's visit to Mira Clinic:

After many celebrities visited Mira Clinic, Monia Hilali chose to go through the experience herself and check the high professionalism she had heard about. Monia began her medical journey with us at Mira Clinic to get the perfect Hollywood smile. Monia Hilali had a reception at the airport upon arrival and was taken to a five-star hotel to get enough rest before starting her journey to the clinic. 
Monia was then taken to Mira Clinic via a private driver and a comfortable car to take an introductory tour to discover the services provided by our clinic and talk directly with the specialized doctors where she will ask her questions and share her concerns. 
In the Department of Cosmetic Dentistry, Monia Hilali verified the nature of the results she could get by viewing the final smile photos of former clients. For a comprehensive diagnostic process, Munia performed a panoramic dental image. After agreeing on the treatment plan with Dr. Yahya, Monia began the journey of making the perfect Hollywood smile with a distinguished medical staff with a high level of specialization and perfection. 

To illustrate the difference in the shape of the teeth before and after the procedure, a special photo session was conducted for Monia before and after starting the practical steps. Monia Hilali's teeth have been prepared in order for the aesthetic dental crowns to fit in. After getting a Hollywood smile, Monia praised the level of confidence and reassurance she felt inside the clinic as well as the satisfactory result she received.

After Monia's positive experience at the dental clinic, the Algerian girl chose to have breast surgery at Mira Clinic as well. Although she was worried at first, she was reassured after talking to the specialist. The operation was successfully performed and Monia got exactly the results she wanted. Monia also recommended that her followers and those interested in dental treatment and cosmetic procedures visit Mira Clinic in Turkey. 

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At first, I was a little apprehensive about the operation, but thanks to the high experience of the medical staff, everything went well and I am proud of the results
Monia Hilali
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