Overview About the life of the famous content creator

A creative YouTube of Moroccan origin; a very kind personality and a popular influencer in Morocco known for her generosity and her spontaneous personality and her good way of life and way of seeing things.

She shares on Instagram and Facebook social networks all these daily activities and the routine with her husband and her children and her small close community.

Naziha have an e-commerce ready-to-wear and women's accessory store for two years and thanks to her good management and her good commercial reputation she has been able to establish a very good friendly and professional relationship between her and her fans and she has carried out many positive humanitarian initiatives to help people with limited means to integrate into society

Naziha channel's visit to mira istanbul 

Naziha visited our clinic Mira CLINIC recently after seeing an advertisement on Facebook and she decided to do a new Hollywood smile placement operation and she was very well received by our clinic team

She was accompanied by a personal driver whom he drove from the airport to the hotel in suite from the hotel to the clinic after that doctor YAHIA the head of the surgeon doctor began to make him a primary assessment before accessing the operation to determine the total number of implants needed

The day of the Naziha operation did not have enough stress because our experienced staff tried to de-stress our client and reassure her as much as possible.

At the end of the intervention our client Naziha was surprised by the magnificent results of her new smile and the difference was remarkable and she was very satisfied with the final rendering because she had not felt pain postoperative, and everything was perfectly unfolded

The following day Naziha returned to the clinic to perform a post-operative medical check-up to reassure herself that the entire Hollywood smile placement procedure was perfect and without the slightest complication and subsequently the attending physician registered her with the necessary medications for this. type of oral surgery

The team is professional, And I advise all the girls who want to do a Hollywood smile to come to mira clinic for a very professional job and the result is magnificent I am very satisfied with the result, and I did not expect it

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