About the life of the talented Moroccan actor Rabii Skali

The actor and famous Instagram, Rabie participated in acting in 2014 AD in the series “Our History Our Pride” which was shown on Midi 1 TV and then stopped acting for a while. And comedy videos on Instagram, where the number of followers on Instagram reached 617 thousand followers

As for Nada, she is also a Moroccan journalist and actress, and she is considered a close colleague of Rabie, and they have collected several humorous and television works that were shown on Moroccan channels, such as her participation in the television production - The Past Cannot Be Missed - which achieved great popularity in the Moroccan media scene.

Both friends also share different content on social media platforms, especially on the Instagram account, and they have a large fan base because they have fun personalities and provide meaningful content as well.

Details of the visit of the two friends, Rabii and Nada, to Mira Clinic

The two friends knew Mira Clinic through social networking sites and were impressed by the cosmetic services provided by the clinic and wanted to visit it in Istanbul in order to obtain more accurate information about what operations they want to perform

Through the contact center and customer service agents, contact was made with Rabie and Nada, and the official invitation was sent from the clinic, and an official date was set to come to Istanbul

Upon their arrival at the international airport of Istanbul, they were escorted by the clinic's driver and transferred to the 5-star hotel, which is located in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Istanbul, in order to have a rest after traveling

On the next day, the two friends were taken to the clinic’s headquarters, where the official meeting took place with the specialist doctor. They presented him with a set of inquiries about the process of teeth whitening and hair transplantation. They obtained the necessary answers. They also conducted a preliminary examination so that the stages of the operations they wanted to perform could be well planned.

Rabea was very interested in the process of whitening and cleaning the teeth with laser beams. As for Nada, she spoke with a plastic surgeon about a facial plastic surgery. Actress Nada was very impressed with the modern technologies owned by the clinic, as well as the professional team of doctors and experts in the field for more than 9 years, which gave Rabea reassurance dew

Rabea performed a laser dental cleaning and whitening, and the result was amazing, without any kind of pain

At the end of the visit, a comprehensive overview was taken of all the details that should be known before undergoing the operations, and the medical team directed them towards the optimal option to obtain the ideal result.

Then the actors made tours in the most important tourist areas, accompanied by the channel's tourist assistance

The Mira Clinic team is very professional and they treated us as if we were part of the medical family of Mira Clinic and I advise everyone to visit it

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