About the life of the famous content creator Samia CH

Samia Chaouia is an Algerian content creator, exactly from the capital of Aures, Batna, eastern Algeria, married and mother of three children, and she has been residing in France for 16 years

Samia is considered one of the most famous influencers on social networking sites, especially on YouTube and Instagram, where she publishes content related to presenting modern and traditional food recipes. Family problems and how to deal with them based on their own experience

She is considered a very funny personality, and the thing that has increased her popularity on social media is the spontaneous spirit that she enjoys, as she behaves completely on her nature.

One of the most important things that Samia loves is traveling and discovering new cultures, especially in the field of modern and traditional cooking and other popular dishes.

Samia CH visit at Mira Clinic

For a long time, Samia has been suffering from many dental problems, and this is of course caused by age and the effects of pregnancy and postpartum. After she saw the official announcement of the Mira Clinic company and the cosmetic services it provides, she decided to put a final solution to her dental problem.

Samia contacted one of the clinic’s sales representatives via WhatsApp and raised the problems she was experiencing, and in coordination with the staff in charge of communicating and assisting customers, a trip to Turkey was arranged to perform the Hollywood Smile procedure and place new dental implants to permanently get rid of her dental problem

The official medical invitation was sent to Samia and she came to Istanbul and she was received at the international airport in the best way. The clinic driver transferred her from the airport to the hotel where she will stay during the operation period.

After arriving at the hotel, which is located in one of the most prestigious European neighborhoods of Istanbul, Samia took a rest after the trouble of traveling.

Then, on the second day of her arrival, she was taken from the hotel to the Mira Clinic clinic in order to coordinate with the doctor who will supervise the Hollywood Smile procedure, where the final number of dental implants that will be implanted was determined. Medical x-rays to ensure the safety of the lower and upper jaw, as well as the condition of the teeth

The operation took place in the best case, and 4 new dental implants were placed without feeling any pain, which gave a beautiful shape to Samia's new smile, and she was very happy after seeing the final result and the difference between the previous case of the teeth and the new case

Finally, and on the next day, Samia made an appointment with the doctor in order to give her advice to follow after this type of operation. He also prescribed a group of medicines to help relieve the pain after the operation. In the end, Samia returned to her family in a beautiful outfit. beautiful smile



We thank Dr. Yehia and advise people who have dental problems to visit Mira clinic in Turkey, and I consider it the best clinic in Istanbul, knowing that I have been living in France for 16 years, especially in terms of fear and pain, I was very reassured
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