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There are many and different non-surgical techniques for tightening and beautifying the face by local methods, and it is summarized by injection if we are talking about masking wrinkles such as filler or botox needles or self-fat injection There is also a French / gold thread face lift technique to tighten very light sagging at the level of the face or neck As for skin treatments, they also differ according to the nature of the particular skin of each patient, we mention them HYFO - SCARLET - HAYDROFACIAL - Peeling… It is worth noting that all non-surgical topical treatments do not include permanent results for patients. Rather, they are multi-session and are determined with the plastic surgeon upon eye inspection.

In the first place, it is to provide high blood supply to the injected area, which is the first food for the implanted follicles, in addition to stimulating the nourishing collagen that supports the growth of the follicles

The Hollywood Smile, of course, is a non-surgical medical procedure that is done through local anesthesia with the dentist, but in the event that dental implants are needed to compensate for the patient’s loss of teeth, then surgery should be performed at the gum level to make dental implants.

In the event that the patient does not require dental implants, the patient's presence for one week is sufficient to complete the entire treatment.

The results of hair transplantation appear gradually during one year after the procedure, typically getting full results at the end of the year. In the first three months, the transplanted hair will fall out, which is completely normal. Since the transplanted follicles go through a new life cycle after the operation, they are exposed to falling out, to enhance new and permanent hair to grow again.

Yes, the follicles are extracted and implanted with the very accurate DHI technology, which ensures the identification of hair lines with infinite accuracy, so that the single-hair follicles are chosen in drawing the borders of the beard or the borders of the eyebrows to give a natural appearance

In Mira Clinic, the original German dental implants from the Biotec brand are used, which are distinguished by high quality in terms of stability in the jaw bone in addition to the possible connection between the implant and its attachments and the tooth crown, whose medical guarantee is recognized in all branches and agencies of the Biotec brand in the world. As for the dental crowns brand, there are two main types used for crowns, namely: Zircon, from the German IVOCLAR brand, which is characterized by a high-level treatment of natural zircon metal to be suitable for dental medical uses in terms of strength, pressure and vitality with respect to the degree of whiteness. And the second type of crowns is for the E Max brand, which is characterized by high vitality to the degree of whiteness of the teeth and very close to the natural vitality of teeth.

It is true that the eyelid lift operation, whether upper or lower, is a simple superficial surgery during which the surgeon removes the skin appendices by a simple surgical method and withdraws the fat under the eye at the lower eyelid also by local surgical methods.

Of course, dental implants are performed under the influence of local anesthesia in the dental clinic, and it is considered a shallow, shallow periodontal surgery

Rhinoplasty is generally divided into two types The simple cosmetic type is through the reduction and coordination of the nasal openings through the plastic surgeon according to the proportions and golden standards of the face The complex type associated with a warp in the nasal cartilage or a previous failed case. Here, the plastic surgeon performs the functional work to treat cartilage problems inside the nose and solve the respiratory problems and the associated deviation in the nasal septum and also then perform a cosmetic treatment in the same procedure

Yes, the patient is given a certificate of guarantee for the hair transplant results as well. The hair is permanent because the hair follicles, which are extracted from the donor area, have the same original hair’s properties. Therefore when they are implanted in the baldness area, they maintain the same properties.

The cost is determined according to the number of teeth that need to be applied according to the number of implants required in case there is a loss. Therefore, diagnostic images are requested by the medical consultant to review the case and determine the medical diagnosis for each patient in terms of the number of implants, the number of crowns and the cost estimate for the patient with a detailed explanation of the services provided Before clinic.

There are many ways to perform rhinoplasty according to the desired shape, there are those who want to reduce the nose and there are those who suffer from a protrusion in the rabbit and there are others who suffer from the small size of the nose, but in general the rhinoplasty operations are done either depending on the closed rhinoplasty, those that do not It leaves any scars on the outside of the nose and maintains the integrity of the respiratory function, or the Open Rhinoplasty, and sometimes produces negative results.

In recent times, breast augmentation with silicone implants is no longer considered a dangerous operation, on the contrary, international brands have been licensed to manufacture medical silicone implants by the FDA, such as silicone, MENTOR-MOTIVA, and used by the Mira Clinic. These medicinal products guarantee the general safety of the patient, as well as safety and durability.

The Mira clinic relies on the best Swiss and German dental materials recommended by doctors around the world, and it provides veneer scales, a fixture, zircon and porcelain, and the most suitable type is determined according to the condition of the teeth of the next person on a Hollywood smil procedure, where a dentist specialist in the Mira clinic will help you choose the most suitable type for your condition And in all stages to ensure that the desired results are completely obtained.

There is no permanent cosmetic solution for the nose without surgery at the level of the nose. There are non-surgical cosmetic techniques for the nose, such as lasers, to order nasal warming, and it is a process that is closer to occupational therapy, and there is a technique for injection of fillers, but it cannot be sustainable solutions, so plastic surgeons resort to a surgical solution to ensure a permanent result for patients.

In Mira Clinic, a complete medical guarantee is provided for the dental materials that have been used for the patient, whether at the level of implants or crowns used, accompanied by the names of international brands and the symbol for each Barcode implant. The patient can view the samples and clips in the clinic of the implants and crowns that are used

The Mira clinic guarantees that you get the best results, because the medical specialist follows you for a full year to make sure you get the desired results, because the most important thing that distinguishes the Mira clinic is the trust of its patients, because we work to build relationships that last for years and our medical staff is committed to conducting any process patch on event. A medical error occurred in the operation free of charge during the first year from the date of the transaction.

Hair transplantation can be carried out in five basic stages: Preparation stage – in this stage, necessary medical examinations are performed, the patient is clinically examined by the doctor, the follicles are examined, the head is shaved and the forehead line is drawn according to the standards of the World Health Organization. Anesthesia stage - in which the patient receives local anesthesia. In the follicles extraction stage, the follicles are picked from the donor area, (the back of the scalp) through a medical device with a very fine head called (Micromotor) Sorting and preservation stage, through this stage, the grafts are sorted by the number of follicles, single, double, and triple follicle grafts. Then, the extracted grafts are preserved in a saline solution. Opening the channels: the channels are opened in the balding areas, and here the transplantation is carried out by two different techniques: Sapphire pens which are based on (FUE) technique Choi pens which are (DHI) technique

A surgical incision is made under the chest area and silicone implants are inserted from the back of the chest muscle / in most cases / after which a cosmetic suture is made in the hidden area under the breast crease while maintaining the normal shape and position of the nipple. The operation takes place under general anesthesia and lasts for four hours, including the period of anesthesia and recovery.

As we mentioned above, Vaser liposuction is not considered a surgical procedure, but the patient can practice his normal life upon his return to his place of residence - that is, after one week - this is if the administrative nature of the work does not require physical exertion .. If the work is related to physical exertion, the patient is advised to take a break. A period of 45 days to conduct business.

If the FUE technique is selected, the patient must shave the entire hair to enable hair transplantation to be performed with high accuracy. However, in the case of hair transplantation for women, the DHI technique is always adopted. With DHI, it doesn’t have to shave a woman's hair completely, only a small area in the back of the scalp is enough.

Vaser liposuction process depends in principle on breaking down the stubborn / hardened / accumulated fats in most areas of the body through ultrasound waves to be drawn out of the body either for destruction or for filtering and re-injection in a different place in the body.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia and for a period ranging from three to four hours during which the plastic surgeon makes surgical incisions to get rid of unwanted skin sagging, and tightening is done on the longitudinal and transverse levels with a process of lifting and adjusting the position of the nipple to its normal position and golden ratios, to then join the wound with the cosmetic suture and be Here, the wound was formed by the surgical lift in the form of the Latin letter T / upside down / extended as a longitudinal cheek under the nipple towards the bottom and a transverse line under the chest completely.

The patient is advised to adhere to the basic medications provided to him after the operation and to wear compression garments during the first period to speed up the recovery period and maintain the new body contour. The patient is advised to avoid stress and extreme sports for two months

After removing the unwanted fat, the surgeon creates a plastic surgery line, collects the unwanted skin, cuts and removes the surgery and performs the plastic sutures. For the abdomen, the place of the incision is in the lower abdomen at the underwear line - the bikini line For the arms, the place of the wound is linear on the inner side of the arms - between the lower armpits and the top of the elbow - For the thighs, the wound is longitudinal and extends from the inner side also to the thighs - below the sensitive area and above the knee - The operation takes place under general anesthesia and lasts for four hours, including the period of anesthesia and recovery

The cost of hair transplantation is based on several issues; the required hair transplant technique, the number of follicles needed to cover the baldness area, and the number of required sessions. The patient’s condition is diagnosed by our private medical consultant who requests images of the patient's scalp to decide on the ideal technique and other details, including the prices.

Yes, of course. Hair transplantation depends on the principle of picking the follicles from the donor area in the back of the scalp and transplanting them in the baldness area. Therefore, the transplanted hair is natural hair with the same characteristics as the person's hair.

In general, the patient needs to come in two stages in the event of a need for dental implants, and it is divided into two visits. The first visit is done by fixing the graft in the jaw bone and waiting for a period of about three months for the jaw bone to condense around the implant, so that the second visit is dedicated to fixing the crown on the implant.

Mira Clinic uses the latest hair transplant techniques, which are as follows: Follicular unit extraction (FUE) Direct hair implantation technique (DHI) The appropriate technique for the patient is determined according to specific criteria, such as the condition of both donor area and baldness area, as well as the number of follicles that are required to cover the scalp to ensure the best result.

The period of guarantee depends on the type, quality and brand of dental medical materials used for the patient .. At Mira Clinic, work is done on international German brands for Biotec implants and Ivoclar crowns, which provide a permanent guarantee. It is worth noting for the patient to be constantly keen on healthy dental conditions in terms of hygiene and healthy and proper food behavior.

The operation takes place under the influence of general anesthesia and its duration varies according to the number of areas to be suctioned, so that small millimeter holes are made on both sides of the target area, and the suction tube / vaser device / tube is inserted in order to intensify the ultrasound waves and use it to break down the stubborn, concentrated and unwanted fats, and then withdraw the fat outside. the body.

The process goes through the exact stages using the same techniques, but the transplantation targets the facial area for men (beard).

There are many techniques for hair transplantation, and each of them has certain conditions depending on the condition of the person who is going to perform the hair transplant, which is most likely determined by the doctor. But in general, the FUE technique is used if you have a high degree of baldness, as more than 5,000 hair follicles are transplanted.

The cost is determined through a preliminary examination of the condition of the teeth and finding out whether there is a tooth loss in order to determine the number of dental implants needed and the number of crowns appropriate for the required smile

Hair transplantation does not differ among men and women. At the end, it is a natural process carried out with the same stages mentioned above. However, women are required to have a hormonal examination to make sure that specific hormonal causes behind their hair loss. Also, DHI implantation is chosen for women to ensure the highest density and avoid shaving the entire head of hair.

The process of eyebrow transplantation goes through the same hair translation stages, but eyebrow transplant is undergone using the DHI technique only. DHI can control the hair direction effectively and pick only the single follicle grafts which fit the nature of eyebrow hair perfectly.

Yes, it requires carving the teeth, reducing the size of the tooth, even when cover it with zircon material, it returns to its size and natural shape and of course to the real color

The Hollywood Smile procedure is based in principle on coating the outer teeth with medical crowns made of various medical materials, the most important and best of which are zircon and IMAX. So that a special layer is cooled / sculpted from the surface of the tooth and the crown is dressed according to the sizes and standards set for the patient by the doctor, so that we ensure a healthy smile in terms of aligning the teeth according to the golden standards and the correct dimensions for each tooth, taking into account the degree of natural whiteness.

Yes, of course . Basically, hair transplantation in general consists of extracting follicles from the donor area behind the head of the same person. Therefore, the transplanted hair has the same characteristics, nature and color for each person

From the first month to the second month, transplanted hair loss begins after the third week of transplantation, then the metabolism of the follicles begins with oxygen and hematuria, and new capillaries begin to form inside the follicle, then the hair begins to grow and continues until the fifth month, to obtain 40% From the results and at the beginning of the sixth month, the regular growth of the transplanted hair begins until the eighth month, so that 70% to 80 % of the transplant results are obtained up to a full year, until 100% of the transplant results are obtained.

Hair transplantation is a simple non-surgical procedure that requires three days only. On the first day, the clinical examination and the necessary tests are performed. Then, the operation is carried out. In order to complete all the previous procedures, it will take a maximum of 8 hours. On the second day, the patient will take rest in the hotel for the whole time. The third day is the only medical review day. The patient’s hair is washed in a special way at the clinic, then the patient will be taught how to wash his hair rightly during the first period after the operation.

The guarantee provided by MİRA CLİNİC Clinic includes the medical procedure guarantee by the doctor and a guarantee on the dental materials that have been used.

The quality is subordinate to the quality of origin in the manufacture of dental materials .. The best international brands specializing in dental aesthetic industries - Biotec - Ivoclar - ZEN are installed.

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