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Are tummy tuck results permanent?
last update date : 2022-09-20

Are tummy tuck results permanent? A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure that is also called abdominoplasty. As its name shows, a tummy tuck is an aesthetic surgery in the abdomen to remove excess fat tissues and skin and tighten the area. This procedure achieves a noticeable toned appearance and shape improvement for patients who suffer from accumulated lipids in the abdomen.

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How long do tummy tucks last?

Abdominoplasty is supposed to have a nearly permanent result. Nevertheless, many factors can affect the longevity of the procedure. Weight gain is one of the main factors that affect the efficiency of the surgery. As a result, patients who are recommended to have tummy tucks must be in the stabilized weight phase. Women who want to go through the procedure, have to wait after childbirth to ensure the tummy tuck results. Other factors such as the medical condition of the patient and their diet routine can also affect the results of Abdominoplasty.

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Can your stomach get big again after a tummy tuck?

During the procedure, the surgeon supposes to remove any excess fat tissues and skin and tightened muscles and connective tissues. Although this will ensure a stable result of abdominoplasty, a significant weight gain can affect the abdomen area. Excess fat may be deposited in the stomach area and loose skin appearance may return. Such noticeable weight gain can result from many conditions: 

● Lack of exercises

● Pregnancy

● Poor medical condition 

● Unhealthy diets

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How to Maintain Tummy Tuck Results? 

Maintaining the results of the tummy tuck, as long as possible, relies on adhering to the medical tips and recovery instructions the surgeon gives to the patient. The proper diagnosis of the case and the timing of the procedure also play a big role in the success of the surgery. Tummy tuck after pregnancy is recommended for women, also tummy tuck after weight loss ensures weight stabilization which affects positively the outcomes of the procedure. The recovery instructions to maintain the tummy tuck results include: 

1. Hygiene:

following strict hygiene steps after the surgery will avoid the patient getting infection and tummy tuck complications. The patient needs to clean the area of the incision daily with warm water and apply any prescribed medication or topical antibiotics. After cleaning the area of the surgery, drying it is very important to avoid incision reopening and infection. 

2. Activity:

rest in the first days after the surgery is crucial for an efficient healing process. Nevertheless, walking around and mild exercise after a tummy tuck, as much as possible, will help get back to the daily routine and preserve the results of the surgery.  

3. Medications:

the patient should adhere to the prescribed drugs and use OTC painkillers only when needed and avoid renewing any medications without medical consultation. 

4. Diet:

Usually the diet prescribed after tummy tuck includes abundant foods containing fiber and a lot of water to avoid constipation after the procedure which can affect the surgical incision. After the recovery period, the patient can eat normally. 

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Is a tummy tuck worth it?

The result of any cosmetic procedure is affected by factors such as the medical condition of the patient, their expectations, and the degree of commitment to the post-surgery care routine. For the tummy tuck patients, most of them showed a high degree of satisfaction after 3-6 months of the surgery. Besides the incredible improvement in body appearance and looking, tummy tuck patients also had better self-confidence and self-esteem, which will reflect on the other aspects of their lives. Continuous exercises and diet regimes ensure the longevity of the toned body shape. As a result, the tummy tuck procedure is worth doing for patients who meet the criteria of the recommended cases.  

Is a tummy tuck safe?

The safety of the tummy tuck procedure depends largely on the medical condition of the patients. Patients with poor health conditions such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and liver diseases may suffer from tummy tuck complications. These complications include: 

● Tummy tuck scar. 

● Bleeding and formation of blood clots. 

● Infection. 

● Swelling and fluid accumulation. 

● Loss of sensation in the region. 

● Asymmetrical healing. 

Following the medical instructions after the surgery will relieve the post-procedure symptoms and accelerate the healing process. If the patient experienced any of the previous complications during the recovery time, they need to contact the healthcare provider. 


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