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Best dental implant brands in Turkey
last update date : 2023-01-25

What are Best dental implant brands in Turkey? Dental implants are synthetic roots that are mostly made of titanium and used to replace the missing tooth structure. The dental implant is considered the most up-to-date dental treatment for missing teeth. There are many dental implant brands as well as variable dental implant procedures. In this article, we discuss the best dental implant brands in Turkey.

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Best dental implants

There are various types and forms of dental implants, each type has its own pros and cons. Regarding the procedure of inserting the implant, there are two main types which are: 

  1. Endosteal dental implant: 

That is more common and suitable for most patients. It is inserted inside the bone of the jaw. It is similar to small screws. 

  1. Subperiosteal dental implant: 

This is the other type in which the implant is inserted into the bone under the gum. Usually, it is preferred in cases where there is not enough bone to enclose the implant. 

As for the number of dental implants used in the mouth, there are many forms such as: 

  • Single dental implant: when there is only one implant used in the mouth. 

  • Multiple dental implants: when there is more than a single implant inserted in the oral cavity.

  • Full mouth dental implants: if most of the natural teeth are lost, then a more comprehensive procedure is needed to compensate for this loss. As a result, the patient may need full mouth dental implants in which there will be four or six implants inserted in each arch depending on the need of the case. 

dental implant in turkey 2023

On top of that, there are different dental implant brands that are used globally and in Turkey. Thus choosing the best dental implants for each patient could be a challenging process.

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Which dental implant is best in Turkey?

There is no one best dental implant in Turkey for all patients. Every case has its own requirements as every brand provides unique features. The quality of the used material, the size, and the cost differ from one brand to another. Accordingly, different standards can affect the choice of the best dental implant in Turkey such as: 

  • The health condition of the patient, like the level of the jaw bone, the oral hygiene, and the stability of the oral tissues. 

  • The expectations of the patient

  • The number of implants required 

  • The budget of the patient 

  • The experience of the dentist

Thus the best dental implants in Turkey are what suit best according to the clinical conditions of both the patient and the caregiver.  

Affordable dental implants brands

As this article mentioned, there are different brands of dental implants. Some of these brands have high-quality materials, and even so, many patients cannot afford such brands. In the following we discuss some truths about dental implants brands:

  • Strauman: The main advantage of this brand is its long durability and safety. Nevertheless, the dental plants of Strauman are quite expensive and cannot be considered an affordable dental implant. 

  • Osstem Implant or Hiossen: It is an American brand that considers one of the main dominant brands in the U.S. and is still widely accepted worldwide. 

  • Nobel Biocare: This company provides dental implant supplements for over 80 countries around the world. It is known for its high-quality and safe products.

  • Zimmer Biomet: it is also one of the famous brands of dental implants that provide its products over the world. The dental implants of this brand are known for their high professionalism in manufacturing. The company also contributes to the education and training fields in dentistry.

  • Dentsply Sirona: This unique brand is an outcome of emerging two decent companies in the field of dentistry, the American brand Dentsply and the German brand Sirona. After emerging, the products of the company spread more remarkably due to the esthetic and functional characteristics of their products.

  • Biohorizons: Although it is relatively a new company, the systems of the dental implants of this brand were quite innovative due to using advanced technologies. 

  • Many other dental implant brands are used in Turkey such as Euroteknik, Megagen, DTI, Swiss, MIS, and Implant direct. Those brands provide a wide range of implant dental systems and materials to meet the needs and preferences of the patients.

dental implant in turkey 2023

Types of dental implants cost in Turkey

The cost of the dental implant procedure depends highly on the number of implants needed, the brands of these implants, the duration of the procedure, and the experience of the dentist.

 And indeed, the cost would change from one clinic to another due to various factors such as the geographical location and the additional services the clinic provides.

 Although dental implant treatment is considered to be costly in comparison to other dental procedures, it is quite affordable in Turkey in contrast to the American and European clinics.

The cost of a single dental implant in Turkey is between 500- 1000$. While this number is tripling in the European clinics. All-on-4, which includes 8 implants, ranges between  3500$ – 6500$. A full mouth implant can cost 6000-10000$ in Turkey


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