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Double eyelid treatment: Surgical and Non-surgical Options, Recovery, and Costs
last update date : 2022-12-02

What is double eyelid treatment? The eyelid area is a position of different abnormalities, particularly those related to the aging process. Thus patients tend to receive various eyelid corrections, the most common of them is double eyelid treatment either surgical or non-surgical. This article discusses both treatment methods in Turkey with the main related issues.

Table of contents: 

What is a double eyelid?

Mainly due to the aging process, many people suffer from eyelid creases that appear as double eyelids or what is the so-called Asian double eyelid. This type of eyelid could be natural as many ethnicities are born with it, especially in East Asia, or could be due to getting older.  Although it is not a medical condition that needs intervention, some prefer to lift the double eyelid crease for aesthetic reasons and to improve vision.The procedures to correct the double eyelid could be either surgical or non-surgical to get eyelids with fewer creases.

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Types of double eyelids

The form of the eyelids is impacted largely by the geographical region and genetics, Thus there is no one form of the double eyelids but many different appearances such as: 

  1. Monolids: also called single eyelids, in which the creases appear mostly in the epicanthal area in the bottom of the eyelid extending to the corner of the eye. Formulating a fank single lid, this form of the eyelid is the most popular one in East Asia. 

  2. Double eyelids: The wrinkles in this form concentrate on the top of the eyelid while fewer or no creases in the epicanthal part. The double eyelid crease appears obviously when the eye is open. This form is popular among non-Asian people. 

  3. Hooded double eyelid: Although hooded eyelids can appear as a single lid, it is different from the monolids form. This type is mostly related to eyelids aging and dropping. It does not characterize a specific descent.

eyelid surgery turkey 2023

Non-incisional double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery can be performed either incisional or non-incisional. In the case of the non-incisional procedure, the technique is called the buried technique. Although it is non-incisional it still needs anesthesia. The anesthetic mode can be determined based on the medical condition of the patient. Usually, sedation to the main nerve with local anesthesia is enough for the procedure. 

After measuring the eyelid and marking the exact position of the procedure, tiny punctures are done in the required sequence. Then sutures are placed and tightened to form the desired shape. The suture will be invisible and do not need further removal. As with other procedures, non-incisional double eyelid surgery has its pros and cons. The main advantages of the technique are:

  • The non-incisional procedure can be done with minimal scarring. 

  • The procedure can easily be reversed. 

  • It is a suitable choice for patients who do not need more tissue correction like skin or fat removal. 

While the common disadvantages of non-incisional double eyelid surgery as follow: 

  1. Infection or irritation resulted from the sutures. 

  2. The unaesthetic appearance of the sutures. 

  3. Cyst formation. 

  4. Asymmetrical results of the procedure.

What is double eyelid surgery?

Unlike the non-incisional technique, small incisions are performed through double eyelid surgery that includes the following steps:

  1. After determining the proper anesthetic method, the proposed line is measured and marked. 

  2. Multiple small surgical incisions are done along the specified line. 

  3. The excess skin, fat, and muscle tissues are removed. 

  4. The incisions are usually closed by non-absorbable stitches that need removal after several days. 

  5. This technique is highly indicated for patients who need excess skin or tissue removal and for those who are more interested in permanent results.

  6. Nevertheless, this technique involves many side effects such as conspicuous scars, and allergic and infectious reactionseyelid surgery turkey 2023

Double eyelid surgery recovery:

The healing time after the double eyelid surgery can extend from several weeks to several months in the incisional procedure, and less than that in the non-incisional technique. During this period, the patient may experience pain, discomfort, bleeding, swelling, and dryness of the eye. 

Even though, the post-surgical signs and symptoms are gradually decreasing with time. Following the surgeon's tips and instructions will hasten the recovery, those instructions usually include: 

  • Applying lubricants to keep the area moist. 

  • Applying cold compresses or dressings as prescribed. 

  • Avoiding sunlight in the early stage of the recovery, and wearing sunglasses when necessary. 

  • In the case of infection, take the prescribed antibiotic regularly. 

  • Any unusual signs have to be reported to the specialist. 

Double eyelid surgery cost in Turkey: 

The average worldwide cost of eyelid surgery is around 3000$ for the procedure itself without considering the other facilitations and services. That means a higher cost involves the expenses of anesthesia and hospital accommodation. The cost can vary according to the type of procedure needed and the health status of the patient. That being said, the cost is lower in Turkey compared to the American or European countries while keeping the high quality and related facilities.

Double eyelid surgery before and after:

Double eyelid surgery is considered the most common cosmetic procedure due to the minimal invasion that decreases the risk besides the noticeable aesthetic outcome. After the surgery, the vision of the patient will improve undoubtedly and the patient can enjoy a more youthful look. But at the same time, some unpleasant outcomes can be experienced after the double eyelid surgery such as swelling and itching.


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