Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey
last update date : 2023-07-25

ًWhat do you know about Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey? Mesotherapy is a technique that is based on injecting different substances in a specific area of the skin for various purposes. One of the main uses for this technique is mesotherapy for hair growth which this article discusses in more detail.

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What is hair mesotherapy?

Historically, this technique has been invented in France as a pain relief method. And with proven efficiency in many different fields such as hair growth and fat removal, the technique has become more and more popular. In hair mesotherapy, the doctor injects hair growth and strengthening substances under the skin to motivate hair follicles through specialized microneedles. Different stimulants can be used in hair mesotherapy such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

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Why Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey?

As a main destination for hair loss treatment, Turkey kept up to date with the relevant methods and techniques. Hair mesotherapy is considered to be one of the latest and quite effective methods for improving hair growth. Besides, there are many features health clinics in Turkey provide such as the highly competitive costs, translation, and transportation services. Thus many patients prefer Turkey to do their hair mesotherapy treatment.

Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey

What does mesotherapy do for hair?

In fact, the mesotherapy technique has several uses such as fat removal, body recontouring, lightening of pigmentations, and treating alopecia and hair loss. Mesotherapy for hair loss depends on treating the scalp with the needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals by microinjections. Through this technique, the hair follicles enable for maximum absorption and benefit from the growth factors which improve hair growth.

Is mesotherapy effective for hair growth?

The microinjection procedure by using fine needles to inject the substances into the deeper layer of the skin is considered the key factor for the effectiveness of the technique. Increasing the absorption of the substances can improve the scalp's underlying issues such as poor circulation and inflammation. Thus hair mesotherapy is an effective treatment method for hair loss caused by genetic factors, stress, diseases, and deficient diet.  

Mesotherapy after hair transplant

Although hair mesotherapy can be used solely as a stand-alone treatment with considerable results, it is more common to use it in combination with other treatment techniques. Using mesotherapy after a hair transplant is proven to maximize the outcomes and ensure faster recovery with a more natural look.

Is hair mesotherapy permanent?

Mesotherapy treatment is applied through multiple sessions that range generally between 5 to 8 sessions and their results are considered to be permanent especially if it is used as part of treatment series that involve other techniques such as hair transplant. Some patients may need to redo their sessions to maintain good long term results.

Which is better: hair mesotherapy vs PRP?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, is also a similar technique that includes scalp injection to treat hair loss and improve hair growth. The difference between it and mesotherapy is that the injection is blood extraction from the patient himself. Hair mesotherapy vs PRP could be the primary issue that the patient needs to choose between. According to the case, the doctor needs to determine the suitable technique considering that PRP is more expensive and needs more prolonged sessions to give the desired result.  Both of the techniques can be used in combination with hair transplant, Mesotherapy ensures better outcomes while PRP fastens the healing process.

Mesotherapy hair side effects

Although the noticeable mesotherapy hair benefits, the technique still has some drawbacks such as: 

  1. Pain 

  2. Sensitivity

  3. Redness 

  4. Swelling 

  5. Mini scars

  6. Infection

  7. Itching

Hair Mesotherapy in Turkey 2023

Hair mesotherapy cost in Turkey

The cost of the treatment depends mostly on the case and the required sessions needed. The expenses of Mesotherapy are considered affordable in Turkey relative to other European countries. The average cost of a single session can range from 200$ to 500$.

Hair mesotherapy before and after

Usually, the patient who comes for mesotherapy is suffering partial or complete hair loss or hair weakening. After applying the needed sessions and stimulating hair follicles, the patient will observe improvement in hair growth and strengthening. As the technique is highly safe, the patient can repeat the session as much as needed to get the desired results.


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