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How long does Brazilian butt lift results last?
last update date : 2023-01-18

How long does a Brazilian butt lift last? Brazilian Butt lift or BBL is a surgical cosmetic procedure that aims to change the buttocks area into a desired shape. BBL surgery includes removing the accumulated fats and skin and repositioning the tissues in the buttocks to give a more contoured appearance, it can also involve fat augmentation from other body parts. The following article discusses the longevity of the procedure.

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How permanent is a BBL?

The results of the BBL procedure are not permanent ones, as usually, patients will need more than one operation to get and keep the desired results. Nevertheless adhering to the care instructions would greatly affect the longevity of the results to several years. Many factors can affect the permanence of the procedure outcomes such as the stability of the patient's weight, the following of the medical instructions, and the proficiency of the caregivers.

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Brazilian butt lift results

The main result of the Brazilian butt lift is having a more toned shape of the buttocks area. That can be achieved through surgical removal of the loose skin and deposited fats and tissue augmentation and repositioning. The Brazilian butt lift results tend to be long-lasting, but that highly depends on the post-surgical care and lifestyle.

Are BBLs safe?

As with any intervention, Brazilian butt lift surgery has its risks. But the level of safety can be maximized through different considerations such as: 

  1. Choose an experienced and professional surgeon. 

  2. Consider the place of the operation, it would be a hospital or specialized clinic.

  3. The health condition of the patient would affect the safety of the procedure. 

  4. Following medical instruction can also minimize any post-surgical signs and risks.

butt lifting turkey 2023

Is buttock lift painful?

During the procedure, the patient normally will not experience pain as the surgery operates under anesthesia. Nevertheless, the patient will feel pain and discomfort during the period of healing and recovery. This unavoidable pain will decline gradually as time passes. Some medications like painkillers can be described by the surgeon, in addition to other precautions that impact the level of the pain.

What are the risks of getting a BBL?

The risks of having a BBL surgery would vary according to the case of the patient and the conditions of the procedure. The most common risks related to BBL operation are: 

  • Infection: if the operation is done in an unsterilized environment, the patient would get an infection. Some factors like the lack of proper care in the operation area after the surgery can also cause infection. 

  • Fluid accumulation: as a result of tissue cutting the fluid in those tissues would accumulate beneath the skin. Using drainage tubes reduces the accumulation. 

  • Scarring: Scar is one of the unavoidable risks, but the place of the scars should be invisible. 

  • Nerve injury: during the procedure, the surgeon may mistakenly damage the nerves in the operation partly or completely and that would be resulting in changes in sensation. 

  • The most serious risk of BBL is an embolism, In which the fat can block the bloodstream which can cause death.

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Can Brazilian butt lift gone wrong?

As with any other surgical intervention, the BBL procedure can have unpleasant consequences. Some mistakes during the procedure led to the Brazilian butt lift going in the wrong direction such as: 

  1. Deep or too many fat injections to the patient can cost him his life due to embolism. 

  2. Using an unsterilized instrument causes an infection which can impair the healing process and lead to the reopening of the incisions. 

  3. improper incisions can cause nerve damage which leads to numbness and may develop into a loss of sensation. 

  4. Visible scarring would be one of the common results of unsuccessful surgery. 

  5. The main measure of the operation going wrong is not getting the desired result.

BBL before and after

Being aware of the results of the BBL surgery by considering the before and after pictures would help the patient to have reasonable expectations. Before and after also would give a clearer evaluation of the experience of the surgeon. Before the operation, the patient may have loose tissues with accumulated fats while after the appearance the buttocks should be more toned.


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