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Liposuction recovery: healing stages and recommendations
last update date : 2023-01-03

Learn about Liposuction recovery! Liposuction is one of the most common cosmetic procedures in Turkey. This procedure includes removing excess fats that are deposited in certain areas of the body and can not be removed in traditional ways. The body parts that are included in liposuction are usually the bellies, buttocks, thighs, and arms. After the surgery, the patient will go through a healing process in the recovery period. This article discusses the main issues regarding this period.

Table of contents: 

How long does it take to heal from liposuction?

The length of the liposuction recovery time would vary from patient to patient according to the health condition and the level of the surgical intervention. Nevertheless, there is a common pattern of healing that most patients follow. This pattern includes two liposuction recovery stages: the immediate phase and the long-term one. The immediate stage happens in the early days after the operation, usually during the first week. During this period the patient can return gradually to a gentle daily life routine. The long-term phase would probably take one to two months after the procedure for the patient to be able to exercise. Thus after the liposuction recovery period, the patient will be able to return fully to their lifestyle.

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Liposuction recovery week by week

The liposuction recovery stages can be tracked week by week as follows: 

  1. During the first week: The most recommended thing for this period is to rest. Although liposuction is not a complex operation it is still a surgical intervention that the body will react to. The patient usually experiences soreness, discomfort, swelling, and pain in the area of the procedure. These signs can be handled with prescribed painkillers and would fade away gradually as the healing improves. 

  2. In the second week: by following the medical instructions, the swelling and pain will decrease significantly after the first week. Continuing to have the needed rest and avoiding any physical efforts is crucial at this stage. Some patients can return to their work, while others still need more rest. 

  3. After 3-6 weeks: In this stage, most patients can return to their daily life routine including physical activities. Body movement is important after the first month to ensure the liposuction results. Which will start to appear during this period. By passing 6 weeks after the surgery, the post-surgical signs of swelling and pain will mostly disappear, and the patient will be more able to notice the surgical outcomes.

  4. Months after the surgery:The liposuction final results typically appear in this stage after three months of the operation.

liposuccion turkey 2023

Liposuction recovery tip

For more comfortable healing and an accelerated liposuction recovery period, many tips can be followed, such as: 

  • Wearing compressions: This step can be done right after the surgery. The doctor will use a specialized compression garment on the area of the operation. This step will enhance the feeling comfortable and the healing process in the first days, by providing drainage to the anesthetic fluid. These garments can be worn until week six, to prevent post-surgical signs of pain and swelling. 

  • Body movement: moving the body around is a necessary step to ensure blood flow to the area of liposuction. Gentle movement in the first days like walking and light exercises is enough for this stage. 

  • Using ice bags can be useful in decreasing any discomfort or swelling in the area of the operation. 

  • Taking the prescribed medications such as painkillers and antibiotics will help in the recovery period.

What not to do after liposuction?

The main thing to remember during liposuction recovery is that healing takes time. Thus a patient needs to go through stages, some activities are to be avoided, and others need to be followed to reach the desirable results. The list of prohibitions through the liposuction period are: 

  1. In the first 24 hours, any kind of physical activity, driving house, or desk work is prevented. 

  2. Bathing is restricted until the incisions are fully closed, which normally is in the first ten days. 

  3. Strenuous activities and working out is not a recommendation through recovery.

liposuccion turkey 2023

How painful is liposuction recovery?

During the surgery, the patient will be under the effect of anesthesia, which means not experiencing any pain or discomfort. But this is not the case during the healing process. Liposuction recovery pain is one of the common post-surgical signs. The degree of feeling pain through the liposuction recovery period depends largely on the area of the operation and the technique used. Still, many steps can be considered to decrease that pain, which are: 

  • Some precautions before the surgery will help control the level of expected pain such as discussing with the doctor regards the suitable technique, type of anesthesia, proper medications, and any other related concerns. 

  • After the procedure, following the medical instructions and taking the prescribed medications would minimize the pain level after the surgery significantly. 

  • Having adequate rest, particularly in the first period will help to go through a more comfortable recovery period. 

  • Increasing fluid intake, staying hydrated, and avoiding salty food help the body balance and decrease undesirable signs.


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