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What to expect after a breast lift? Recovery and results
last update date : 2023-02-02

What to expect after a breast lift? A breast lift is a surgical procedure that aims to reposition and tighten the breasts that get sagging due to different reasons such as pregnancy and weight changes. A breast lift can be operated either with implantation or just as a breast lift without implants. For both types, this article discusses the results and expectations of the operation.

Table of contents:

How long does a breast lift last?

The results of a breast lift tend to be durable but not permanent. Taking into consideration the aging process with the changes in the skin and muscles, patients may need to have another operation to restore the desired results. Keeping a healthy lifestyle, doing exercises, and eating healthy food in addition to other precautions would extend the life expectancy of the outcomes.

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Breast lift surgery recovery

Breast lift recovery time starts after the operation and continues until the post-surgical signs fade away and the final result appears explicitly.  During the healing period, the patient will probably experience the following: 

  1. swelling in the procedure area

  2. soreness 

  3. pain near the surgical incisions

  4. Numbness 

Following the medical instructions and taking the prescribed medications will enhance the recovery period of the breast lift.

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How long is recovery from a breast lift?

The breast lift surgery recovery period extends from several weeks to several months. The swelling and pain will be most noticeable in the first two weeks. While soreness with pain around the incisions can last for a few months.  The sutures can be removed within 2-3 weeks of the operation. Nevertheless, the final result of a breast lift may take time, and getting improved while the healing takes place. Breast lift scars also will disappear with time, and if there are no post-surgical complications, the patient can be fully recovered within a few months after the procedure.

How painful is breast lift recovery?

Breast lift surgery is preceded under general anesthesia, Thus during the procedure, the patient will not experience any pain. After the operation, the recovery period begins in which the patient usually feels moderate to severe pain in the first days after the breast lift. In the following weeks, and by adhering to the medical instructions and painkiller medication the pain fades gradually, as the healing process takes place. That being said, some patients would suffer from post-surgical complications such as infection. That leads to a prolonged experience of pain and discomfort.

What are the long-term effects of a breast lift?

The results of breast lift surgery are considered durable and have a long-term impact. The breasts will be tightened for a while, but the patient may need more than one operation to get the desired result or to maintain these results for a longer time. A healthy and stable lifestyle helps retain the prolonged effects of breast life. On the other hand, some complications and risks can also cause long-term effects. The most common side effects of breast lifts that can have long-term effects are: 

  • Scars: are supposed to fade away in the first weeks, but in some cases, scars can still persist. 

  • loss or changes in sensation: this can be a temporary effect but if there is complete damage in the nerves it can be permanent. 

  • The asymmetrical shape or size of the breasts can be an unpleasant long-term effect of an unsuccessful breast lift.

breast lifting in turkey 2023

Breast lift recovery tips:

After the effect of anesthesia fades away, the patient needs to take care of many tips to ensure a quick recovery and better results, these recommendations include: 

  1. After the surgery, the doctor usually advises you to wear a bandage and use a special support bra. 

  2. Drains can also be used at this stage under the skin to drain excess tissue fluids and blood and prevent swelling. 

  3. Painkillers and other medications can be used according to the prescriptions. 

  4. Avoid sun exposure, especially during the first weeks. 

  5. Avoid any strenuous activities. 

  6. Make sure to maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid weight changes. 

  7. Follow the recommendations of the doctor regarding when to resume daily life routine, how to care about the area, and when to shower.

Breast lift before and after:

The difference in the appearance of the breasts can be noticed directly after the operation, but the final result may need more time to appear clearly. The sagging breasts before the breast lift will become tightened and more positioned after the surgery. Breast lift surgery scars can present after the procedure anyhow most probably would be invisible within a year. You may notice a change in the size of the bra as a result of the breast lift.

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